~Misaki's POV~

"So, have you gotten some inspiration for your novel?" I questioned Usagi-san as both of us walked beside each other. Usagi-san and I were on a sort of date, but a date in which he got information for the current book he was writing.

"Yes, thank you very much, Misaki, for helping me," he smiled at me gently, and I looked away with redness on my face. Why did he always make me blush like that?

Both of us were walking around the mall, just window shopping and eating together. It was nice to be able to do something like this with Usagi-san. We never really went out on dates, maybe because spending time at home was good enough for us. But still, I liked to go out with Usagi-san. It felt nice.

The mall was still a bit crowded, but slightly empty. It was near evening, and I scheduled a dinner for both of us at a small, homey restaurant. We had some to kill, but we walked around the mall so many times.

Just then, something caught my eyes. It was an adorable teddy bear shaped alarm clock at a nearby store. It looked exactly like Suzuki-san, and I knew that Usagi-san would love it so much.

"Wait here," I told him, and quickly ran inside. I wanted it to be a surprise for him.

Quickly, I got the box containing the bear alarm clock and purchased it with happiness flowing throughout me. I really hoped Usagi-san loved it.

I walked out with Usagi-san giving me a questioning look. "I-I-" I started to stutter as those piercing violet eyes stared at me with love. "I bought something for you." I gave it to him as I rubbed the back of my neck uneasily.

As he opened up the bag, his eyes widened in surprise. A small curve played at the edges of his lips, and it was the smile I loved to see the most. I could see that Usagi-san was extremely happy about his new alarm clock when he looked at me with such beautiful happiness.

"Thank you, Misaki," he ruffled my hair. We probably looked like a son and a father, since my looks were deceiving. "Misaki, let's go there," he pointed to a photo booth, and I beamed at the offer.

I always wanted to go to a photo booth like I had seen in TV or in the movies. "Sure!" both of us quickly walked over to the booth. We stepped in the tight space, and I put in the money so the photo shoot of it could start.

But before I could sit down comfortable, Usagi-san lifts me up and puts me on his lap, with my legs on either side of his.

"Usagi-san!" I squeeked in surprise.

"Thank you so much Misaki, you don't know how happy you make me." he brought me into a soft, loving and delicate kiss. He grasped my hairs before I realized it and brought me deeper, forcing his tongue into my mouth.

I was completely caught off guard. I pushed back nearly immediately with surprise. "Usagi-san - we're at the mall!"

He stroked through my locks of brown hair. "There's a reason why I wanted to go here," he whispered with such seduction in his voice it almost made me melt. "There is privacy," he nudged his head towards the cloaked entrance of the photo booth. "And I have to take you here and now. I don't know if I can wait..."

Usagi-san brought me into a deep kiss with his tongue all the way to the back of my mouth. I moaned quietly, hoping no one could hear us. His hot tongue inside my mouth made me feel weak, and it reminded me of something similar he did to me...

"Ooh, seems like someone wants me to take them," he teased as both of our members hardened at the same time.

"Usagi-san..." I tried to scold him, but he was sucking parts of my neck, moving my hips so we could feel each other more. I gasped and groaned, feeling myself getting harder every single time he grinded against me. "...Ah!" I covered my mouth, not wanting anyone to hear us.


That was the first picture. Four more pictures to go.

Usagi-san took my pants off quickly and did the same with his. His growing erection made me blush with embarrassment, but I couldn't help to not look away. It was extremely huge, and looked... delicious. I blushed at my sudden pervertedness - perhaps Usagi-san's thoughts were rubbing off on me.

"Ride me, Misaki," Usagi-san begged, licking my neck so smoothly and tenderly.

"But... Usagi-san - the mall-"

"All I care about is you, Misaki, nothing else," he looked deep into my eyes. "I want you right now," he whispered against my lips, and I couldn't help but not fall into his demands.

He lifted my small hips up and gently placed them on top of his member. I stifled a gasp as I felt him filling me up. My eyes watered from pain, which was soon replaced with pleasure.

"All the way," he begged, clinging to my body like a blind man to a wall. I complied with him, and sat myself onto his lap so that he was fully inside of me.


The second picture. Three more pictures left.

Usagi-san once again placed his lips on top of mine, and passionately kissed me as he thrusted himself into me. He helped me to move up and down, and I had to suppress my moans and groans of pleasure so no one would notice this.

"Ah... HA-" I laid my head in the crevice of his neck, clinging to him desperately.

"God, Misaki, you're so tight around me," I could feel him smiling. "I love it..." he continued his passionate thrusts only going quicker and quicker and never stopping at all. I loved this feeling.


The third picture. Two more to go.

Usagi-san unbutton my shirt so that he could see my creamy skin. He started licking its different parts, and soon decided to please me even more by playing with my nipples. He licked one of them and touched the other. I stifled my screams, only taking in deep, panting breaths to suppress the urge to scream.

"Are you okay?" he asked, starting to hit my pleasure spot.

I bit my lip in ectasy, feeling so happy and great when he hit that spot. He pounded it furiously, enjoying my facial reactions apparently.

"I'm about to..." I whispered, unable to take much more of his loving and lustful pounds.

"Wait," Usagi-san begged, wanting to come with me at the same time.


The fourth picture. One more left.

Usagi-san continued pounding that area with no mercy, and I just locked my legs around his waist, never wanting the space to leave our bodies. He gently grabbed by waists and thrusted my body down. I quickly hid in his chest and let out a slight scream of pleasure. God, that felt so amazing. Usagi-san seemed to notice that, and did it once more with me. Soon enough, he continued to do this, knowing this would send me off the edge.

Just as both of us were going to climax together, just as Usagi-san was going to hit me in that pleasure spot again, a sudden voice interrupted us, "Is everything okay in there?"


The fifth picture.

I widened my eyes, and took deep breaths. "Uh, yes! We're just... goofing around with each other!" I got off of Usagi-san and pulled up my pants quickly, making sure that I looked presentable enough to the people outside.

Usagi-san grumpily complied with my actions, and zipped himself up. Both of us walked out of the photo booth and quickly got our pictures, leaving the scene quickly as to not look suspicious.

When both of us got outside, I stopped to take a breath and cool down my heated face.

Usagi-san looked at out photo booth pictures, and grinned at each of them. I looked at him with a questioning face, and he showed them to me. I turned red once more in embarrassment. They were the photos of me and Usagi-san having sex. My face was the clear focal point in the picture.

"I'm going to keep these. Especially the fourth one.

I blushed, looking at the fourth one. That was when I almost climaxed.

"No doing it at the mall! Especially in tiny places!" I told Usagi-san sternly as we walked to his car.

"But it was quite fun. You were enjoying yourself." he smirked at me.

I didn't say anything against it. I just sighed, and looked on the list. "S-so, we-we're going to the diner now,"

"How about we skip dinner today?" he leaned down to my level. "I've got some food that is waiting to be finished," he licked his lips as he looked at me.

I turned my gaze away, but Usagi-san just turned it back and kissed me passionately and deeply. After a couple of minutes, we broke the kiss, and he looked at me with such lust.

"I can't wait to pound you again tonight," he smirked seductively. When I didn't say anything, his face softened and he looked at me. "I love you, Misaki."

I pouted a bit. "Love you too..." I mumbled.

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