It had been a new start. A fresh kick of life, fresh air, freedom and liberation all weld up deep within. It had almost been too perfect at first but now it was certain to be a brand new taste of everything.

A new beginning, a new introduction, and of course a new lifestyle.

Moving from one city to the next is a big move but you don't really realize how big it is until you step off that train. The way people around you suffocate you with those looks, the glares and the snarls of foreign invasion. No matter if you're from the same country or not, foreign is foreign.

Once they realize their invasion is a here to say, they try to coat you into missing what used to be, but it's not gonna be like that. It's a new start, no matter what they say.

Same country, only a few miles out from what used to be home and still the language, the culture and the food is different. Everything is foreign to the plague as it is to the host.

It's a matter of getting used to the madness but the amount of excitement courses through our veins like a predicted fire. Curiosity and adventurous thoughts cross us all.

"Unpack." The bag was thrown in front of me like a bowl of food to a stray dog. I resist the urge to roll my eyes but instead close them and take a deep breath. Maybe some things never change.

Every teenager tries not to stray from the path of righteousness but it's bound to happen, it's life. We can't change that. So as darkness clouds this new home ground I've come to step on, I immediately make way for the window and hope by god that a way to escape a painful fall is present.

As the sound of shoes meet clean cut grass and the cold air around me engulfs my thin body I make way for the streets of Kyoto.

Lights illuminating what could be dark streets and chatter from late night bars fill the night sky like some kind of choir. Adjusting the beanie that sits atop my head, I walk around aimlessly, observing everything, everyone, anyone and anything like a wolf.

The thrill of feeling the joy of liberation runs through you almost exhilarating. A carton in hand and soon a white coated stick fit perfectly where they always have in between my lips. Lighter in the other ready to ignite the simple cancer stick and off go my lungs inhaling the poisonous smoke like a leech to blood.

"Hey, don't you think you're a little too young for a cigarette, boy?" The voice booming with arrogance coming from in front the many wonder lit bars.

There's always a pest among freedom.

I chuckled as I took a quick glance and a quick pull. "We're the same age pal." I said with confidence and fluidity.

Shuffling was heard and I took a step back. What was I thinking? There's no such thing as peace and tranquility at night. The night is home to many tainted and brave souls. "That don't mean you can smoke."

My cigarette flung out of my hand and onto the pavement a few feet from me. No one had heard the bustling or light argument but I could most definitely hear my cigarette scream out in pain as shoe came crashing down it. "All the more reason you can't smoke."

Hands in pockets, white undershirt and blazer covering what seemed to be a muscular torso. Slacks matching the color of the blazer and nice looking shoes. This guy was dressed like Yakuza, expensive clothes here and there. A sudden terror intruded whatever thoughts of serenity had overflown me.

Only Yakuza dressed like that from what I had heard. Surely, only Yakuza were amazingly untouched by tragedy for his face looked like if it was chiseled out of an elegant statue.

The thoughts of trouble and the many compliments flew out my head and the bigger picture became clearer.

My only cigarette had been taken out of my hand and forced to meet his foot. The anger grew deep and unnecessarily big.

"You'll learn to thank me." The brunette yakuza said as he walked off.

Staying there planted to the ground I stood until the man's back retreated into nothingness, into the distance of their roads.

Surely, every beginning comes anew and every path contains truly remarkable treasure but this road had already been tainted by fate.

This is something I just threw together. Let me know what you thought, if it was good or bad. Maybe I might continue you it or not.

Also for those that follow my Everguard series, I promise you one there will be an update soon. I'm trying my best to get all these ideas onto paper and I'm definitely thinking of you guys.

Other than that, I hope you enjoyed it. Might even make it a story. Much love.