Chapter One: The Hooded Figure

The kaslow army marched onto plains searching for the figure who had been causing havoc.

Sir Ethan quickly lead the army toward the the Goblin tribal Village.

The had received reports that a black clothed, hooded figure had been spotted near the area and the army was quickly sent to investigate.

Kaslow was on the brink of war with the other major cities.

With this threat of war each city had boosted their armada from Archmages to Warloads.

Many soldiers had joined joyfully wanting to protect the city.

Others tries to refuse wanting to return to their home or continue their adventure.

This caused outrage from the King who declared for the forceful joining of the army.

The unwilling adventures escaped to other lands not in the domain of the three cities.

Weaker adventures were captured and taken prisoner.

These poor adventures were left no choice in the matter and were forcefully place in lower ranks and kept imprisoned until swearing alligence to the king's army.

The hooded figure had supposedly had amazing skills equal to that of General.

This information had excited the top officials thus leading to the search.

Sir Ethan sighed.

"Why do I have to do all the grunt work?" Thought Sir Ethan.

Wasn't he one of those high rank officials command actually cared for?

He swore once they found this hooded figure and drafted him into the king's army he was going to have a word with command.

The unfortunate truth was he would never get the chance.

"Sir, we've spotted him!" shouted a soldier from the front as he ran back toward Sir Ethan.

"Finally, tell him he is drafted under the king's orders and bring him back to the city for training." declared Ethan as he began to proceed back to Kaslow.

"That's the problem sir. No one can get near him and he refuses to talk to anyone but a general."The young Knight stated.

"WHAT!" "This is an outrage how can an entire army not be able to contain one man?!" yelled Sir Ethan.

"Sorry sir, but it seems the rumors were true, he has power equal to that of a general."

Ethan rode his horse toward the front of the army.

As the soldiers moved aside for him he saw the man in question.

"How dare you deny the direct order from the king!" shouted Sir Ethan drawing his sword.

The figure looked up and spoke "Are you a general?"

Sir Ethan replied "That doesn't matter now, come back with us to the city."

"Oh believe me I will come to Kaslow in due time, I am only here to send a message" the figure stated.

"What are you trying to pul-" started Sir Ethan, but he never finished.

The soldiers cried out in fear as their leader fell from his horse.

Sir Ethan's shadow had sprung up from the ground and stabbed him through the chest.

"Tell your king there is an enemy that is very displeased on how he is running things." stated the figure.

The soldiers starred as the stranger simply turned and walked away.

" What are you?" strutted one of the soldiers.

The hooded man let out a laugh and replied "You call a tree, a tree, do you not? and a castle, a castle."

"Call me what I am then...a shadow."

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