I finally decide to write two sonnets. And the setting is the battle to L' Renouille (though it will be AU).

DISCLAIMER: Suikoden doesn't belong to me.


With my sword raised, I am ready to fight.
I shall lead my legion to strike the foes.
Our swords are sparkling under the sunlight,
Ready to befall them with fatal blows.
We dash and slash, flooding the foes with woes.
Their forests of jabbing steel are futile,
For they shatter as if they are ice floes.
But the foes flounder to flip the table.
I can see that we are now in peril,
But I believe that nothing can stop us.
The number of my soldiers may dwindle,
But I shall show them that we are fearless!
We continue to fight despite the pain,
Because we must win this final campaign.

Shades of red dye the verdurous prairie
As the proof that the combat was intense.
Seeing the foes are getting unsteady,
The stench of rusty iron fills my sense.
The Highland troops have failed on their defense.
They scream and shriek in fear as they scamper.
I know that we have won in our offense,
So I fall, for I have lost my power.
As redness keeps on staining my armor,
I feel that I am on the verge of death.
But I have served Lord Riou with honor,
For I have battled until my last breath.
For one last time I look at the sunlight,
Before I ultimately say good night.