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Harry shouldn't have been surprised by the amount of press at King's Cross-, but he was. Didn't these people have anything better to do then gossip about his love life? Merlin, help him. He struggled to get through the crowd as reporters tried to get his attention…

"Mr. Potter!"

"Lord Potter!"

"Lord Black!"

As he finally got to the Hogwarts Express and stepped on the train he heard the crowd plead for him. He sighed and reluctantly turned, smiling and waving at them before moving into the train.

"Bloody hell, Harry, I thought I had a hard time getting through!"

Harry looked up to see Ron standing in the doorway to their usual compartment and he grunted, "It's fucking insane out there."

"I know, mate, I know. Mum almost blasted the lot of them off the platform!"

Harry laughed heartily and took a seat across from Ron. "Where's everyone else?"

"Gin went off to go find her friends. Haven't seen anyone else yet. Where's Hermione?"

"I don't know, she wanted to spend the last couple days with her parents so I've only been able to talk to her via owl."

"What about Daphne?"

"Not sure. She wanted to spend time with her parents as well but she owled last night and said her parents like to get here early…maybe she's already on the train?"

Harry got up and moved to the window closest to the platform to look for his two favorite witches, but it was impossible to find anyone in the massive crowd, so he sighed and returned to his seat.

"You alright mate?"

Harry shrugged but left it at that.

"Any idea what you're going to do?"

Harry narrowed his eyes at Ron and said, "About?"

Ron rolled his eyes and said, "Hermione…Daphne."

"Leave it, Ron," growled Harry angrily.

Ron stood up quickly and hollered, "No, I bloody well won't leave it! This is Hermione we're talking about here! I'm sick of fucking cleaning up your mess!"

Harry was on his feet and in Ron's face so fast that he could have apparated, "Stay the fuck out of it, Ron."

Before they could get any further they were interrupted, "Am I going to have to cast Protego on you two again?" Hermione asked lightly but it was clear she meant business as she moved into the compartment with her wand pointed at them.

Harry clenched his jaw, while Ron clenched his fists but neither made a move.

Choosing to ignore the tension, Hermione got to the point and asked, "Harry, love, Daphne and I wondered if we could steal you for the ride?"

That was enough for them both to snap their heads to her and give her their full attention.

"What?" asked Ron, while Harry was somewhat less scholarly in his reply, "Huh?"

Hermione tutted and replied, "Daphne and I have a compartment a little further down. We thought the ride to Hogwarts would be a good time to figure a few things out. Don't you agree, Harry?"

Harry opened his mouth but the only thing that came out was, "Ah…"

"Sounds like a brilliant idea to me, Hermione," added Ron spitefully.

Harry looked at him wide eyed as Hermione put her wand in her pocket and grabbed Harry's hand to pull him with her.

"See you at Hogwarts, Ron," said Hermione over her shoulder as they left the compartment.

Harry followed Hermione silently, obviously slightly dumbfounded. Before he knew it Hermione pulled him into a compartment and closed and warded the door for privacy, pulling the shades down for good measure. He raised his eyebrows at her but she simply smirked at him before kissing him passionately. She pulled away reluctantly after a minute and moved to sit down. Harry turned to find Daphne standing behind him and she also gave him a smoking kiss before leaving him to sit down. Harry paused, unsure what was going on. The girls had never done anything like this before and it left him feeling uneasy. What he found even stranger was that they were sitting next to each other on the same bench, leaving the one across from them for him. He gulped, wondering what they had in store for him.

"Sit down baby, we're not going to bite," teased Daphne.

He did so warily and looked back and forth between them, meeting each of their gazes. He was surprised to see nothing but love reflected back at him.

"Harry," started Hermione, causing him to look at her, "I'm sorry to tell you that Daphne and I lied to you this week."

He furrowed his brows, wondering where this was going, "Okay…"

"We told you that we wanted to spend time with our parents," finished Hermione.


"But we wanted to spend some time together to try and figure things out," replied Daphne.

Harry nodded still unsure if this was a good or a bad thing, "And did you?"

Daphne and Hermione looked at each other for a minute before Daphne said, "Sort of."

At his confused look, Hermione added, "We mostly just spent time getting to know each other. I mean we hardly know anything about the other. Turns out we have a few things in common."

"Besides you," smirked Daphne.

Harry near fell over in shock when Hermione giggled in response and said, "Yes, but don't worry, we made sure to spend time talking about you as well, love."


"What is it Harry?" asked Hermione

"I don't understand."

Daphne smiled lovingly at him and reached out for his hand, giving it a squeeze, and waited for Hermione to explain.

Harry looked to Hermione and saw that she was struggling and immediately said, "Hermione, it's alright, you don't have to explain if you don't want to."

"No, Harry, I need to. I owe you at least that," replied Hermione before she took a deep breath and began, "I'm not making any promises. I want to make that perfectly clear up front. OK?"


"I know we talked last week about my holding you back," started Hermione but she was immediately interrupted.

"You're not holding me back!" sputtered Harry appalled.

Hermione merely waved her hand in dismissal and continued, "You have always been the center of my world, first as a best friend and then as a boyfriend. And I was always so worried and scared for you." She stopped for a minute to think then said softly, "The day of the final battle, when you said goodbye, was the absolute worst experience of my life. It felt like my heart had literally cracked in two. I remember watching you walk away and praying to God, praying to Merlin and Morgana, to please save you. I promised I would do anything, anything at all, if they would just save you."

Harry reached out and wiped a few tears off her face and whispered, "Hermione."

She looked up at him bleary-eyed and vulnerable before she added, "And they did. By some miracle, some absolutely miraculous happenstance, you survived."

"Hermione, you know…"

She shook her head, "No, Harry. You. Survived. Against all odds! I watched you walk to your death! I said good-bye! And then I watched as Hagrid returned with your body! And I have never wanted to die as much as I did in that moment. I was crushed and I couldn't think of a single reason to keep going. I remember being so disgusted with myself, for goodness sake you had sacrificed yourself for the rest of us and all I wanted to do was throw myself in front of the next curse so that I could join you!"

"Oh, Hermione," whispered Harry as he pulled her to him in a fierce hug. She cried on his shoulder for a few minutes before she regained her composure and pulled back and sat to his right.

"Harry," started Daphne gaining his attention. She got up and sat to his left and took his hands in hers. "I don't have the history that you have with Hermione. I can't even begin to imagine the things you have been through together."

"Daph," interrupted Harry but she merely placed her fingers on his lips to shush him as she continued, "But what I do know is that I love you very much. The week we spent apart this year was …horrible. I know it sounds so silly compared to everything that happened last year with the war, but I have never felt so alone and scared as I did that week. It felt like my heart literally broke in two."

Harry took a moment to run his hands through Daphne's hair as she collected herself. After a minute she continued, "I love you. More than I ever thought possible. I love everything about you. I love how you look so peaceful when you sleep. I love how you look so free when you fly. And how cute you are when you're drunk. I love how you always look amazed when I take my clothes off for you. And especially the look you make when you come."

She stopped to smirk at his blush before she added, "I don't know how else to say it, Harry, I just plain love you."

"I love you too, Daph," replied Harry simply pulling her in for a tender kiss.

Hermione took this opportunity to turn sideways facing them and pulled one of Harry's hands into her own, which was enough to distract him from the kiss. He looked at Hermione guiltily but before he could apologize Daphne took his other hand in hers and said, "Harry, we both love you."

"And I love you both," he replied, clearly upset.

Hermione and Daphne looked at each other for a very tense minute before Hermione nodded and they both moved simultaneously, so that they were each straddling one of Harry's thighs. They both brought one hand to his chest and the other hand to his hair, causing him to gasp and practically jump back in shock. Fortunately they were in a very tight space so all he managed to do was lean back against the wall giving them more space to run their hands up and down his chest and abdomen.

"What's going on?" he croaked when he could finally form words.

Daphne whispered, "shh," in his ear as she began kissing his neck at the same time Hermione began her torture on his other side whispering, "we love you, Harry."

Harry groaned as both girls assaulted him with kisses all along his neck and jaw, stopping every now and then to pull him into a kiss. He was sure he was dreaming…this couldn't possibly be real, could it? He felt the girls move away from him and couldn't help but whine as he opened his eyes. What he saw took his breath away, his girls, his beautiful girls, were locked in a passionate embrace standing just inches in front of him.

"Fuck," he swore huskily as he reached out and grabbed the back pocket on each of their pants and pulled them roughly to him.

They broke apart and he noticed their gazes were filled with desire. He wrapped one hand in their hair and brought their faces closer to him, then whispered, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," replied Daphne quickly

Harry smiled and they both looked to Hermione, waiting for her answer.

She bit her lip then said, "I'm not making any promises but…"

"But?" asked Harry hopefully.

"But I think we should give it a try," she replied shyly.

"Really?" asked Harry, wanting to be sure.

"Really," replied Hermione confidently.

Instead of responding verbally Harry pulled Hermione in for a passionate kiss, before breaking away and giving Daphne the same treatment. The next few minutes were a blur of kisses and touches but as the clothes started coming off, Harry grew nervous…


"What is it, love?" asked Daphne, as she dropped to her knees in between his legs.

"The door," panted Harry.

"Is locked," replied Hermione, as she joined Daphne on the floor.

"And silenced?" Harry practically begged.

"Yes, love," replied Daphne as she started unbuttoning his pants.

Harry groaned and started to ask, "Are you…oh, fuck!"

"Language, Mr. Potter!" tutted Hermione, before she began to lavish her attention on him too

"Oh god! Oh god! Fuck! Merlin, Fuck!" swore Harry as he felt them both pleasuring him at the same time. He continued to babble incoherently for quite a while until they finally stood up and pushed him to lie down on his back so they could sandwich him in between them.

As he lay there breathing heavily, surrounded by his beautiful girls, he swore he had never been happier. "Merlin's pants, that was fucking incredible," he gasped.

He felt more than heard them both giggle into his side and he squeezed them both so they were even closer. He turned to his right and kissed Hermione gently then turned to his left and kissed Daphne tenderly.

"I love you… both of you. So much I can't even believe it. It's like my chest is swelled up and my heart is racing and my stomach has butterflies in it and I'm just filled with love. So much love." whispered Harry amazed.

"Oh Harry," gasped Hermione

"Baby," replied Daphne tenderly

"I never thought I could be this happy, that I even had a right to be happy," added Harry quietly.

"You deserve it, Harry," replied Hermione passionately.

"And it's just the beginning, love," finished Daphne.

Author's note: So what do you think? I was quite shocked by the poll that most of you wanted to see all three end up together! I'm going to do an epilogue so stay tuned… I'll probably do two versions, the one I originally had in mind and then an alternative.