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Kendall awoke to the sound of singing that morning, his eyes droopy as he tried to blink them open. The singing was sweet and beautiful, barely masked by the sound of the shower running over it. It took a few moments for Kendall to register that singing voice was James, and the moment he did his eyes widened in shock and he rolled out of the bed. Kendall landed on the ground with a thud and groaned, rubbing his face and the back of his neck.

"Are you alright?" Kendall opened his eyes, seeing Carlos looming over him. "I'd help you up but you know, dead."

Kendall's memory began to flood back to him, that this wasn't his bedroom he was sleeping in, but one of the rooms in the Malone Manor next door. And this boy above him was dead and a ghost, a really really strange ghost but still a ghost. And James. . .

James was using the shower when they weren't supposed to even be here!

Kendall jumped to his feet and rushed out the bedroom door, down the hallway to the bathroom where James was singing in the shower. He banged his fists on the door. "James! James, we need to get out of here! James!"

"Leave me alone!" James shouted back and continued to sing a little melody, turning the shower up higher and hotter. Kendall growled, banging on the door as Carlos reappeared next to him.

"He woke up like an hour ago, I don't know why he's still in there," Carlos murmured and Kendall groaned.

"If we don't get back to our houses, our parents are going to know we snuck out to break in here. Can't you. . .scare him out of there or something?"

"Logan said I'm not allowed to haunt anyone. And I don't know how to even make myself look scary," Carlos said quietly and Kendall rolled his eyes.

"Well can this 'Logan' do anything?" And just like that, Kendall heard the water shut off immediately and James gave a shout.

"Hey! Stupid old pipes!" James yelled and Kendall was about to start banging on the door to grab the brunet's attention when all of a sudden, James began to scream. Kendall's heart jumped, hearing the brunet stumble around blindly in the bathroom and the door flew open. Kendall barely had time to ready himself for James to slam right into him, but the taller boy immediately ran into his arms, wet and naked. He hadn't seem to notice Kendall at all, looking over his shoulder and screaming as a black snake slithered out of the bathroom and gave a hiss. It looked over at Carlos and hissed again before it slithered down the hall and down the stairs.

In the time it took for Kendall's brain to begin working again so he could muster up some words, he noticed how sweet James smelled. Spices and flowers, of a sweet velvet dream. He noticed that James was broad and muscular, shaped like a Greek god and built with all the right features.

He noticed that James' eyes were the most gorgeous shade of hazel, like amber jewels sparkling just as bright.

"T-That snake just s-slithered out of the pipe. H-How did it even. . ." James turned and looked at Kendall, realizing who's arms he was in. Kendall didn't say anything, his throat suddenly dry and his mouth trembling as James stared.

And the only thing Kendall could say was a simple and dumbfounded "Wow."

James' cheeks flushed hot red, eyes growing big and wide as he shoved away from Kendall and immediately covered himself with his hands. "You creep!"

"I-I-We need to. . .your eyes are beautiful."

James turned away, his face red. "I don't need you saying that. Just turn around so I can grab a towel and go back to my room," James mumbled, voice low and quiet. Kendall didn't respond back, just did as he was told and turned away. His eyes were burning and desiring to peak and see all of James' body like Carlos had last night, but he flushed in embarrassment at his thoughts. He wasn't getting attracted to James, not at all, nope. He didn't like James, they were barely friends. He didn't like James, he didn't like James.

He didn't like how when James passed him with towel wrapped around his waist, James' scent was strong enough to waft into his nose and make Kendall's head feel light.

The brunet rushed down the hall and into the master bedroom, closing the door shut with his foot and Kendall sighed. He glanced over to the bathroom, spotting Carlos and almost forgetting that the ghost was there the entire time.

"Was. . .was that snake Logan?" Kendall asked and Carlos nodded his head yes. Kendall rubbed the back of his neck, then his face. "What did I get myself into?" he mumbled to himself and Carlos held himself, rocking on his heels back and forth.

"He's a nice person. Honestly."

"He's a snake."

"No. Not all the time."

"Well what the hell is he? I haven't even talked to him or seen him-"

"I can't really tell you. Or else you'll freak out. And I want to make sure that you keep coming back to help me," Carlos piped with an adorably cute smile that Kendall couldn't frown at. He rubbed the back of his neck.

"I didn't expect that I'd be actually helping a ghost when I decided to do this project. . .are you going to keep letting me in too? Cause I doubt I could talk James into handing me over the keys every time you want me to come over," Kendall replied and Carlos eagerly nodded. Kendall heard the door open behind him, turning around to see James walking in dressed, satchel on his shoulder and sunglasses perched on his nose hiding his eyes.

"I'm ready to go, come on," James said with a scoff and Kendall quirked an eyebrow.

"You know, you don't have to hide your eyes with me anymore."

James' cheeks turned red. "Just shut up and come on," he muttered and continued down the stairs. Kendall watched the boy's back with a confused expression before he looked back at Carlos. Carlos was looking at Kendall, almost sad that the boy was leaving and Kendall gave him a gentle smile. "I'll sneak out tonight to come and see you, I promise."

Carlos' eyes brightened. "Promise?"

Kendall raised his hand, little pinky extended but then bit his lower lip. Carlos gave a little laugh, walking over and also extending his own pinky. Kendall watched as the tan finger wrapped around his own but he could only feel nothing but a cold chill brushing over his skin like nothing was even there. He couldn't help but be enamored by it, wondering how Carlos' skin felt when he was alive. Instead of cold air, he felt warm, soft flesh. A tightness around his finger, gentle and sweet like the smile Carlos was giving him.

"Yeah. . .promise. . ." Kendall murmured and Carlos beamed.

"What are you doing?! Come on!" James shouted from downstairs and Kendall shook his head and out of his thoughts.

"I'm coming!" Kendall shouted back, giving one last departing look to Carlos before he hurried down the stairs. James opened the door with the key he managed to recover (or rather, the key Logan let be found), stepping out first into the morning air with Kendall following close behind. James closed it shut, locked the door and stuck the key in his pocket as Kendall looked up into the sky.

"What time is it?" Kendall asked.

"I don't know. . .maybe eight or ten-" The blond's eyes widened, he was already far past the time Mr. Knight was supposed to come upstairs to get him for breakfast. Kendall cursed, turning towards his house. "I need to go, bye," the blond said hastily, quickly rushing over to his house.

"Wait wait wait, you need to tell me some things. Like your sudden power to 'talk to ghosts'," James called out, Kendall surprised to find the boy was actually following him to his front steps. Kendall stared at the brunet, giving a shrug and head tilt to his front door.

"Look, I don't know how to explain it either. All I know is that I need to get back inside before they find out that I snuck out-" The door opened just as Kendall spoke and the blond pursed his lips tight, met with the stern stares of Mr. and Mrs. Knight still in their pajamas.

"We already found out," Mrs. Knight replied and Kendall bit his lower lip, wriggling his fingers as he tried to think up of an excuse that wouldn't leave him grounded. Instead, out of the corner of his eye, he saw James walk up beside him and flash a charming smile.

"Hi, sorry. I asked Kendall if he could come super early over to the library so we could get a head start on our project and I guess it must have slipped his mind. It won't happen again, I promise you that," James lied so effortlessly and voice so smooth and sweet. Mr. Knight eyed James up and down, looking over to Kendall and gesturing a hand out to James.

"And he is?"

"A friend. James. Partner on a project but that's not the point here-"

"Well it's very nice to meet one of Kendall's friends!" Mr. Knight chirped and stuck his hand out for James to shake, to which the brunet stepped back and eyed the hand like it was something diseased and filthy. Kendall shot the boy a glare before looking back at his confused foster parents.

"He doesn't do touching, don't worry about it," Kendall said with an eyeroll and Mr. Knight placed his hand awkwardly back at his side.

"Oh. . .well. . .we just cooked breakfast, would you like to have some?" Mrs. Knight offered and Kendall's eyes widened. He heard James give a nervous little laugh.

"Thanks but I'm fine. I'll just. . .call my ride to come pick me up-"

"Oh well you can just wait here until then!" Mr. Knight offered, both of the parents smiling extremely big and happy. Kendall knew what they were doing, eager to get into Kendall's life and be involved with it any way shape or form. And that form was James. He looked over his shoulder at the brunet and gestured to his foster parents.

"They're not going to give up until you say yes so you might as well give in now," Kendall said with a sigh and James looked back at the parents. He gave a nervous little laugh.

"I-I don't want to intrude-"

"Nonsense! Come on, Kendall, bring your friend in so we can get to know him," Mr. Knight said cheerfully, escorting his wife back inside. James gave a look at Kendall, obviously annoyed and Kendall gave a frown himself as he allowed the brunet to walk inside first.

"If you didn't follow me, you wouldn't have gotten invited inside," Kendall said matter of factly and James scoffed.

"If you weren't being such a freak last night talking to dead people, then maybe I wouldn't have to worry about the sanity of a guy I'm supposed to be working with for an entire semester," James said and Kendall groaned.

"I told you I don't know how to explain it! I just. . .can see him and hear him and talk to him. I don't know why I can and he doesn't either, but I'm not crazy," Kendall replied and James bit the inside of his cheek, looking down at the floorboards. He stepped around the cracks, rather awkwardly and Kendall rolled an eye. "You're not going to break your mother's back if you step on a crack, James."

"I just don't like them."

"Instead of worrying about my sanity, how about you worry about your own?"

"I'm perfectly fine for your information," James said with an upturned nose that Kendall only rolled his eyes at. James moved into the living room, looking around at the still covered furniture. "You're not done unpacking?"

"They bought a lot of stuff to go with the house and they're trying to sort through some things to go into storage," Kendall explained.

"Where's your things?"

"In my room in the attic," Kendall murmured and James looked over at the blond with a quirked eyebrow.

"Your bedroom is in the attic?"

"Yeah. I like it up there, it's nice and quiet-"

"And creepy. You're such a freak, you know that?"

Kendall honestly didn't know what was it about James that he found attractive in the morning, it must have been the sleep clouding his mind since now all he wanted to do to the boy was punch his lights out. He opened his mouth, ready to hiss at James before he paused and turned around at the sound of little feet rushing down the steps. Katie paused at the foot of the stairs, hugging her teddy bear tight to her chest.

"Morning Kendall."

"Morning, Katie," Kendall said quietly and watched as the little girl walked into the kitchen.

"I didn't know you had a baby sister," James said and Kendall closed his eyes. Katie was a stranger to him, all the Knights were. They weren't a brother and sister or a son to a father and mother. They were the family that just took pity on a misguided youth. . .not like James needed to know that. He opened his eyes, finding that James was closer to him than before and Kendall sighed.

"She's. . .yeah. . ."

". . .Something wrong?"

"No, nothing. Call your ride so you can go," Kendall muttered, briskly walking up the steps with his head down and hands shoved into his pockets. He walked down the hall to the narrow staircase to the attic, climbing up those steps and into the cold bedroom. Kendall looked around, the room barely lit by the skylight as he flopped face first onto the bed. He turned his cheek, lazy eye looking at the blank wall. Most of his things were unpacked, his guitar and his books. The only thing that remained in a box was the old photographs of his past homes, and his real parents that were no longer with him. Pictures of the happier times he had, when he was younger and blissfully unaware. He sighed and rolled onto his back, rubbing his face as he looked up into the skylight.

Knock! Knock!

"Yeah?" Kendall called out.

"It's me," he heard James call out from behind the door and Kendall propped himself on his elbows, eyes confused.

"Uh. . .come in?" Kendall said and shortly after, he saw James open his door, tucking his handkerchief into his pocket. James looked around the room as he slowly walked in, eyes hidden behind the shades.

"My ride is coming but I don't want to stay downstairs with your parents cause I don't know them and it would be extremely awkward," James replied and Kendall raised an eyebrow.

"It's not awkward to be around me?"

"A little. But you're strange and the personification of awkward, so I'm not bothered by it."

"I don't know whether to be offended or. . .comforted by that," Kendall said and James looked over at him. The brunet stared before he reached up and took off his sunglasses, Kendall feeling his heart quiver a little from seeing James' long eyelashes. The brunet stuck his glasses into his pocket, giving another glance around Kendall's room.

"So this is your bedroom? Can you summon up ghosts in here like in the manor?" James asked and Kendall sighed.

"I didn't summon a ghost. . .I don't even understand why he was there."


"Carlos," Kendall corrected, thinking about the boy again. He felt a cool chill go up his spine at the thought of the boy next door, alone and scared, depending on Kendall to help when the blond didn't have a clue what was going on.

"And why are you the only person that can see him?"

"I told you I don't know. . .I'm going to go back over there tonight," Kendall murmured and saw James frown.

"You don't need to-"

"I do. I promised I'd help him. Besides, it might help with our project," Kendall said and now James cocked his head to the side, confused.


"Carlos. He's a Clair Child. That boy that used to go to our school but you know. . .got killed."

James remained quiet at that, Kendall stealing a glance over the boy's face. Hazel eyes glanced up over at him, a blush on James' cheeks warming the blood in Kendall's veins as he gave a cough and looked away to the cobwebs still in the tip top corners of the attic.

"Why waste your time with ghosts when there's no such thing? And how are you going to even get in without a key?"

"I got in without a key the first time, I can do it again. And I'm not wasting my time, I know what I'm doing." Or at least, Kendall hoped he did. "You don't need to be there with me if you don't want to, I can handle this on my own."

"I think you're mental," James murmured and Kendall rolled his eyes, lying back on his bed. "By the way, where were you in those family portraits that were along the wall up the steps?" James asked and Kendall's eyes popped open, but he didn't sit back up. "And that guy that was in the photos? Was he your brother or something? I don't get it."

"It's not your problem, James. Just go downstairs to look out for your ride," Kendall grumbled.

"Why are you trying to shut me out about this?"

"Cause it's none of your fucking business why I'm not in the picture!" Kendall hissed and James shrunk back, rather scared. Kendall bit his lower lip, watching the brunet shake his head and slip back on his sunglasses. "D-Don't do that."

"I can do whatever I want just like you. I'll wait outside your creepy little house for my ride," James grumbled, shoving his hands into his pocket and briskly walking out of the bedroom. Kendall got up off the bed, rushing out of his bedroom and down the steps from the attic. He followed James down the hall and down the second set of steps, forgetting for one second as he reached out and wrapped a hand around James'. James' skin was so soft and baby smooth, Kendall took a moment to feel the veins over the back of James' hand, the slim thickness of his fingers that were so gentle and timid. James froze dead in his spot, looking down at the hand that was touching him with disgusted and fearful eyes and all Kendall could do was give a nervous swallow.

He waited for James to pull away, for him to scream and alert his foster parents down the hall. But there was nothing, James was just frozen in shock with the hottest blush on his cheeks. James finally snapped out of it and snatched his hand away from Kendall's grasp, beginning to hyperventilate as he quickly rushed out the house.

"Kendall?" he heard Mrs. Knight call out, the woman briskly walking out of the kitchen. "I heard the door, what's going on? Where's your friend?"

"He's. . .it's nothing, Jennifer," Kendall muttered, turning on his heel and began to walk back up the stairs.

"Don't you want breakfast?"

". . .Lost my appetite." Kendall left it at that, going past the photos that will never have him included without another word.


The blond rolled over in his bed, eyes tight in sleep.

I know you can hear me, please wake up

"Five more minutes," Kendall said, rasp in his throat as he pulled the sheets tighter to his body. Before he had time to register what was going on, the sheets were yanked away from his body and the chill up Kendall's spine shocked him to the core. He choked out a breath, eyes popping wide as he shot up from his bed. Nothing was around him, only darkness and a foggy mist that ghosted over the ground. He wasn't in his bedroom anymore, not sure if this was a dream he was having and placed a hand to his face.

Good, you're awake

His eyes fluttered open, finding Carlos sitting at the foot of his bed with that sweet and warm smile of his.

". . .What's going on?. . .Where am I?"

"Logan said it's called the 'In-Between'. Like. . .it's not Heaven or Hell, but it's not a place where the living or dead are either. It'll be much more easier for us to be able to talk like this rather than you having to try and sneak over to the manor." Carlos rose to his feet and looked around. "I wish it wasn't so dreary and hopeless here though, Logan said it changes according to your feelings."

"Do you feel hopeless?" Kendall asked and Carlos looked over at him, timidly rubbing his arm.

"A little. . .I just want to go home, but it's silly of me for wanting that I suppose," Carlos murmured and Kendall got out of the bed himself. He couldn't feel the ground, yet he was standing and walking and moving around. It didn't feel cold, it didn't feel hot, it felt like absolutely nothing. He was amazed, and confused as to how he could be experiencing this. Experiencing Carlos when he was a ghost, being able to physically exist where there is no signs of life around. "Did you want to meet him, by the way?"

"Meet who?"

"Logan. I know you're curious about him," Carlos said and Kendall gave a slow nod of his head, the thought of the black slithering snake that hissed at James and him inside the Manor. He grew nervous, wondering what Logan's true form was if it wasn't the snake, if it was something more demonic or more gruesome than that. Carlos reached out his hand, gentle smile on his lips that was able to put Kendall's mind at ease. It was warm, kind and welcoming, Kendall finding his hand going out to touch and hold the boy's hand. The moment Kendall's fingertips brushed against the air that was supposed to be Carlos' palm, the In-Between shifted and morphed. Kendall's head whirled around, seeing that the emptiness was beginning to fill with furniture and walls were erecting around them.

Soon, it wasn't a vast emptiness they were standing in, but the living room of the Malone Manor.

"How'd we-"

"We're still in the In-Between, just Logan thought this would be a more comfortable setting to talk in. I'll go get him," Carlos said with a grin, bouncing on the balls of his heels before he turned and rushed out one of the doorways. Kendall watched the boy depart, almost disappearing as fast as he showed up, before he turned around and rubbed the back of his neck. He looked behind him, spotting a book resting on the wooden table. He quirked an eyebrow, not remembering a book being there when he and James were in the Manor last night. Kendall strode over to it, looking over the cover with a family pleasantly walking off into the sunlight, the words 'Handbook for the Recently Deceased' in big white letters over the top. Carlos wasn't kidding about the handbook then, Kendall's eyebrows furrowing even more to reach out and physically pick up the book.

"I don't understand this place," Kendall muttered, plopping down in the large armchair.

"You're not supposed to." Kendall's eyes shot up, seeing Carlos standing alongside a boy that shouldn't be much older than Kendall was. Maybe even younger, to be honest. The brunet haired boy sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "You're a mortal, you shouldn't even be experiencing these things."

". . .You're Logan?" Kendall asked and the boy, Logan, nodded his head. He held his hand out to shake, but Kendall only stared with a wary expression. "Before I touch you, can I ask just who or what you are?"

"He's the Grim Reaper," Carlos said simply and Logan sighed.

"A Grim Reaper, not the Grim Reaper," Logan ever so corrected, like it really mattered. Kendall stared, trying to factor in just what he was hearing and it didn't seem like it was clicking in Logan's eyes. "I'm Death."

"You don't look like Death. I'd thought you'd be. . .like a skeleton with a black robe and-" Kendall blinked, a scythe flashing in Logan's hands with the blade gleaming and long. In it's reflection, Kendall could see himself, an old man with wrinkles and eyes that held only a few seconds of life within him and a scream erupted from his throat. Kendall's hands immediately went to his face, finding that it was still smooth and youthful. Kendall looked at Logan, eyes wide and afraid. "Okay, you're Death."

"It'll be easier if you just didn't question how things are. We need Carlos to find out who killed him so he won't have any more unfinished business and he'll be able to move on. So, you are going to be Carlos' body in the mortal realm. You search for any clues, any leads, any sources you can get your hands on and deliver them back to the Manor for Carlos to look over and be able to understand."

"And?" Kendall asked, flipping open the book to read the first page.

"And what? And Carlos agrees to leave and his soul moves on. You won't have to deal with anymore ghosts bothering you until it's your time to die," Logan said and Kendall fumbled with the book a bit at the sound of that. "It shouldn't be too hard, right? Do we have a deal?" Logan asked and Kendall only nodded, still reading. He heard Logan sigh, mumbling something about 'Why him? Why him?' before he disappeared off into the house. Carlos moved to Kendall's side, looking over Kendall's shoulder with a bewildered look.

"Will I get a handbook too when I die? And my own personal Grim Reaper?" Kendall asked and Carlos shrugged.

"Logan's not really my personal Grim Reaper, just that he can't collect any more souls until I'm taken care of," Carlos replied and Kendall's eyes flickered to the doorway entrance.

"Bet he's mad about that."

"A little, but he promised to help me anyway he could."

"And why can't you leave the Manor? You didn't die there, why do you have any tie to that place?" Kendall asked and Carlos shrugged, raising his palm. Kendall saw that there was something burned in Carlos' skin, a little insignia that smoldered with some sort of hellfire unnatural to Kendall's eyes.

"I think it has something to do with this. Like. . .so that way no one can claim me and I stay in one spot."

"If you weren't marked like that, could you move around freely?"

"Logan says it's dangerous for souls to move around freely," Carlos said with a hum and sat at Kendall's feet. He reached out to touch Kendall's bare toes, Kendall feeling a shooting cold pain in each one that Carlos poked idly. "I don't know what's so dangerous about it, but I don't want to risk my chances."

"Nothing's going to come after me for helping you, right?"

Carlos giggled and Kendall felt his heart do a jump in his chest. "No, I doubt it. . .tell me about yourself, Kendall?"

"Shouldn't we be looking into finding something about yourself?"

"I'm dead, I want to know about life. Yours in particular. It'll help if we become friends, don't you think?" Carlos asked with a big grin and Kendall smiled back.

"Friends will be good."

"How about 20 questions?" Carlos suggested and Kendall nodded his head, closing the book and setting it back down onto the table. He slid off the chair, sitting in front of Carlos and crossed his legs. "I ask you a question and then you ask me a question. And we can ask each other about anything, okay?"

"Sounds like a plan," Kendall said with a crooked smile and Carlos smiled back, just as bright. Kendall was sure he could get lost in that smile, if not Carlos' twinkling eyes that sparkled with more than enough life for the blond. "You want to start?"

Carlos hummed, tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth as he wrinkled his nose deep in thought. "Have you ever kissed someone?"

"No," Kendall snorted. "Romance isn't my specialty. How about you?"

"No," Carlos said, rather disappointed. "I had a crush on someone too, I really wish I would have kissed them before. . .this happened."

"Who did you have a crush on?"

"Not so fast, it's my turn to ask a question," Carlos said with a wry smile. He wagged his finger at Kendall and the blond rolled his eyes in good nature. "The boy that you were with-"

"He's not my boyfriend for the billionth time, if that was what you were going to ask," Kendall cut off with a blush on his cheeks and Carlos shook his head.

"No. But he likes you, doesn't he?"

"NO!" Kendall shouted, finding his cheeks too hot and his heart beating too fast. Carlos raised his hand. "Easy, easy," Carlos soothed and Kendall bit the inside of his cheek.

"No questions about James. That's the one rule," Kendall said sharply and Carlos nodded his head. Kendall leaned back on his hands, casting his gaze out to the window where it seemed to be eternal blackness outside. Somewhere, James was probably having his seventh bath of the night before curling away into bed alone. Somewhere, James was about to close those wide and gorgeous hazel eyes and drift away into sleep, to dream about the things he wouldn't dare let Kendall ever know.

He shook his head and looked at the boy sitting across from him. "Okay, my turn to ask questions."

Halfway between questions ten through fifteen, Kendall began to notice the atmosphere in the In-Between shift. The walls were growing older, the furniture seemed to be aging faster, and the flames that were in the fireplace were flickering out like an invisible wind was blowing through the Manor. Kendall quirked an eyebrow. "What's going on?"

"Morning must be coming. . .you can't stay any longer," Carlos said with a yawn and Kendall looked down at him. Carlos had curled up by Kendall's legs, an icy breeze ghosting his skin whenever Carlos moved. Carlos rubbed his eyes and hummed. "We can only talk for so long before you need to go back. It isn't safe for you to remain in the In-Between for too long."

"What happens to me?"

"Don't know, just what Logan says," Carlos said with a shrug and looked up at Kendall. "Ask me one more question and I'll ask you one more question," Carlos said and Kendall drummed his fingers on the hardwood surface that slowly began to feel like the sheets of his bed.

"What was the one thing you wanted to do when you were alive, more than anything?" Kendall asked and Carlos yawned, snuggling up more to Kendall and it felt like little needles were sticking in Kendall's leg. He gritted down on his teeth, wanting to ease away from Carlos cause of the pain, but not wanting to because the warmth low in Kendall's stomach felt like he belonged next to the ghost boy.

"Every New Year's Eve, I always went with my mom and my dad to watch the fireworks display when midnight would hit. And when I got older, I wanted to be able to share that experience with someone else. To be honest. . .I wanted to have someone that I loved to watch the New Year's Eve fireworks. . .I just wanted someone to kiss."

Kendall looked down at the boy, almost like the ghost was sleeping. His eyes were closed, eyelashes so pretty against his tan skin, and his lips were pulled and puckered in like he was expecting a kiss. Kendall bit his lower lip, moving down to lie beside Carlos and Carlos hummed. "Now I got to ask you a question."

"Ask away," Kendall murmured, watching as Carlos lazily traced his finger in the space between his and Kendall's resting hands.

"Do you want to be in love?" Carlos asked quietly and Kendall paused. He could feel the warmth of his bedsheets, and feel the light shining in from the skylight above him in his ceiling. But Carlos was still here, clear as can be and looking oh so darling. Kendall just wanted to touch him, and feel the boy's cheek, to see if he was as warm as Kendall could feel he was in his heart. He didn't know if Carlos was sleeping now, or if he was just closing his eyes for a bit. They weren't in Malone Manor anymore, they were in Kendall's bedroom and Carlos was slowly flickering away like a candle. Kendall let his eyes flutter once, twice, before he snuggled into the blistering cold slowly disappearing.

"Of course."