You can never hide yourself from the demons that haunt the night. As the sun was setting the hate filled me more as I stared into the eyes of the hunter looking for it's prey. Anger met anger. Annoyed. I stood my ground and collected myself. Trying so hard to swallow the fear within me. Still my hands balled up to fists. If only life was as clear and simple as the sky above. Without the emotion filled hearts and high headed people that house the place it covers.

Standing up tall I walked past the bastard that dared disturb me. Still my mind wandered to the time of day as if kicked down my gravity I scrabbled with my expression of hate still. "Trash is always trash no matter where it is." My eyes widened and without any thought of consequence, any thought of remorse, I spun around lunging forward, fist high and body tight.

The birds watching the mere outcome of my failure as I fell to the floor. Astounded at how I could miss and the laughter boomed in my ears. Savages are the humans that think so highly of themselves. I glared up and got up grabbing the collar of the damn smug faced so called yakuza and was greeted with pain to my stomach. The fear which I had swallowed began taking over me once more and I couldn't stop myself from sounding like the disgusting banshee. The anger took over me along with the pain I had just received; my insides bruised from the kick I had received. "You're full of energy. I expect you to shape up that attitude if you plan on staying here, trash." Footsteps retreating to their usual place inside the godforsaken doors of the school. I gritted my teeth punching the ground. Damn the strength that had left its place within me and the vulnerability taking me slowly around me.

Trash he says. Trash…

"I don't need to hear it from the source of it all."

Standing up I inhaled and fell to my knees again. The sky gleaming brightly my emotion of pain and despair as it turned into night. The youthful calm days passed through my mind and the smile that was lost became found on my lips again. The fear that I swallowed soon becoming my will to pull out the white stick that fit so beautifully between my fingers. Igniting the fire inside my soul and darkening my life, I rolled onto my back and glanced at the dark cloud from my lips.

Fear inside me like no other began to become apparent within me. I so longed the many days of silence and upon force came here to the most peaceful place of my country yet I found the ground beneath me shaking with danger. Nothing good came from playing with fire. Fire and fire was what this was. Much like two volcanoes colliding.

Cancer seemed so much simpler than these dark of times.

What a beautiful day of introductions.