Emily's Journey Chapter 1:


Emily was a traveling artist, with some rather… unusual abilities. She had a lot of unusual powers, including the ability to heal humans and Pokémon. Right now she was in the Johto Region, searching out new Pokémon to draw. As usual, her best friend, a little Cleffa she had nicknamed Sakura, walked contentedly by her side. Suddenly Sakura stopped, and Emily asked, "What's wrong?"

Sakura pointed to the sky and said, "There's a storm coming, but it doesn't feel right."

Emily, who could understand Pokémon and also speak their language, said, "Let's go, there's a Pokémon Center just over that hill."

Sakura nodded, and they were about to start running when they heard a loud noise. It sounded like some kind of machine. Emily looked at Sakura and said, "We should check it out, this doesn't feel right."

Emily picked up Sakura and ran toward the sound. They ran through the woods, but Sakura suddenly said, "Let's slow it down, there are people up ahead."

Emily listened, and said, "Okay." She started walking, and soon they came to a large clearing surrounded by cliffs. Emily hid behind a tree, and watched as a huge machine controlled by a blond man drove through the trees and stopped in the clearing. A woman with silver hair jumped down, and said, "Attila, activate the crystal."

"You got it, Hun," the man, who Emily assumed was Attila, said. He pushed something, and a strange crystal attached to a bunch of claw-like things rose up out of the machine and was set on the ground by another claw. Immediately, a purple shield appeared around it. "Now we wait," the woman, Hun, said.

Emily watched, but nothing seemed to be happening. Then she noticed that a lot of Pokémon were headed to the crystal. "Look, they're all Electric Types," Sakura said.

"Something about that crystal must attract electricity," Emily said. Then she heard voices behind her, and turned. A Misdreavus was flying toward the machine, and soon after, a girl with blue hair and a boy with a baseball cap came running after the Misdreavus. The girl caught it, and said, "Gotcha, Little Miss."

The boy, meanwhile, was staring at the machine, and he said, "Marina, look at that."

The girl- Marina- looked and said, "What IS that?"

The machine started knocking out and picking up the Electric Pokémon with the claws it had. Emily started forward, but Sakura said, "Wait, something else is coming. Look up at the cliffs."

Emily obeyed, and saw what looked like a giant circular thundercloud. She heard something from the center of it. It sounded like a roar. "Sakura, what is that?" Emily asked.

"Raikou," Sakura said. "The Legendary Pokémon. You might need help to sort this out. I have a feeling the people in the machine want to hurt Raikou. Go introduce yourself to the Trainers over there, we might be able to get their help."

"The boy's looking like he wants to race out there and help already," Emily said. "Alright. I'll see what I can do."

She walked over to the boy and girl, making sure the two in the machine didn't see her. They looked at her, startled. "Who are you?" the boy asked.

"My name is Emily, I'm a traveling artist," Emily said. "This is my Cleffa, Sakura. Who are you?"

"I'm Jimmy, and that's Marina," the boy said, nodding to the girl. "What's up?"

"Sakura said that the thundercloud up on that cliff is Raikou," Emily replied. "Sakura thinks that the people with the machine mean to hurt Raikou. Will you help us protect Raikou?"

"How can you understand your Cleffa that well?" Jimmy asked.

"I can understand and speak Pokémon language," Emily said. "And before you ask or find out, I have quite a few other rather freaky abilities that often come in handy."

"Why do you need us, then?" Marina asked.

"I wanted to work together to protect Raikou," Emily said. "I could see that Jimmy wanted to race out and help those other Pokémon. Sakura sensed that you are good people, and I don't know that I can handle protecting Raikou from those brutes by myself."

"What about your Pokémon?"Jimmy asked. "You're not alone."

"I only have Sakura, and she's only trained to lend me power," Emily admitted. "If we get into trouble, I'm the one who fights."

"Wow," Jimmy said. He looked at Marina, and then said, "We'll help you. We also don't want anything to happen to Raikou." Marina nodded.

"Thanks," Emily said- just as things started to heat up in the clearing. The three kids turned and watched as Raikou jumped down the cliff, and started freeing the trapped Pokémon. Strangely, the two humans just watched this, as if it was only Raikou they wanted.

Raikou freed the Pokémon, and they ran off. Then Raikou turned toward the humans, and launched a powerful Electric Attack at them. The attack didn't hit them, however; instead it was sucked into the crystal before it hit the two humans. The man smirked, but the woman stayed expressionless as the bolt of lightning shot back at Raikou and hit it.

"Sakura, what's up with that crystal?" Emily asked.

"It sucked up the electricity and then threw it back at Raikou," Sakura said. "We need to break it, or Raikou will be hurt over and over."

Emily turned to Jimmy and Marina and said, "Sakura said we have to find a way to break the crystal. It's dangerous to Raikou because it throws the attacks back at Raikou."

"Any ideas?" Jimmy asked.

"We need to blow it up, but how, I don't know," Emily said. "I'd have to get a closer look at it."

"Maybe we could distract those two while you look at the crystal?" Marina suggested, as Raikou got hit by another lightning bolt.

"Let's go with that for now," Jimmy said. "I think we should do this fast."

"Good point," Emily said. "Let's go."

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