The sound of explosions woke Diamond up with a start. The camp was in chaos as the camp watchmen yelled directions to travelers to evacuate immediately. Diamond and Ray quickly spotted the man in charge of the camp and ran over to him asking for detail of the event.

"The shadow character has been spotted in the area," the head replied. "The watchmen said that he was seen near the abandoned goblin fortress."

Diamond and Ray nodded and ran off toward the fortress. If they could catch him, the separate cities would calm and war could be avoided. As they approached the fort an explosion from the center sent up a plume of smoke. Ray surged ahead while Diamond followed deep in thought. Why in the world is he here and what is he destroying that could send up that amount of smoke?

As the pair proceeded to the middle of the camp the explosions became louder and more violent. Finally they got to the center to come across a hooded figure cloaked in black. The figure turned to the pair. He held two blades both black and pulsing a red color. He regarded the warriors silently holding the blades at his sides. The black hood covered his face leaving Diamond guessing at any of his facial features. Ray wasted no time and summoned his staff and Diamond prepared herself as well drawing her sword.

"Are you Shadow?" Diamond questioned readying herself for combat. Her voice echoed around the fortress increasing the tension between the two parties. The figure stood still giving no indication that he had heard her. She opened her mouth to repeat her question when he spoke.

"Who's asking?" His voice was like a whisper, like a gentle breeze blowing silently through the trees. Diamond stepped slightly back unnerved by his simple question. Ray however stood his ground and quickly answered the question.

"We are the alter warriors of fire and light, are you the man who is causing chaos and ruining the balance?" Diamond inwardly groaned. Why in the world did he say that? Forceful questions such as that would anger any person and if he was the Shadow then they could be in trouble.

"Leave me be." Shadow stated raising his blades into a fighting position.

"Found you at last!" Ray yelled.

Ray formed a fireball into his hand and launched it at Shadow. Shadow quickly leapt to the side dodging the ball. Barely missing him, it exploded upon hitting the ground, and then Shadow charged the pair with his blades held in front of him for defense. Ray raised his staff and summoned a towering wave of magma from the ground intending to swallow the man. The wave crashed down covering him in the molten rock. Ray stepped back and sighed replacing the staff on his back and turned to Diamond.

"Well that was pretty ea-" he started until he saw Diamond stare as him with a horrified expression.

"Turn around and get ready!" Diamond shouted at him holding her blade in her hand. Ray turned around to see that his molten lava had hardened but in the middle, where the man had been standing, the rock had seemed to form a half sphere as if it were concealing something. The rock sphere burst sending rocks in every direction. Shadow stood within the shattered sphere and turned to face them. Diamond chose then to throw a holy light grenade toward him. The ball of light sped toward him. Shadow raised his hand and the shadows from the ground sprung up like serpent a sliced the grenade in half causing an explosion that kicked up dust. From the dust Shadow emerged, slicing his blades through the air. Wind slices flew toward the pair. Ray dodged to the left and Diamond to the right.

Ray landed on his feet and summoned fiery snakes to charge Shadow. Again the shadows rose from the ground to slice the snakes to pieces. Ray was breathing hard as he stood up straight. Diamond on the other side of the battleground was trying to come up with a strategy against this man. So far everything had failed and he was barely building a sweat. Diamond and Ray were losing stamina quickly.

"This is it!" Ray shouted raising his staff into the air. Thousands of fire balls started to rain down all targeting one area. "There is no way you can get out of this!" exclaimed Ray. "We've won this battle."

"Really, then allow me to shatter your illusion."

With a simple raise of Shadow's hand, the fire balls started to disappear. One after another the fire balls disappeared until the multitude had been dimmed down to nothing. Ray stared at Shadow, color draining from his face as Shadow approached him.

"Now then you and me were about to end this, right?" Shadow questioned. Ray remained motionless.

"Goodbye," stated Shadow and sent a shadow ball straight into his chest. Ray smashed into the fortress walls and lost consciousness.

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