Mavis POV

I just stared at him, he looked like a statue. I knew that if my heart were capable it would be beating wildly.

I was so nervous, what would Jonathan do? What would he say? I loved him more then anything and anyone, but the thought still lingered, did he want to make love with me?

I sat there, on my dresser, completely naked. It was as if time itself had stopped, waiting for Jonathan to make it continue.

I looked into Jonathan's eyes, they were wide as they stared into my own. I couldn't hear him breathing, his heart seemed dead because I couldn't hear it either. I began to worry, had I killed Jonathan by shocking him?

I quickly began looking him over, there were no signs that told me he was alive.

"it would be a dream come true" Jonathan said.

My eyes quickly locked with his. Excitement took control of me and in a flash I was on top of him on my bed.

realization hit me, and I didn't know how to continue. Jonathan looked into my eyes, in his eyes I knew he could see my own thoughts. He knew how afraid and excited I was.

"Jonathan, how do we go about doing this?" I asked.

Jonathan shrugged his shoulder.

"i don't know, never had sex before" Jonathan said.

I was surprised, I always thought he had.

"you're twenty one, I thought humans do this at like sixteen" I said.

"some humans do, some don't. Also the age varies, the experience is different for everyone" Jonathan said.

"but you've been everywhere, you've done everything. Why not sex?" I asked.

Jonathan smiled.

"i didn't see a reason, until I met you" Jonathan said.

I froze, I knew Jonathan loved me. He said it all the time and I would simply say it back. But I never expected him to say something like that.

Jonathan put a hand on my cheek and kissed me. He looked into my eyes and suddenly everything felt alright, I was still afraid but with Jonathan, that just didn't seem to bother me.

"you really want to do this?" Jonathan asked.

I was still kinda shocked by what he had said about not seeing a reason to have sex.

"one more adventure for us" I whispered.

Jonathan gently laid me on my back and I put my arms to my chest at how nervous I was. Jonathan took off his clothes and my eyes widened at how sexy he was naked. It was like I was seeing perfection right in front of me.

I gasped as I looked at his dick, it was bigger then I thought it would be.

He got over me and just looked at me. With one finger he moved some hair out of my face.

"i am crazily afraid right now" I whispered.

Jonathan smiled.

"maybe that's a good thing" Jonathan said.

He kissed my lips, and as he put his hand on my boob the pleasure I wanted to experience with him began.