This will be a Junjou Romantica couple only! Maybe I'll add Sekaiichi Hatsukoi in here, how about it?

~Misaki's POV~

'Damn Usagi-san...' I thought, picking up a mini Suzuki-san laying on the floor. I gently put it on the couch, next to the giant Suzuki-san. 'Why can't he pick up his own things instead of making me do this?'

I huffed, starting up the vacuum and continuing to vacuum the mess. It made me angry how I was practically a slave in this house, and Usagi-san just lounge around like it was no big deal. Had it not been my OCD with cleaning, this place would be a dump.

"Misaki! Can you help me get something in the closet?" Usagi-san called, and I huffed, blowing a strand of my hair away.

I walked over to the closet he was standing near. His silver hair gleamed lustrously in the light, and his face was adorably innocent. I blushed at my own thoughts, and quickly pushed them away. "What is it?" I asked him, not meeting his eyes.

"I need to get something out of here, but I can't find it. Can you help me?" he batted his purple eyes at me, and I blushed.

"Why not?" I mumbled, walking inside the small closet. Usagi-san followed me afterwards.

"What are you looking for anyways?" I questioned, looking through his coats.

"It's a mini Suzuki-san key chain that I had in the pocket of my coat. I got it one day, but I can't find it now. And I want it back." he said so simply, blinking his violet eyes with innocence.

Seriously? You're going to pester me for this? You're going to make me do manual labor just to find a key chain you could buy at a dollar store? What the hell? Didn't he know that I have things to do? Rooms to clean? Food to cook? Tests to study for?

"No!" I told him, crossing my arms in defiance.

He raised his eyebrow seductively, as if he was challenged.

"I have to cook and clean and study and do other things; I can't waste my time in here, trying to find something you can find at a dollar store."

"But, I want it back." he pouted.

"Well, go buy a new one! You have all the money in the world." Just as I was about to walk out, Usagi-san closed the door of the small closet, making it more cramped than it actually was.

"I do have another purpose for you being here," he whispered lustfully in my ear as his breath shivered my spine.

"Usagi-san?" I attempted to back away, but there was no where to back away to.

He turned on the light, and I could see he had a hungry look in his eye. He leaned down and caught my lips with his. At first he was slow and sensual, massaging my lips in a very seducing manner. He then went in deeper, wrapping his arms around my small and delicate waste, thrusting in his tongue.

"Usagi-san..." I moaned. "Not in here..." I gasped as he continued to kiss me.

"Why not here?" he asked simply. "It's a new place for us to have sex. It could be interesting, don't you think?" his hands on my hips sent my heart into overtime, and I thought I would collapse.

"But..." I attempted to talk to him, but he kept occupying my lips. "It's so small... and cramped in here!"

"Exactly..." he grinned, sucking on my lips and biting them playfully. I moaned as my hands made their way up to his neck, bringing him in closer to me. "Besides, you need to get your stressed relieved, don't you think so?"

"Stupid pervert..." I moaned as his tongue invaded my mouth, exploring my mouth so deeply that I thought my mouth would widen because of it. His lips bruised my own, but I didn't care at all.

"Stop complaining," his lips murmured against my own. "And start stripping,"

I turned extremely red at his words, and he knew that would happen to me. He chuckled, taking off my pants in a smooth move. He continued kissing me, but also grabbed me down there, and started pumping me.

"Ah! Usagi-san!" I groaned as his lips started sucking my neck. I could feel him leaving hickeys and bite marks everywhere, but the pleasure was too much for me to even care. He knew my pleasure spots, and used them to his own advantage.

He lifted up my shirt and started licking his soft tongue all over my torso. As he did that, I attempted to unbuttoned his shirt, but I had to let it hang as my hands became excited and numb at the familiar sensation Usagi-san was making me experience.

I wanted to move my arms around, but the closet was small. I was surprised both of us could even fit in here. I was practically sitting on the floor with my back against the wall. My legs were a bit too long, so my feet were against the other side of the wall. Usagi-san just sat on my legs. He moved down, and as his tongue got closer, and I began to feel excited.

"Usagi-san..." I whispered as I felt him sucking me down there. "Ah...! Oh my god!" my hands made their way to his hair, which I gripped mercilessly.

"Misaki... you're so delicious," he grinned, and I turned extremely red at his flattering.

"Ah!" My head fell back as he continued sucking me, and the pleasure was just so much. I was anticipating for him to thrust inside me... He stopped sucking me and pushed his fingers inside of me.

"Oh..! Ah! Usagi-san!" I gasped. "Just put it inside me!" I begged him, and he grinned with much lust and pleasure.

"Misaki... you turn me on so easily..." his lips hovered over my head as he put his member inside of me.

"Ah!" I screamed, and harshly bashed my head against the wall, knocking down some books and some coats. "Dammit!" I cursed as they fell on top of me.

"Misaki!" Usagi san quickly stood up. But, being that this wasn't a very high closet, he, too, bumped his head. I got up to help up, but our clothes on the floor became tangled with our feet. Usagi-san ended up falling on top of me as I was victimized by coats, coat hangers, and the wall.

"Dammit!" I yelled in pain.


Usagi-san placed the ice on my head, and I glared at him with anger.

"What?" he questioned, snuggling beside me. "I only wanted to help you relieve stress. You seemed so worried about your tests, that I just wanted to help you relieve stress."

"Yeah, but look where it ended me up!" I groaned, laying against Suzuki-san. "Dammit... this is going to hurt."

"Here, lay on me," he sat up, and forced me to lay on his lap. "I'm sorry," he whispered with a pout, stroking my hair lovingly.

"Idiot..." I cursed at him as he iced my bruised head. In the end, we couldn't have sex. "We are never having sex in that closet!"

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