Sup, everyone! Now I know that no one had commented on the story I was doing, but I just thought of the second chapter! Enjoy!

Corn's POV

This is good, I thought. As long as I can trust these guys to get our territory back from these new gangs,we should be safe.

"So you've heard of us. How?" Slyy asked.

"DJ Professor K talked about you on Jet Set Radio, yo." Yoyo answered.

"So how did you find our HQ?" I asked with slight curiousness.

"We were running from the Rokkaku Police, and we ran into your base by accident. Sorry." Zone answered.

Ok, now to make the deal. I thought.

"I want to make a deal with you guys." I said.

"What kind of deal?" Zone asked.

"We'll give you the base if you can beat me in a race around Dogenzaka Hill. Just me and you, Zone. Leader against leader."

"And if I lose?"

"Then you have to separate your gang for good."

Zone thought for a moment. "I accept." He said with pride.

"Then let's begin."

So we found a starting point, negotiated the rules, and then started. We were pretty much even when it came to speed, but as soon as we got near the mall, Zone used a boost dash to get away from me. He was a little to fast at first, so I thought that he was a noob. But two seconds later, I couldn't see him anymore! So when the race was over, I saw him dancing at the finish line.

"What took you so long?" He said with a smirk.

"Alright, so you won. The base is yours. but I want to send you off with two things. Yoyo, Beat, fix their headphones."

So Yoyo and Beat tuned their headphones to Jet Set Radio, and gave them watches.

"These watches have your signal in them, so you can talk to each other," Beat said. We tuned your headphones to Jet Set Radio so that you could get the lowdown on the streets."

"What's the second thing?" Slyy asked.

"We will help you. Not in the same gang, but as allies." I answered.

So we skated off, and left them to what they wanted to do. Not the best way to say goodbye, but at least I didn't have to suffer anymore embarrassing losses. Especially to Zone.