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Now, Ichigo is slowly going to become ruthless and merciless. His mind is not in a good state as of the moment, and as such, it is affecting his public actions. As such, understand if Ichigo shows slight to extreme OOC characteristics.

Chapter 1

Hollow wanted to cry. He wanted to scream and beat the living hell out of Ichigo for what he was suffering. He grabbed his hair and shook himself within the confines of one of the rooms of the skyscrapers.

He peered out of the window from the black room and growled.

Everything was half-way underwater.

"...What happened?"

Hollow turned around and looked at Zangetsu. "Wha'dya think's happened, Zangetsu? The King's very, very sad, you dolt," he growled at the soul cutter's manifestation within the inner world which represented Ichigo. "Losing Acnologia did him a number. I don't think that water is ever going ta recede."

Zangetsu looked pass his other half and frowned at the world that was free true ground or sky start to establish one below. Water was welling up, drowning some of the skyscrapers underneath it, and leaving only half of the original towers to stand above it. But he knew and understood why Ichigo's inner world was in this shape. After all, what his whole soul felt, he also felt. Perhaps on a more, being the one of only two part of Ichigo's soul that felt the sadness within this inner world.

"...What is he doing right now?"

"Hell I know," Hollow growled before laying down on the barren ground. "Just tell him to..." Hollow's voice trailed off. There was a tense silence before he just turned away from the window and walked right pass Zangetsu, disappearing into the same shadow that the soul cutter had appeared in. "...Forget it."


Ichigo stood on top of what was supposed to "Area 11's" most secured building: the Viceroy's Palace. No one has noticed his presence so far, but it was somewhat irritating to know that his parallel world's homeland was part of a gigantic and ruthless empire. He didn't want to meddle in this world's affairs, at least until he had his own thoughts sorted out.

He cringed when flashes of disgusted faces of those he came to call his second family were staring at him. He knew that he overdid his last action within Edolas, but even now, he believed that they were necessary.

...Perhaps that's what Aizen felt. After all, the man was still hopefully within the confines of Maggot's Nest, but in his awake, there was a new order that rose from the old order. His plans did change Soul Society as a whole.

'If I put it that way, then it seems like I was just the perfect tool for his plans,' Ichigo grumbled mentally.

"Oi, who are you?!"

Ichigo looked down and narrowed his eyes. One of those Britannian guard was pointing his gun at him while shouting. They were speaking English. 'Thankfully, I learned some English before I left my world. Thank you, school.' He then cringed when he realized that he just thanked his school. He just pushed those thoughts aside before replying to the guard. "Just enjoying the view. No need to worry about me." Unfortunately, it was not a good lie.

The area that surrounded the entire palace was a flat purple plain that was called the Tokyo settlement. There were buildings and skyscrapers as well as occasional parks, but it was not really sight to behold. A city was a city, nothing more, and the constant purple, white, grey, and blue just irritated the eyes after a while.

"Get down here this instant!"

Ichigo scowled and he jumped. The guard started panicking. "A-Are you crazy?! Don't jump off a building , you-?!" Before he could finish, Ichigo landed right front of the man on his bent legs with a bandaged sword, and threw up a thin cloud of dust that spread into every direction.

The guard looked at him stunned. Ichigo slowly stood up. "Happy now?" he growled. The guard flinched before pointing the gun at him again.

He turned on his radio. "We have a infiltrator at level 16. H-He may be a esper. Bring a knightmare and a esper unit!"

Knightmare? Esper? What the hell was he talking about?

"What's a knightmare?" Ichigo asked nonchalantly, as if the call for backup didn't bother him.

The guard looked at him as if he was crazy.

Ichigo shrugged before he laid down and made himself comfortable.


When he opened his eyes, Ichigo was staring at a rather giant humanoid robot. "... The hell?" he muttered as he got up. Immediately, the robot pushed its gun forward threateningly and the small batch of soldiers/guards did the same.

"You are under arrest for trespassing into the Viceroy's Palace, Eleven!" a speaker, which must have come from the robot, shouted at him.

Ichigo quirked an eyebrow as if he was saying 'Are you kidding me?' Ignoring the robot, he stood up and tried to find the guard that called for this backup. He spotted the man where he was exactly before, albeit just a bit further from him. "Oi, what is that thing-?" Before Ichigo could finish, however, one of the soldiers from his back approached and struck him with his gun.

Ichigo, who was completely unaware of it because he was too busying looking for and then asking, stumbled a bit forward. He straightened back up though in matter of seconds. He turned around and looked at the soldier in question with a confused look. "Was that supposed to hurt?"

The soldier growled before turning his gun at him. "Get down on your knees and raised your hand-!"

Ichigo ignored the soldier as he noticed that he no longer had his zanpakuto. He immediately whirled around until he saw the said shard of his soul. His reiatsu overflowed and began to pressure the entire area. "... Is that Zangetsu?"

Everyone flinched visibly.

Ichigo raised his hand towards them and faced his palm up. "Give."

The soldier held back, however.

"You're an accused man, Mister. You're coming with us, and we definitely are not going to give that sword back to you," the soldier's higher ranking officer replied in stead of the soldier.

Ichigo slowly put his hand down and put up a 'Oh well' expression on his face.

"Well then," Ichigo said as he pulled his hand back.

Suddenly, a pressure crushed down into the area. The Knightmare that the soldiers had brought with them fell to its knees and everyone present before him fell to the ground, unconscious.

Ichigo then released it, sure that he had knocked everyone out cold. He then slowly made his over to Zangetsu and picked him up. "Sorry about that, ossa-san."

He slung the sword over his shoulder.


Ichigo turned around, and he was surprised to see that the giant robot was moving once more. It had its gun pointing at him now, again. "Move and I'll shoot."

Ichigo stared at the robot.

The pilot stared back at him through his cameras.

"Lower the gun if you want to live."

Cold sweat broke out of the pilot's back with that one sentence. The voice held so much authority over him... it was empowering and unyielding.

He slowly lowered his gun... But then realized that if he let this man go, he will suffer consequences that may be worse than this stranger with a giant butcher sword has to offer.

He fired.


Lelouch's head snapped up from his homework to the small laptop's screen which relayed today's news. And today's special news was the giant explosion that erupted out from the top of the Viceroy's Palace. His eyes widened, as the Viceroy's Palace had been the directin Lelouch had seen Ichigo disappear towards in his ... supersonic movement.

The cameras zoomed in on the explosion.

Lelouch, without looking at where his hand went, pulled out the cell phone from his pocket and called a number. "Are you getting this?"

'We are. Do you know what's going on?'

"No, but my new ally is there..."

Then the camera zoomed in as the cameramen began to shout about a man emerging from a smoke.

Lelouch's eyes widened. "Ichigo...?"

Then a knightmare emerged out of the smokes as well.

Without his right torso and arm.

It fell right behind Ichigo.


Lelouch's eyes widened at that.

How did Ichigo manage to take down a knightmare? A human, however strong, could not defeat a knightmare. That was the obvious answer when flesh met steel. Yet right behind Ichigo there was a dead pilot and a knightmare. 'Perhaps he has Geass as well?' Lelouch thought as he sat back down. There had to be something else. Did he use explosives? That would certainly explain the explosion and all of the smoke generated.

Suddenly, five knightmares with floater units appeared.

They began to shoot at him, but he disappeared. The cameraman panicked, not wanting to lose sight of Ichigo, but an explosion made itself known with a sonic boom, and everyone's attention fell to it. The knightmare on the most right had been destroyed like some cheesecake, and its remnants fell to the ground.

The knightmares turned to him again and fired, but he disappeared once more, and another knightmare blew up.

'It's almost like watchinga mini-knightmare with Rolo's ability dominate those knightmares. But that can't be. Rolo's Geass has a small area of effect, but Ichigo is disappearance is also seen in the camera. Perhaps he uses a illusionary Geass?'

Then the third knightmare blew up.

The remaining two, guessing correctly that they would only die and lose their precious knightmare, retreated, flying away.

"Huh," Lelouch thought outloud. "I guess I picked up something rather valuable." 'I need to Geass him.'


Ichigo looked about. These robots had people in them. 'No matter. Every action has a reaction. They should have recognized that when several of their friends already died,' he thought as he shrugged off the guilt he felt.

Unfortunately, he also realized that he was numbing his own sense of guilt. It was bad enough that he felt guilty for the first hand action, but there was nothing more painful than knowing that what he once was slowly dying away at the fingertips of his hands, and he couldn't stop it.

While these thoughts ran pierced his conscience, he missed a man, a man like him, flying in the sky, flying towards him.

And silently, he struck at Ichigo with a lance he held.


The public gawked and gasped as this was relayed through the screen, but soon, their hanging mouths grew even longer and grinning faces turned long and pale as they saw the lance man was twisted aside and flung away like some toy.

A black platform formed beneath his feet, and the man landed gracefully.

The cameras zoomed in and ...

"An Eleven?"Everyone asked.


Ichigo looked towards the man who had dared to strike at him, and he was puzzled for a second. This was not because the man looked Japanese but because this man was using a power different from reiatsu or magic. It was much like Fullbring aside from the fact that there was no dark presence that usually came with it.

"Who are you?" the man, rather a youth around his early 20's questioned Ichigo.

This man had spiky hair that matched Ichigo's own hair, and his "lance" was black as his hair, if not more. He had a visor over his eyes, like a sunglass. He wore a grey uniform with shoulder guards, and the insignia on his right chest ... it was slightly more complex design than those he saw on the robots he destroyed. This probably meant that he was fighting against a higher order of this empire.

"You interest me," Ichigo said as he grinned maliciously at him, using the same tone Lelouch used with him.

The man seem to want to give Ichigo one of his own "The Hell?" expression, but the visor obstructed his eyes, allowing only a side-crooked 'wha..?' to show.

"You haven't answered my question, terrorist. Who are you?"

Ichigo grinned and just shrugged. "Just someone. And you are?"

"I am of the Royal Esper Guard. We keep order in the empire where our military fails to do so...What's your issue with Britannia?"

Ichigo slung his sword over his shoulder and tilted his head to the other side with a frown. "I remember taking a nap..."

"So you have no reason?"

The man suddenly disappeared, and Ichigo, using his hardened battle senses, ducked just as a lance passed by over head where his body used to be. He flipped forward, using his momentum, and did a flip kick up the man's chin.

The lancer took the hit and flew up a bit.

"At least let me finish what I'm about to say, you brat...!" Ichigo hissed.

Continuing with the momentum, Ichigo grabbed his sword with both of his hands, and rolled in mid-air. This was almost stationary action, since air didn't provide any ground to roll upon, but the sword went about slicing anyway, and it sliced through the lancer's armor.

Ichigo then shunpo'ed right behind the lancer, and gave the man a roundhouse to the man's head.

The platform that the lancer used shattered, and he began to fall.

Ichigo suddenly propelled away from the falling man as two more appeared, using similar platforms.

Ichigo grumbled. "More nuisances," he said silently. "Can't a man enjoy a scenary without having an army come after him?!" he roared outloud, actually creating a "soft" shockwave that washed over everyone in the Tokyo Settlement.

There was a moment of silence.


Lelouch doubled over on the floor and laughed. So that was the reason that got him on TV screen? Of all the reason, trying to enjoy a scenary?!


Kallen and Ohgi was thinking the same thing but they were considering this on a much serious scale.

Could they make him one of their own? A man who takes out Knightmares like they are made out of jello?


Ichigo sighed and loosened the banadge wrapping around Zangetsu's handle. He grabbed the end of it, and begun to spun it. He spun it faster and faster until it reached its terminal velocity. Soon, winds were being picked up around him and causing the tow newcomers to look at him warily.

"Know what?" he growled. "Let's take it up a notch."

He threw Zangetsu like a javelin at the closest enemy, causing the sword to stick through the man cleanly.

"Getsuga..." Ichigo hissed as he grabbed the bandage with both of his hands and pulled on it sideways, dragging the dying man with Zangetsu. "Tensho!" he roared just as Zangetsu had spun half way. On the rest of the way back to its original position -where he had stuck the man-, the later half of the cirlce had been struck by the light blue attack and disappeared like ash.

Then with a jerk, he pulled it back to him, leaving the torso-only man to fall to the ground like a heap of trash.

Zangetsu flung back at him and he grabbed it by his handle, the blade pointing down. Suddenly, he disappeared, and everyone got alert.

He appeared right in front of the camera. The scared cameraman made a dash for it, dropping the camera, but Ichigo caught it before he fell to the ground. He lifted it up to his face, and scowled. "Don't mess with me. Or you'll end up like them. Let me enjoy a piece of scenary, that's all I f***ing ask."

Then he dropped the camera, shattering the lenses and causing the live feed to shut down to a static.

The audio, however, was still active.

"Let's just go home..." he muttered quietly.


Ashford Academy

Lelouch bit his thumb. It was not usual for him to feel this anxious and anticipation. He had watched the TV and it was making him anxious.

Why was he anxious? Perhaps he was really, really happy about getting a very powerful ally (or slave if he has to Geass the man). Perhaps he was worried about the Geass not working on this man (he did introduce himself as a extra-dimensional being), or the fact that it may cause some crazy side-effect.

Perhaps it'll work perfectly fine.

Perhaps it won't.

... Maybe Ichigo will just join him so that he doesn't have to find out any of the above.

"You do realize that when if you believe that no one is near you, you show your real colors? Like everyone?"

Lelouch froze at the statement and slowly -VERY SLOWLY- he turned around.

He saw Ichigo standing there with his sword on his back.

Lelouch steeled himself. "You're back. I hope you didn't leave them any trace to lead them here. This is, after all, a life I still have to lead."

"I'm not that stupid, Lelouch vi Britannia. I am capable to handling myself."

Lelouch grimaced. He momentarily forgot that he had told Ichigo the full spectrum about himself.

"...Please. I remember telling you that I'd like to be called Lamparouge, as it was my mother's maiden name."

"You did?" Ichigo scratched his head as he walked over to the nearest chair and sat down, which happened to be right across the room, propped in front of an empty wall. Then he shrugged. "So.. I've thought about your offer to join this ... Black Knights."


Somewhere Else within Britainnia's mainland

"F*** that M****F******, I'm going to ***-!"

"Shut up!" Ageha growled before smacked the cussing man's head. "But we do want to crush that guy's head, just like you."

The eye patched man laughed at Junas's wrath towards the stranger who literally decimated -as in cut in one-tenths- the Royal Esper Guard division stationed within Area 1. That brought him two concerns. One was the joy of fighting in battle and when he should go and fight him. The other was the concern over exactly how that strong of a man remained completely hidden from the entire network of Trance that the Royal Esper Guard had set-up around the world. Yes, they had detected his presence not too long ago, but this man was obviously very very well into his early twenties.

He chuckled at his own thoughts. In that respect, he was very well like Bismarck, the Knight of One. They both cared for their fights and their empire's well-being. They held different positions, but they were certain match for each other in terms of mentality and strength (not PSI-boosted).

"Oi, Grana, what should we do?"

Grana snapped out of his mind and looked up.

Amagai stood in the middle of the room, in midair actually. He stood there with multiple holograms rotating about him, all of which were filled with information that he has gathered about the strange orange-haired man.

"... You're asking me what we should do?" he asked back. "I'd of course take the fight to him!"

"Hmm, you forgot that if you appear and start causing havoc as you always do, then there will be hell to pay." Then Amagai grimaced. "Not only that, we also have to explain to the rest of the population about ourselves. Even if His Highness does not like the idea of revealing his trump card to our enemies in Europe and Asia."

"It's not like they can do anything about it," Junas, who had calmed down, replied indignantly. "Those bastard are unaware of how our abilities came to be. I doubt that they can even understand the pain of being awake for a month."

Grana grimaced. 'That is an understatement, brother,' he thought as he remembered how secret researches that gave birth to his existence was carried out. From an embryo to a full-fledged adult, he had been awake. He had never slept before he escaped. Then he grimaced at how the Empress had found him and took him in. She listened to his stories and from there, it had been a revenge. He had invaded the research labs, which had already given "birth" to those in front of him, with what later became the first division of the Royal Esper Guard and took down the bastards with a smite.

Yes, his heavenly smite.

He chuckled at that.

Yes.. And if this stranger didn't make himself an ally of the Britannia Empire soon, he would taste it as well.


Ichigo stared numbly at the towering robot that stood before him. This was similar to the robots that attacked him, but everything from base design to purpose was completely different to those he destroyed. The one in front of him was obviously made to strike fear heart into the enemies with its black body and the sharp designs. At the same time, it made it clear that whoever used this model was a highly-placed commander.

"What are these robots called again?" Ichigo asked him as he looked over his shoulder -by craning his head backward in an awkward and weird movement- to Lelouch, who sat before a large computer screen.

"It's called a knightmare," Lelouch replied. "This one has been made to provide massive area of effect attack and shield that would protect me from most attacks."

"What's this one called then?"

"Shinkiro. A custom knightmare made just for me."

"...I see. Would your knightmare defeat the ones I destroyed?"

Lelouch smirked. "It can annihilate an entire army of infantry soldiers with ease with only its secondary armament."

"When are we leaving?" he asked Lelouch.

"Within the hour. I am just finishing up the schedule my double will have to follow so that I won't have to repeat what I had to go through yesterday..."

"What happened?" Ichigo asked, a bit confused.

"Sayoko, the maid that is actually a ninja, acted as my double using some simple disguises. Unfortunately, she was too nice and gave 'myself' away to many girls... And they all demanded that I go on a date with them. However, she forgot that I have a very limited stamina, something that just cannot be fixed, since I run out of breath too easily."

"Lung capacity?"

Lelouch nodded.

For all his intellect, Lelouch's weakness had to be his physical attributes(as in stamina), and his pride. And the worst part of his stamina was not his legs nor his stomach, nor the heart; it was his lungs. It had such a small capacity for a young man like himself. He wondered whether he inherited it from his mother or his father. Neither seemed to be as ... un-athletic as he was. That left him confused and still wondering about his problem.

Why the hell did he have it?

Unfortunately, he was in a vulnerable position. There were cybernetic technology, but using it meant two things: risking the chance of his body rejecting the technology and if his body accepted, the time to stay away from the Black Knights to give his body time to recuperate. Neither seemed to be a good option, and he did not have a commander intelligent enough to replace him.

Yes, it was a dilemma Lelouch knew would forever haunt him...

"My lung capacity ... is below average."


"Yes... An 'ah,'" Lelouch scoffed at the uttered sound.


"...Don't remind me."

"Well, I hope that you'll get better."

"I doubt it, but thank you anyway."

"...Done yet?"


"You're work with schedule."

"Ah yes, that..."


Ichigo looked about inside the assitant's seat within Shinjiku. It was comfortable, but a bit confined.

"Will your friends be surprised?"

"Most of them will be. The top ranks already know that you joined us, so they won't be that surprised. I'm sure that they certainly will question you though."

"Eh. Let them."

"...Just don't say anything that would make me look bad."

"I don't make promises."

Lelouch cocked an eyebrow, irritated by Ichigo's behavior.

The rest of the ride was silent.


"Is that it?"


"Well then, shoot it down."


Shinjiku suddenly went blaring and everything turned red.

"What the..." Ichigo muttered as he set up, and he noticed that Lelouch was suddenly busy with his hands. "What's going on?"

"An ambush. The factosphere already deduced from the armaments used by our enemy that we are up against Britannia Empire. But some of these readings aren't right..." The knightmare shoot as something impacted upon its Absolute Defense System. "How the hell-?!" he growled. "They took out our propulsion systems and the floaters!"

Ichigo scowled. "Open the hatch. I'll go fight."

Lelouch hesitated. "Just don't get killed," he said as he put on his mask, and opened the hatch.


"They're opening the hatch underworld-?" one of the submarine knightmare pilots questioned, but as soon as the hatch lifted enough for one man to slip through, he found himself staring at a orange-haired man right in front of his camera. "The f**k-?!"


The commander for this operation cursed when one of the knightmares blew up. "That monster was one of Zero's subordinate?!" Growling, he turned on his radio. "Focus fire on the Shinjiku! Bring it and Zero down!"

Twenty or so knightmare pilots confirmed and began to launch torpedoes.

Torpedoes all blew up before even reaching Shinjiku.


As soon as Ichigo was gone, Lelouch had closed the hatch. There was water inside the knightmare, but the system itself was waterproof, so it was no big deal, but he only had four minutes worth of oxygen left within his mask.

'Get the hell out of here, now!' a unfamiliar voice shouted within his head with a familiar tone.

Lelouch's eyes widened as he heard a voice in his head.


'Questions later!' This time, it was clear. It was Ichigo's voice. Lelouch grinned. Clearly the man was something beyond a mortal. 'Running now!'

Lelouch quickly commanded his kngithmare to head straight up to the surface...


Ichigo resurfaced for a millisecond before diving back into the depths. He shunpo'ed behind Shinjiku and fired multiple Getsuga Tenshos at the knightmares chasing Lelouch.

Those knightmares were nimble, or the pressure water was giving off was taking a toll in Getsuga Tensho's ability to quickly hit a target.

'Probably both,' he thought to himself as he charged in, like he did with the first knightmare, and severed its torso into two, causing an explosion to follow quickly.


The commander cursed. That was the seventh knightmare destroyed already. And how were they destroyed? By a single man with a damn f**king sword.

"F**k that bastard!" he shouted. "Forget Zero! Retreat! We'll be annihilated once Zero takes to air!"

There were complains through the radio, but he shut them up with the usual 'That's an order!', and they followed obediently, retreating back into the dark depths of the Pacific Ocean.


Ichigo sighed mentally as he watched the submarine knightmares disappear. They were a very irritating bunch. Had he been in air where there were fewer restrictions, then this would have not been a problem. But those torpedoes sure looked dangerous...

He shunpo'ed to the surface took a gulp of breath, first thing.

He looked about, and saw that Shinjiku was in the air in its knightmare form, water trickling out of its cockpit. He shunpo'ed next to it, and softly landed on its shoulder.

"It is f**king cold..." Lelouch complained as he splashed the water out."

"Hey, at least you have your nice suit; it insulates you," Ichigo replied sharply, noticing that he himself was cold. Very very cold. "I only have a t-shirt and a pair of cheap jeans."

"Oi, those jeans are not cheap!" Lelouch complained.

"Trivial matters," Ichigo replied before using a technique that he picked up from the Fullbringers. He infused his reiatsu into the water and commanded it to leave the cockpit, all at once.

They did.

Carrying Lelouch with them.

"O-Oi! Let me down!"

Ichigo thought about it for a second. "Okay." He let go of control.

Lelouch and the water fell down about 9 meters and unto the surface of the cold Pacific Ocean.

"Bastard!" Lelouch roared.

Ichigo merely chuckled.

But within his inner world, the hollow cried in rage at all the water.

'Suck it up,' Ichigo poked at his Hollow, who greeted the mundane comment with a harsh, frustrated voice that gave him a shock.

'F**k you to, King!'

'Yup. He's still pissed about the water inside,' he thought to himself. 'Maybe I should start finding someone else... Or erasing my memory or something.'


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