a/n: hey this is Danny's story. afterwill be when the story will a/n: hey yea this is not my rewrite I was referring to this is the clean version of this story it will be rated k no cussing so turn back now if you liked the cussing and rauncyness this for my parents and other concerned authority figures

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Chapter one: my way or the highway

Sam's pov

Have you ever heard the saying my way or the highway. Well for me that saying haunts me every day of my life. You see im Sam Manson, and I live in amity park Ohio. I'm only 16 years old and my job is rather unusual. I'm a thief. But hey don't judge me until you've walked a mile in my combat boots. You see im from Iowa, and my parents are Jeremy and Pamela Manson. Yes the Jeremy and Pamela Manson, the ones who own the toothpick spiny company, they very prissy, meat eating morning people. And well im the exact opposite. I'm a Goth. I have black hair, and Im also and ultra reclyco vegetarian, And high strung environmentalist. They're blond color loving money obsesses fine dining and cold hearted. They did mean well though we just clashed so often. The day I left went kinda like this.


Pam: Samantha Manson where the heck have you been.

Sam: it's Sam. at the bookstore

Pam: look you have a curfew and everyone and there sisters know that you weren't at any bookstore.

Sam: what does it matter? Like you care

Pam: if I didn't care then why the heck would I be standing here screaming?

Sam: you care about the Manson family name not about my well-being, and I bet everyone and there sister knows that.

Pam: that's it go to you room

Sam: oh please I am 14 you can't order me to my room

Pam: dang it Samantha now go to your room now

Sam: I'll go but not to my room see you in the morning. Im going to Vick's house (a/n: hey just so you know Vick is not a main character at all and her real name is Victoria.)


Pam: Samantha your back I see

Sam: its sam. And yes

Pam: well no daughter of mine will be out all hours of the night. This house hold has rules. If you won't abide by them im afraid it my way or the high way

Sam: you can't be serious, you're kicking me out

Pam: no im giving you an ultimatum my way or the highway what's it gonna be

Sam: the highway

*flashback ends*

Sam's pov

Then I went upstairs grabbed suitcase but 3 outfits inside. Then walked out grabbed the keys to my black convertible and hit the road. I kept driving until I ran out of gas in a town called Amity Park

a/n sorry it was so short I'm doing Danny's back ground, next chapter. This is AU obviously. But yeah the actual story will be up soon. This is basically Sam's prologue. After this I will do Danny's then the basically begin the chapters will not be short after this one. No flames please, I am still a beginner so yeah luv on with the story.