Chapter one

All Train could see was redness as he lay there as the bright morning sun shone brightly through the dirty hotel window straight through to his eyelids. His eyes stung as they opened. It took a few minutes for his eyes to adjust.

Food was all he could think of as he slowly made his way to the kitchen, yawning, arms up in the air he then reached for the fridge door, swinging it open.. Oh he sighed as he saw nothing but crumbs of what looked like the cookies Eve had finished off last night.

I'm sooo hungry he moaned, not knowing it was to himself. He turned to notice Sven and Eve were nowhere to be seen. Then he noticed a nicely folded letter on the table addressed to him.


Me and Sven have gone for breakfast so I can try French toast as he promised me yesterday, we tried waking you. See you later,


which soon followed by a drawing of a cat at the bottom of the page.

Eve liked drawing lately, all Eve and Rinslet had been doing lately was drawing. Eve wasn't very good at it but he couldn't moan at the princess as she had never drawn before. He couldn't help but laugh at the cat she drew, it looked more like a sock with whiskers.
But then Train stopped laughing and remembered his friends had abandoned him for food, which he desperately wanted more than anything right now.

"How could they go and get food without me" he muttered under his breath as he left the hotel.

"Train" Train looked around to see no-one. I must be hearing things he thinks to himself when all of a sudden he feels a hand on his shoulder "How do you do that" he screams
Yes it was Katsumi, another guest in the hotel the he is staying became very friendly towards Train a few days ago so she could get close to Sven, not that it's working.

" Lighten up a little Heart" she said while laughing.

Kat had also decided to nickname Train Heart, which Train wasn't fond on.

"Stop calling me Heart" he said moodily as his stomach growled impatiently.
Katsumi chuckled an annoying laugh which gets under Trains skin.

"I may have only known you 3 days but I know you get moody when your hungry" she says.

"And what makes you think that" he asks , knowing she is right.
"Well your always hungry . . . . . and moody" . . then she laughs to herself.
"What do you want Kat" he asks rather annoyed.

"Where's Sven"? She asks while skipping besides him.
She may be older than Train but when she has a crush on someone it sure makes her act . . . .well, like a school girl.

" He's having breakfast with Eve" he says smiling at her.

Kat pulls a face as if she had just bitten in to a lemon.

"So what's going on between them two anyways? Isn't she a bit young for him?"
Train laughs while holding his stomach. "What? "She orders.
Train keeps on laughing deliberately to annoy her then his stomach growls, Train sighs.
Kat pulls a face as if she has though of a great idea. "Come on Heart let's go eat." she says while dragging him to the nearest cafe.
I'll drink to that he says, his mood suddenly changing humorously.

Katsumi didn't know they were sweepers and Train didn't want her to know in case she wanted to tag along or even take to Sven even more for his bravery. Train wasn't jealous of the attention Sven was getting from this girl, he just didn't want her hanging around because of how annoying and childish she acts. But a part of her reminded him of Saya which made it almost painful for him to bare her company.