Disclaimer: Just playing in the sandbox, not stealing the show. All hail the creators and owners of Merlin, the BBC, who must love that we obsess this much. :D

Warning: dark fic, violence, whump!

In honor of Halloween, my first horror fic, published in three parts. Please review, my sweet readers! How else can I improve?

The mighty god had fallen.

Its worshippers had fled and its magic had faded. There were no more sacrifices, no more slack-faced victims gibbering with intoxicating fear and slimed with gore. Instead, there was the constant gnaw of hunger and an infuriating, despicable weakness.

Now it must lure its own victims, spinning an exhausting web of dark magic and bloody, sensual dreams to ensnare anyone near enough, weak enough. But it needed so much more than just blood. It needed magic to truly live again.

So…it moved.

It left its womb deep in the caverns under the earth, driven mad with need, wooed by a heady cocktail of hot blood and strong magic.

And slowly, inexorably…it slouched toward the place where magic lived, aching, trembling, dreaming of satiated bliss.

Soon it would be satisfied.

Soon it would be a merciless and powerful god again.