Gwen stared at Kevin Levin as he lay sleeping. Sex was just an act to her, a means to an end. Usually, it was to lure prey, men were ruled by their hormones so it was easy to hunt them.

She'd had them so often, well, not really, she usually attacked them as they climaxed when they didn't have control of themselves, they were never able to fight her off, due to their physical exhaustion.

Sex had never been about her, it was always about men, with the exception of her first husband, whom she had loved dearly. Intimacy was mundane, unexciting and made her long for the human life she had once had.

Gwen explored Kevin's chest as he slept, he was handsome, she knew that, she'd seen her fill of good-looking men, but he drew her in. Was it his naiveté, no, he was not naive, he knew plenty about the world and he was savvy enough that he had refused her advances.

Her hands ran over his soft skin, feeling the taut muscles beneath her fingers, running them over him. She lusted after this human, she wanted him again, even though she knew that their union the previous evening would give her the offspring she had desired.

She put thoughts of sexual desire out of her head she bent her head to his neck and bit down. She drank greedily. Kevin's eyes shot open from the pain.

There was blood on his sheets, Gwen frowned at her carelessness, but she supposed it couldn't be helped. She smiled, he filled her heart with an emotion that she hadn't felt in a long time, she wouldn't call it love.

She pulled away from him, "Kevin I can't get enough of you…you're mine, don't you forget that."

"Don't treat me like a thing, you don't want me, you want my blood, you wanted my body," Kevin sighed.

"For a long time, men treated me like a thing," Gwen looked over at him; she crawled up his body and pressed a kiss to his neck. "But last night was pleasant…very pleasant for both of us."

"I…I…" Kevin whispered, his breathing became heavy, her touch made him feel good, he couldn't say no, she'd done something to his mind and body, and he couldn't get her out of his head.

"I have indulged too much already, I'm no longer welcome here," Gwen smiled, but it was that same sad smile he'd seen before. She gave him a hard stare, "You'll dress and go back to sleep, and you'll wake up like this was a dream."

Kevin got up and put on clothes, and promptly fell back into his bed, facedown and slept.

He woke up, his head pounded and he felt dizzy. Was that a dream?

Kevin got up and rubbed his neck, he felt something, something that shouldn't be there. He looked at himself in the mirror. He saw the deep puncture marks in his chest; he remembered the encounter from last night.

Wow, Gwen had been beautiful, her lovely hair, the way she whispered his name, the way she held him close. The sweetness of her kisses, her body was tight and snug around his erection, he hadn't really been in a serious relationship with anyone, but to skip all that and just go straight to bed had surprised him. He secretly hoped to see her again.

Kevin knew what he had experienced wasn't a dream. So…were there more vampires like she was? He knew he'd have to do something. He got up from his bed, he examined his neck in the mirror, there were two small puncture wounds, but who would believe him? You could easily create fake vampire bites by looking it up on YouTube or any other website.

He decided to head off to the black market; he could buy almost anything he wanted. He decided to buy bayonets, lots and lots of silver bayonets. He decided to purchase as much Holy Water as he could, that was not on the black market.

Now what to do, this wasn't like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, no cardboard chests and pushing the stake through with one hand. Dracula, the book anyway had staking with a sledgehammer, it was impractical and he would be by himself.

Suddenly, the inspiration hit him. Hellsing, Alexander Anderson used bayonets to fight vampires, why not? It couldn't be that hard to get a hold of. And the Catholic Church sold Holy Water and silver crucifixes.

He had a fortune in alien currency. He simply converted it to cash. He bought his weapons and a silver crucifix; he was getting ready to fight them. He'd have to do it when he wasn't with Ben.

He would have to wait several weeks to receive his packages. He'd just have to be careful; he snuck some garlic into his room and put it by the window. Not that Gwen would come by again; she had told him she probably wouldn't see him anymore.

He traveled to a specialty store and bought Kevlar cloth and began to search for how to sew them together, he began creating a Kevlar shirt and pants. He bought some steel toed boots and Kevlar gloves.

He looked at the outfit, slick in black from head to foot, a gray shirt underneath, looked like a typical vigilante type, he had a tan trench coat to go with it, he modified it so he had hidden pockets to hide items that he needed.

A few weeks later, he received his packages, he smiled; everything was almost ready.

Kevin opened the boxes and examined the bayonets, they were definitely good, he opened the Holy water and sprinkled it on to them. He took his time to create custom handles for his weapons, so they would be easy to wield he also carved protection scriptures from the Holy Bible on the handles. He brandished the blades.

"This'll be good!" he told himself. Kevin had started taking knife fighting classes. He wouldn't try this without knowing what he was doing, not that any media involving vampire hunting might actually work, but it couldn't hurt to try, could it?

Kevin brandished the blades in the shape of the cross, now that looked intimidating. He tucked the bayonets into his coat and walked out the door. He'd been scouting the town in those past few weeks, searching for places vampires would most likely feed, he noticed they liked clubs and bars, but there was a popular hangout at the pier where young teens liked to stay.

He hadn't seen vampires actually feed, but he had seen one of them show off his fangs, the girls swooned, with the romanticism of vampirism; teen girls ate up his story like candy. Kevin knew how dangerous they were, he'd experience one feeding on him, although it had been mutual. He was terrified enough to know that if Gwen had decided to kill him he would have been dead.

He drove down to the pier and parked his car. He spotted the teens hanging out, having a drinking party, they were definitely underage and it was "cool" to drink beer and get wasted. He found his prey, wooing one of the unsuspecting teen girls, one of those that thought vampires were sexy and all that.

"C'mon sweetheart," the vampire whispered in a seductive tone. "You want to experience it for yourself."

"Oh, it's gonna be so hot!" the squealing teen girl said, excited. He led her to a quiet place and prepared to bite her.

The Un-dead monster bit her, hard, she screamed in agony, shocked at his deception.

"You humans are so gullible!" he smirked. "Such easy prey!" He continued drinking, not caring that he was killing the girl.

"She's not prey, you are!" a male voice shouted at him. The vampire looked up, startled. A man in a tan trench coat stood before him.

"You think you can play hero with me, boy?" he hissed.

The young man stared at him, "I'm not playing a game. It takes a man in order to kill a monster."

"I'll rip you to shreds!" the vampire rushed at Kevin, he held up a crucifix and the monster halted, suddenly out of nowhere two blades flashed, the creature forced itself to move, he barely avoided the first strike.

Kevin kicked the monster in the face with his steel toed boots, drawing blood as he stabbed the monster through the heart, pinning it into the wall, he quickly removed another blade from inside his coat and decapitated it with a swing of his bayonets. The monster's head hit the ground.

"Get out of here!" he ordered the girl. She turned and ran, screaming in terror.

Four more Un-dead surrounded him. Kevin removed something from inside his coat. It was a grenade. He lobbed it into their midst. They laughed.

"Such weapons can't hurt us!" They taunted. The grenade exploded, Kevin took cover.

They began to scream in pain, "Holy Water! He's filled his grenades with Holy Water!" It wouldn't destroy them, but they couldn't move.

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, you are nothing more than dust, and to dust you shall return! Amen!" He brandished the blades in the shape of the cross. They recoiled.

He began cutting them down without any remorse or mercy. He watched as they writhed in agony.

"Let's see you dance you freaks! Wind up your waists and show me some hell!" he snarled.

He buried his bayonet in their throats, decapitating them, feeling the blood spray on his face. They were all dead.

Kevin Levin began to laugh. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

His voice was filled with mirth. Oh this was too fun.

"Now these monsters will have someone to fear, I'm going to enjoy doing this. I'm grateful that the world still breeds such madness!"

Kevin hadn't spotted a vampire who had been running to their aid, he turned tail and fled, he needed to start planning. This new would-be hunter could cause problems.

Gwen sat in her house alone; she had kept to herself again, rarely leaving her house, she heard a knock at her door, it sounded frantic.

She opened it, "What do you want?"

Michael Morningstar bowed low before her. "We were attacked and decimated, by a man in a tan trench coat! He—he was a fierce attacker, My Lady!" he added remembering to show her some respect. All the vampires knew who she was and deeply respected her, because she had his blood inside of her.

"That's what you get when you go after teenagers, someone thinks they're Buffy Summers, and they try to kill you," Gwen smiled, she did watch TV after all.

"It wasn't like one of those kids," Michael told her, "He was well learned in our lore and he knew how to fight. But I could swear he was an amateur."

"Never underestimate a human, Abraham Van Hellsing was an "amateur" too, and look at what he accomplished."

"Of course, My Lady, you're right."

"You all say that like you respect me, you should be afraid, I did help destroy him, but I have no interest in the affairs of the un-dead, I just want to be left alone."

"Is he really gone? You drank his blood, and just like that, his death lifted his curse on you," the vampire snarled. "It's too easy, if that were so you should be dead M—"

"You say my real name and I will kill you!" Gwen snapped.

"M-My Lady," Michael corrected himself quickly. "Please tell me are you?" He noticed her belly swelling a little.

"I have found a mate and sired an offspring…to stave off my loneliness. I'm four months pregnant."

"I know that you were fond of him, your son," Michael turned to leave, "Why not just find some human child?"

"Human children shouldn't see someone like me," Gwen smiled sadly. "Not like this."

She shook her head. Gwen invited him into her house, "Tell me about this would-be hunter. How did he fight?"

"He fought like a vampire hunter from the old stories, who used blades, garlic and Holy Water, but he did something to his bayonets, they burn us now."

"Interesting…interesting…" Gwen smiled. "Tell me more."

"He is a sadist, he enjoyed slaughtering us," he stared fearfully. "Will you protect us?"

"Why should I protect the likes of you? You see humans as merely food?" Gwen snarled, lifting him up and pinning him against the wall.

"And you don't lovely Gwen?" Michael smirked.

"Shut up, you don't have the privilege of addressing me by name!" Gwen bared her fangs at him.

"Oh yes, and yet he does, this mysterious lover of yours, his scent still lingers in this house."

Michael stared at her, "You mated this human, and yet you've done that so many times, as a part of how you lure prey. He must have pleased you, as I often try to."

"What happened between Kevin and I is none of your business."

"You remember his name, you never remember names," Michael growled, envious. This Kevin must be a special sort of human, if she remembered his name among the hundreds of men she'd drained after seduction.

He decided to change the subject, "This hunter, he never said his name, but he had dark black hair and wore a tan trench coat."

"Your description is so generic he could be anyone," Gwen frowned. The hunter was clever; he'd worn something that made him almost indistinguishable in a crowd.

"You can go, I want to be alone," Gwen ordered Michael. He turned and left. Gwen had to wonder what she was going to do about this situation.

This hunter was causing trouble, she'd look into it, but only out of curiosity.

"Whoever he is, he's causing trouble, I don't like it."

This could turn into something very ugly very quickly, but at least something had piqued her interest. Gwen smiled; perhaps her Un-dead life would become exciting again.