I felt like writing an AU and I thought it would be best to base it off of the summer in between senior year and college (mainly because I couldn't choose between the two)

There are two pairings in this one. Destiel (well… of course) but this is slow at the beginning, mainly leading into slash, so look forward to multiple chapters The next is Sam and Jo (I know, not a common ship, but I wanted to change it up a bit). In this particular storyline Jo is Cas' sister, which of course makes Ellen his mom.

Hope you enjoy it, I mainly wrote it for the fun of it, but deciding on sharing with you guys :) Feedback is appreciated.

Chapter 1

Castiel Harvelle slowly blinked his eyes open, still not fully awake, and slid off his bed landing gracefully on his feet. The shock of the cold floor beneath him making him want to curl back up in his warm bed and pull the thick blanket around him. But instead he began his daily routine, starting with a hot shower to relieve him of his shivering from the cold winter air making its way into his apartment through a window he accidentally left open the night before.

Now that his morning was started and he was more alert and focused he found a pair of faded black jeans and a plain blue shirt the color of his eyes before slowly making his way into the living room. He walked over to the couch to find Dean Winchester still fast asleep in what looked to be a very uncomfortable position. He was lying on his stomach with one arm behind his back and his head resting on the hard sidearm of the couch. He was in his boxer shorts and an undershirt, his clothes in a clump on the coffee table next to him. Cas couldn't help but smile before throwing a towel on Dean's head, who sat upright within a second looking for a fight.

"Geez man, it's just me. You need to get ready soon or we're going to be late, I kind of overslept a little..." Dean raised an eyebrow at him, sleep still visible in his eyes.

"Well that's a first, since when do you oversleep?" he said scratching his head while in the process of getting off the couch, towel in hand.

"Since I've had to deal with your daddy issues at three in the morning." Cas scowled. Last night Dean had walked straight into Cas' apartment and decided to shake him until he woke up both scaring him half to death and irritating him even more so. Dean had physically dragged Cas(who was still only in the old concert tee and boxer shorts he wore to bed)out to the living room, guiding him to the couch before going to get a soda out of the fridge. Then he sat down next to him, making sure to keep him awake, and told him the whole long, boring story (which he vaguely remembers now) of the big fight he had with his dad about colleges. Dean was just planning on going into the family business, mechanics, after graduation, but his dad had other ideas in mind for him. The fight ended with him leaving the house on a rage and driving away, ending up at his best friends house (having no where else to go to calm down) who of course said he could stay since he'd already burst in the apartment door with the spare key he hid above the doorframe.

Dean slowly got up off the couch apologizing under his breath.

"It's okay man. Hey, your extra clothes are in the drawer under the sink. You left them over here a couple of days ago, so I decided to wash them for you in case...Well you really need to start working on your anger-management issues, that's all I'm saying." Dean half-smiled before putting the towel Cas threw at him over his shoulder, making his way to the shower. Cas sighed contently and went to pack his bags for the last day of senior year.

They drove together in Dean's Impala, Rambling Man blasting on the radio, on the way to Lawrence High School for the last time. Cas watched out the window thinking about what was going to happen after high school was finally over. He would be going to Stanford and Dean has pretty much made it clear to everyone that he wouldn't be going to any college. It was going to be kind of lonely to finally be split up from his best friend who has always been there at his side for as long as he could remember. He looked towards Dean, who was singing along with the radio, a sarcastic smile widening on his face as he turned and saw Cas watching him.

"What's 'matter Cas? Scared of graduation? I know your one of those weird people who actually enjoy school, but come on man! This is it! We are finally going to be free of horrible lunches and the horrors of high school. Smile." Cas was planning on protesting but couldn't hold back the small, shy smile from forming on his face; he was really going to miss this... Dean smiled back at him with playful eyes, then looked back at the road continuing,

"And you're not getting rid of school yet either, you'll be on your way to Stanford with that smart brain of yours." Cas looked back out the window, hiding all the emotion that was making its way into his liquid blue eyes and said, barley louder than a whisper,

"I'll miss you." This made Dean tense up, his wide smile slowly fading away, but he kept his eyes on the road stretching out in front of him,

"Yeah...Me too." He said quietly after a little hesitation, Cas quickly regretted bringing it up at all, he didn't want to put Dean in a sour mood after what he had to deal with last night, but it was too late, he could hear the emotion in Dean's voice even though he was trying to cover it up. Dean was the one person he knew like the back of his hand. Once Cas got to college it was going to feel like part of him was missing. That empty feeling that he'd imagined started creeping up on him already even though he could sense Dean's presence right next to him; just because of the fact of knowing that it was about to be stripped away from him.

School passed by in a daze. Cas felt like everyone was moving faster then he was, as if he were walking through water. He was also the only senior in a sour mood on the last day. He only had a couple classes with Dean and those few classes seemed like they passed by a whole lot faster then any of his others. Dean wore the same sarcastic smile on his face but Cas could see past it. He tried to be happy around Dean to keep him in a good mood and try his best to enjoy this last day of high school. But his eyes kept flickering towards the clocks on the wall which seemed to move faster then ever, counting down to the time after school where he would be leaving, making his way to his family. His sister Johanna (Jo for short) Harvelle was demanding that he spend the last summer before college with his family and stop being so distant. He protested almost everyday but when it came to Jo and their mother Ellen, there was no winning. He couldn't remember the last time he'd seen them, it was true that he was being distant ever since his dad died. He'd spent most of his time on his own and with the Winchester family from then on.

He sat watching the clock until it hit 3:30 and everyone surrounding him jumped completely out of their seats and ran for the door screaming like children running after an ice-cream truck. He slowly made his way down the hallway being pushed and shoved out of the way by the screaming crowd around him. When he finally made it outside he saw Dean leaning against the Impala talking to some girl Cas has never seen before (typical Dean). She walked away a few seconds later as he was walking up. Dean's usual smile was replaced with a fake one when he saw Cas approach.

"So...You sure you can't just stay here?" Dean asked lightly getting into the car as Cas walked around to get in on the opposite end.

"I'm sure. I thought about it but I don't want to cause them anymore pain then I already have these last few years, and they've been so excited that I was actually coming...Family y'know." Cas was half explaining this to himself.

"Yeah...Family." Dean said quietly looking over him, he smiled but turned away quickly when the thought rushed into his mind, but you are my family, always have been. The rest of the ride to Cas' apartment was silent. So was packing his car and making sure to lock up.

When everything was ready for him to leave he walked over to where Dean was lounging against his car. Cas was never good at goodbyes, and this was a big one. He tried to smile a little but it didn't help. He must have looked absolutely pathetic about leaving his closest friend (who was more-so like a brother to him) and was waiting on Dean's sarcastic smile to return to his face followed by his usual no chick-flick moments quote. But just as Cas began to open his mouth to try to get out a goodbye Dean surprised him by pulling him into a tight hug, digging his chin into Cas' shoulder and breathing in deeply as if he were trying to calm himself. It took Cas a second to return the hug, this was unusual behavior for Dean, but he was grateful, not wanting to let go. Tears burned behind his eyes, but he wasn't about to let himself cry, he wasn't going to be pathetic, especially in front of Dean. The hug was quick but felt like forever, Dean pulled back keeping a hand on Cas' shoulder

"It's going to be a lot different without you here, I don't know what I'm going to do with my time. I'll have little Sammy following my every move all summer though, I'm waiting on the day that kid will grow up." Dean said smiling. Cas laughed and told Dean to say goodbye to the Winchesters for him before getting in his car, saying goodbye one last time before heading off to his family.

Cas woke up looking at the underside of an old bunk bed. Jo's arm was hanging off the top from where she was sleeping above him. When his mom and Jo had moved here a couple years ago following his dad's death Cas had went with them for a couple of months before finding it too hard to try and start a new life again in a new place, this time without his dad. He ended up staying with the Winchesters back in Lawrence Kansas to deal. At the time too many things were going wrong in his life and he didn't want to be separated from what was still left for him, still normal. He's been over a couple times during the years to know his way around and to still have half a room and bunk that he had shared with his younger sister the first few months. Jo always hated the idea of sharing a room with the brother that was never there, but his mom wanted to keep things the way they were in case her son decided to come home to stay (even now when he has just graduated, about to set out to start a life for himself).

Cas had stayed up late again last night and fallen asleep in his clothes, this he noticed as he slowly made his way out of the condensed space, being careful not to hit his head. Once free he yanked at Jo's hand to wake her up before following an old semi-familiar route to the shower.

The bad thing about there only being one shower was the fact that Jo starting banging on the bathroom door yelling at him over the loud rushing water pouring onto his face to hurry up, even though it had only been a minute (he now regretted waking her up). When he had finally made his way out of the bathroom Jo was standing at the door, arms crossed over her black tank-top, her wavy blond hair falling onto her shoulders in a messy tangle, a scowl slowly turning into a playful smile when she saw his black wet hair pointed in many different directions but the right one. Warm water was still dripping down his face, trailing down his bare chest. Jo playfully pushed him out of her way and closed the bathroom door behind her, cutting him off from the warm air the hot shower had made. He made his way back into his old room finding a pair of black board shorts and a white tee shirt from his still unpacked suitcase. He ran his fingers through his black hair after he had dried it off with a towel, making it stand up. Cas made his way down the small hallway decorated with picture frames full of childhood memories until he reached the bright colored kitchen where he found his mother, Ellen, cooking breakfast. Ellen had straight dark brown (almost black) hair falling nicely onto her shoulders. She was wearing blue jeans and a gray tank top with an unbuttoned plaid shirt over it. She turned and saw him walk in, a smile making its way on her middle-aged face, creasing the skin around her brown eyes.

"Good morning Castiel." It's been a while since anyone has called Cas by his full name. Dean had given him his nickname too long ago to remember and that's what he's been called since. He smiled and returned the greeting (still feeling a little out of place being home again) and sat down at the kitchen table. He was just about to try to lead into awkward small talk with his mom when someone burst though the unlocked door, running into the kitchen, tripping over almost everything that was in their path, ending with almost falling onto the table. Cas stood up urgently to see who it was, everything happened so quickly it was almost like a blur. Then he focused on a familiar face with short brown messy hair and freckles under green eyes looking at him, smiling ear to ear.

"Dean?! What-" Dean cut him off by giving him a quick hug, knocking the breath out of him, before then pulling him by his arm into Cas' old bedroom leaving Ellen staring blankly after the pair. Once in the room Dean lounged into a small couch.

"Um...Hi, I guess." Cas said still in a daze of what the hell just happened. Dean laughed at the confusion written on his face and pulled his arm down so that Cas fell down onto the couch next to him before turning to explain everything, his face turning more serious.

"Long story short. Kicked out, speeding, cops, hideout, you." He said as Cas continued to stare at him blankly for a second before realizing it was probably urgent and began reading in between the lines and put the whole story together.

"Your dad kicked you out so you were looking for someplace to go and ended up speeding while on one of your rages..." Cas began slowly, still more focused on the fact that Dean was sitting right in front of him.

"Made the extremely stupid mistake of not stopping for the cops and ran straight into my house...You seriously have issues man." Cas said smiling a little at Dean's scowl.

"So, why did your dad kick you out?" He asked relaxing against the sidearm of the couch, completely ignoring the fact about the cops knowing that in Dean's eyes that wasn't the most important issue at the moment. He put his arms behind his head, ready to listen to a long drawn-out story of what Dean didn't do when Jo came into the room, her hair nicely blow-dried and curled with only a towel around herself. When she saw Dean, who winked in spite of himself, she screamed and ran out of the room. Cas sighed and rolled his eyes at Dean, playfully punching him in the shoulder when Dean said I guess she doesn't like surprises. That same sarcastic smile finding its way onto his face. Then Ellen came into the room putting her hand against the doorframe staring daggers at the boys.

"So what happened Dean? You couldn't take being separated from your partner in crime for too long so you had to speed all the way here and run straight into my house like you owned the place? And yes, there is a cop at the door." Dean bowed his head in defeat.

"Ah man... There is no way I'm getting out of this one. And sorry...Ellen, it was kind of urgent." He said starting to get up to go to the door. But Ellen put her hand up to stop him.

"I have Johanna Beth taking care of the cop for you, I'm sure he'll be gone soon, he isn't the brightest of the bunch, but you'll still be getting a ticket, and I guess since you don't have anywhere else to go you can-" Dean didn't wait for her to finish, instead he got up and hugged Ellen tightly thanking her but pulled away quickly when she told him to let go of her before she changed her mind. Cas snickered as Ellen left the room and Dean fell back onto the couch beside him sighing of relief. He playfully tried to stretch his legs out onto the couch, his boots falling onto Cas' lap almost kicking him in the face, but Cas pushed his legs away causing Dean to halfway fall off the couch cursing under his breath. He laughed, finally feeling whole again, like things were slowly but surely turning back to normal.

"So back to how this all started. Why'd you get kicked out?" Cas asked smirking, reclining back against the sidearm of the small couch as Dean did the same and began to tell his story.