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Author's Note: I got many reviews on the last chapter, some hated the Daphne part, some loved the Daphne part, some hated the Neville part, and some loved the Neville part. I get it, really I do but they are teenagers and they're still figuring out what love is and how to deal with relationships. I know Neville is OOC but I'm taking the liberty of making him confident post war. Interested to hear what you think about this chapter…

Hermione woke feeling absolutely sick. She had heard what happened with Harry and Daphne from virtually everyone last night. She did her best to play it casual but quickly headed to her room where she proceeded to cry for hours and hours. She didn't even put on pajamas but just stripped off her clothes and slept in her bra and underwear. She burrowed under the covers and began to cry again. It felt like her heart had physically broken and she cursed herself for falling for Harry. She should have known that it wouldn't work out. He was so perfect and she just wasn't…She covered her head with a pillow and sobbed for what felt like an eternity. She heard a knock on her door but ignored it. She couldn't face anyone, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. She heard the door open and felt someone sit down on the bed.

"Hermione," said Ron softly.

"Go away," she choked out.

"No, I'm not going away," replied Ron pulling at the covers to try and reveal her.

She held to them tighter and began to sob again.

"Hermione, please, let me see you," begged Ron pulling the pillow off.

She sniffled and pulled the covers off her head revealing her tear streaked face and her puffy red eyes.

"Oh Hermione, I'm so sorry," said Ron pulling her towards him for a hug.

She broke down and launched herself in his embrace. He rubbed her back and whispered soothing words over and over again for well into the afternoon before trying to get her up. "Come on Hermione you can't stay in bed all day."

She shook her head no and tried to burrow under the covers again. "Please Hermione, you need to eat something."

"I'm not hungry," sniffled Hermione.

He glared at her and she added, "I think I'd just throw up whatever I ate anyway, Ron."

"Alright, then you can just have some toast or some soup, but you have to eat something Hermione."

"I don't want to see anyone, Ron. I'm so embarrassed. Everyone knows Harry picked Daphne over me. I can't bare to see them looking at me in pity."

"Hermione. You have nothing to be embarrassed about; Harry's an idiot. And I'll be sure to tell him that after I kick his ass."

"Have you seen him?"

"No, but I didn't really look for him, I was more worried about you," replied Ron getting up off the bed. "Now come on, get dressed and we can go to the kitchen and get something for you to eat."

She groaned and sniffled for a minute before finally deciding to get out of bed. Ron had turned around to give her some semblance of privacy. She walked over to her wardrobe and stood there looking at everything and began to cry again, "I don't know what to wear!"

Ron looked skyward silently praying to Merlin for help dealing with an overly emotional Hermione, "Just throw anything on, it doesn't matter what it is," he said patiently.

She sniffled some more and he turned after a minute to see if she had gotten dressed but she was still just standing there in front of the wardrobe. He moved towards her and said, "Here, let me pick something out for you."

She nodded gratefully but as he got closer to her he gasped and Hermione was shocked when he turned her so she was facing him fully. He reached out and traced his hand over a giant bruise on her left him. She looked down and knew it was bad. You could see the outline of a hand and each finger imprinted on her hip. Ron looked at her concerned and raised his hand to brush her upper arms, which also had bruises on them. She could see the anger boiling in Ron and before she was able to try and explain he was storming through her room to get to Harry's yelling his name, "Harry!"

He wasn't in his room so he stormed through into the hallway yelling, "Harry, Where are you!"

Hermione grabbed a shirt and quickly through it on chasing after him, "Ron, please, you don't understand."


Of course their roommates were gathering to watch what was going on.

Harry came out of Daphne's room disheveled and said, "Ron?"

Ron didn't even reply he just punched Harry in the face with enough force to send him stumbling back into the wall, "What the fuck Ron!" He wiped the blood off his mouth and glared at Ron.

"How dare you fucking hurt her!"

Harry looked behind Ron and saw Hermione and he felt horrible. She looked exactly how Daphne looked yesterday. He cursed himself for always hurting someone. He moved away from the wall and said, "Hermione."

Ron punched him again then pushed him hard, "You stay the fuck away from her Potter! I can't fucking believe you!"

Hermione tried to move between them and said, "Ron, no, you don't understand! Please, just calm down."

"Hermione, no he's right. I'm sorry, I should have come to see you last night," replied Harry.

"Why so you could do more damage? I swear if you think you're going to lay one finger on her again you're fucking mental," yelled Ron.

"Ron, please you don't understand," said Hermione sobbing. She shrieked suddenly as Neville came and physically grabbed her by her arms and dragged away from them. He pushed her against the wall still holding her arms tightly and said, "For fucks sake Hermione, stop putting yourself in the middle of their fights! Do you understand me?"

She just stared at him in surprise and he rattled her and yelled, "ANSWER ME!"

Tears started to run down her face but she nodded in agreement so Neville turned around and glared at Ron and Harry, who were looking at Neville as though they had never seen him before.

Ron managed to put the pieces together very quickly when he saw how Neville just shook Hermione by her arms, in exactly the same place as her bruises. "It was you?"

Neville crossed his arms and stood in front of Hermione but said nothing.

"Ron, what are you talking about?" asked Harry confused before he glared at Neville and said, "And why did you just do that to Hermione, Neville?"

"Hermione," questioned Ron?

"You leave her out of your fucking fights," snapped Neville stepping up to Ron challengingly.

Harry was completely confused, "Will someone tell me what's going on?"

Hermione tried to step forward but Neville threw his arm out blocking her from going any further and Harry looked at him for a long moment when she spoke, "It's nothing, Ron. All right? Just leave it be."

Ron spluttered and said, "It's not nothing! You have bruises all over you for fucks sake! I assumed it was Harry who put them there but now I'm not so sure."

"What? What do you mean she has bruises all over her," asked Harry stepping towards her?

Neville moved so he was blocking him and said, "Mind your own business, Harry."

Harry looked at Neville like he was insane and snapped, "What the fuck do you have to do with any of this? I think I deserve to know if my girlfriend has fucking bruises all over her!"

Hermione snorted and yelled, "Your girlfriend? I was under the impression I stopped being your girlfriend when you professed your love to another girl in front of the entire fucking school!"

Harry winced and said, "Hermione, we talked about this, you said you were alright with me and Daphne."

"No Harry. We talked about you having sex with Daphne! You never once informed me you were fucking in love with her! Didn't you think maybe I deserved to know that before the entire school knew?"

"Hermione, I'm sorry. You're right I should have talked to you first but I didn't realize it beforehand, it just sort of hit me," pleaded Harry.

"Well that just makes me feel soooo much better, Harry. Knowing your sorry just fixes everything now doesn't it," sneered Hermione sarcastically.

Again Harry tried to move closer to Hermione and again Neville stood in his way, royally pissing him off, "Get the fuck out of the way Neville!"

"No Potter, you stay the fuck away from her," growled Neville pushing Harry back.

"Neville, please, stop it," begged Hermione from behind him.

Harry was completely livid and was starting to lose his patience.

Ron moved to Harry's side before asking, "What the fuck is going on Hermione?"

"Will you all just stop it," she screeched. "Let me tell you what's going on Ron, Harry is fucking in love with Daphne but somehow still feels he has a right to call me his girlfriend! Has the right to demand answers from me. Neville's here because he actually gives a shit about me!"

"Did he give you those bruises," demanded Ron?

"What bruises," snapped Harry?

"She has fucking bruises all over her, on her hips, on her arms!"

Harry narrowed his eyes at Neville who simply looked at Hermione with his eyebrows raised.

She refused to make eye contact with Neville and yelled, "It's none of your business Ron!"

He stuttered incoherently at her response and Harry looked at her concerned, "Hermione, was it me? Did I hurt you?"

She snorted and repeated, "Did you hurt me? Seriously Harry?"

He winced and reworded his question, "Are the bruises from me?"

Completely annoyed that all he seemed to care about were these fucking bruises and not the fact that he broke her heart she snapped, "Fuck you Harry," before turning and storming away from all of them.

"Hermione," called Harry trying to go after her but Neville grabbed his arm. Harry had just about enough and turned and punched Neville in the face. "What the fuck is going on Neville?"

Neville casually wiped his nose of the blood and growled, "I'll tell you what's going on Potter. The days of you and Weasley taking advantage of Hermione are over!"

Harry growled and shoved Neville back into the wall putting his forearm across his throat, "Who the fuck do you think you are?"

Neville shoved Harry away from him and said, "I don't fucking answer to you Potter. Just stay the fuck away from Hermione!"

"Why you little shit," growled Ron advancing on him.

Neville raised his eyebrows at Ron and said, "Stay out of this Weasley."

"Fuck you Longbottom," snapped Ron pushing him against the wall. "Did you put those bruises on her?"

When Neville didn't answer, Ron kneed him in the balls causing him to hunch over. Ron then leaned down and growled, "I asked you a fucking question Longbottom! Did you put those bruises on her?"

Neville chuckled as he tried to stand up. He looked slightly crazy as he sneered, "I did Weasley and she fucking loved every minute of it!"

Ron reacted instantly, launching himself at Neville crashing them to the floor. As they threw punches at each other, Neville rolled them over so that he was on top of Ron and Harry came over and ripped him off of Ron throwing him back before attacking Neville himself. Harry started banging Neville's head on the floor when he was pulled off of him. He was being held back by someone and tried to pull free without success, "I'm going to fucking kill you Longbottom!"

Neville laughed and said, "Bring it Potter."

He heard Ron struggling, trying to get free, next to him and turned to see who had stopped their fight. Seamus was holding back Ron while Dean was holding Harry. Blaise had stepped in front of Neville and Malfoy was in the middle of them all.

"As much as I'd love to see you all kill each other you're getting blood all over our side of the house. At least have the fucking decency to do it on your side," sneered Malfoy!

Harry looked down and saw blood all over his now ripped shirt. He wiped his face and saw the blood on his hands. He looked around and realized they all had blood all over them. He saw the rest of his roommates watching them in shock.

Harry shook his head and started to walk away. He knew he needed to talk to Hermione, talk to Daphne, figure out what the fuck he was doing, and a host of other things but right now all he wanted to do was get out of here. Everyone watched in silence as he left the house through the common room door.