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Chapter 5: Morality is Fragile

Part 2

June 22, 2018 A.t.b.

Chinese Federation

Central Vermillion City

Zero grinned as he pushed the Britannian forces back along with his Order of Black Knights. They had battled for almost two hours within the city, laying waste to its southern and eastern sections. According to Ohgi, there weren't many civilian casualties, numbering at max two hundred or so. The Britannians had suffered no more than forty Knightmare losses, including their pilots in most cases, while the Black Knights had suffered thirty seven, a large blow to the small organization.

The southern forces with Kallen as their general were still being sieged by the Britannians. Even with Kallen's Guren Kashōshiki (Crimson Lotus Aerial-Type) and its Radiant Wave Surger arm, the Black Knights lacked long range artillery like the Britannians, and the said invaders were using their advantage to the max, keeping the Black Knights holed up and cutting off their mobility.

'Let's hope that we can come out victorious in this,' he thought as he fired his Zero Beam without its prism at a small concentration of Britannian Sutherlands. The effect was immediate. The Sutherlands ignited and exploded upon contact with high energy beam, destroying immediate around them. Then an Akatsuki's pilot to the right of Zero saw several Sutherlands aiming at Shinkirou's exposed back. The pilot moved its Knightmare jumped in between the firing squad and its leader, and exploded in a spectacular show of light. "Che!" Zero growled as he extended the Absolute Defense System all about him, reducing its concentration on the front.

A pink Akatsuki command model- a Zikisan- dropped right next to Zero's Shinkirou, and using its cannon, blasted away the Sutherland squadrons that had almost killed Zero. "Having trouble?" C.C. asked after her dramatic entrance.

"No more trouble than baking you a pizza," Zero replied as he fired a wrist mounted Hadron Cannon.

"Aw, so mean," she pouted before firing another salvo of her cannon at the Britannians.

Northern Vermillion City

"I was not even done with my transformation," Ichigo repeated as he kicked a limb that was once the mighty and feared Percival. "And you go and die." He sighed. He turned to Mordred. "Might as well as show you, eh?"

Anya che'd and fired the thrusters of her floater unit. Mordred gained momentum as it moved away from Ichigo and Zangetsu, but she had kept her camera focused on Ichigo. Why? Even in fear and panic, she was curious.

And she watched as Ichigo started the next stage of her transformation.


Ichigo had begun to talk only to Zangetsu, for Mordred and Anya was too far to hear anything.

"One of the abilities I've told you about is the Black Dragon Slayer magic. You remember, Tohdoh?"

"I vaguely remember. Yes."

Ichigo grinned. "Well, the lovely person that taught me the said magic also told me a few things that I just remembered: the dragon slayer magic eventually leads the dragon slayer into transforming into a dragon himself," he said as Black flames began to engulf his feet. The fires slowly rose, covering everything behind them in sickeningly black fire. "While I am not there yet, nor do I wish to appear as a giant lizard, I think I can control some transformation.

"...You're on fire," Tohdoh said, not knowing exactly what to say.

"Part of the transformation," Ichigo explained as the fire reached his waist. It was there that the transformation quickened the pace. The black fire crept faster and faster towards his head, while already extending to his hands and covering them and the wrists with black fire. "The final part of it."

The low fire that hung about Ichigo's skin roared into life.

"...Time to hunt the Brits."

Aboard Avalon

Prince Schniezel shot out of his chair with a grimace.


"Knight of Ten, Luciano Bradley has ... fallen in battle, My Prince," Anya said while kneeling to Schniezel. "He recklessly charged towards Rank S war criminal, Kurosaki Ichigo, and with a single strike, his Knightmare, Percival, blew up, taking him with itself."

The Prince had the urge to growl, but he kept it down, lest it showed weakness to any of his supporters. Anya's report matched what Luciano would have done even if Schniezel himself was watching over the battle, so Anya could not be lying. But that meant that the Knight of Ten had died, leaving a vacancy in the command of the Britannia Empire's military.

'While the man's personality was worth next to nothing, he still lead quite the large portion of skilled pilots Britannia had to offer,' Schniezel thought as he sank into his chair. He let his left elbow rest on the armchair while he rested his head on its hand. 'This throws a small wrench into the plan.' He waited for a while. "Rise, Anya Alstreim. Once the Avalon's crew fixes Mordred, go back into battle, and pair up with one of the invasion forces."

She gave the man a bow before leaving his presence on Avalon's bridge.


Schniezel turned his head to the right, where a member of the Royal ESPer Division stood as the representative of the said elite military force. "What is it, Oboro?"

The man known as Oboro was a black haired man standing five foot eleven. He was once a actor in Holloywood, where he raked in millions with his acting. Unfortunately, at the age of 22, he accidentally came in contact with a experimental ESP manipulator, one designed to awaken ESP powers within ordinary people. It had been a classified object, so he was arrested, and almost executed... had it not been for Grana and few others who used the Emperor's clearance to give the man a pardon (though Grana told Oboro that he had no crime whatsoever, and it was bad luck). But the damage had been done. Oboro lost his job and home, leaving him nothing.

Now, he served as Royal ESPer Division's representative.

"If you wish, my party and I shall head down-"

"No," Schniezel immediately answered. "Your power is for healing others, Oboro. It is better for you to head to the infirmary and help the incoming patients so that they may quickly go back out again."

Oboro bowed. "As you wish," he said before leaving the bridge as well.

"Oboro." The Prince called before the man was out of the bridge.

"Yes, sire?"

"Please contact the Royal ESPer Divison... I have need for one of their Star Commanders and sub-Divisions."

Oboro smiled wistfully at this. "Yes, my lord."

With Kurosaki Ichigo

Or rather, his victims

On Northeastern Central Vermillion City

Later, when historians came to record this day, and testimonies were given about its fiercest fighter, Kurosaki Ichigo, the God of War, most veteran soldiers would break down in front of whomever they were talking to. They screamed as memories relived through their eyes.

"Black Demon."

They were the only coherent words the historians ever got out of the soldiers, Chinese, Japanese, or Britannian.


Ichigo let his Hollow part of his personality run wild. He ran through the crowd of enemy soldiers and knightmares on foot, though at a blinding speed. As he passed by them, he ripped them apart with his black flames of rot and blood red balas.

He roared with delight, something he didn't think he would do during his substitute shinigami days, but it was different today.

He felt alive. As he ripped through them, he felt their hot blood spill over onto him, only to rot and become dust the minute they touched his flames.

He jumped unto the head of a knightmare that stood in the center of a formation of multiple knightmares and several Britannian foot soldiers. They rounded on him with the intent to take him out with their comrade. But before they could fire, he ripped the head of the knightmare off, rotted the armor between the neck and the cockpit of the knightmare, and jumped in. The soldiers around the knightmare all heard the scream of the pilot within as he was ripped into shreds.

Some even saw guts flying out of the hole that Ichigo used to get in.

The Knightmare itself slung its arms around, as if it was a living being, being eaten from the inside out.

One of the still living pilots got the courage, once the screams died down, and opened fire upon the still, headless knightmare. The gunshots woke the others out of shock, and they began to fire as well.

The Knightmare exploded.

The soldiers gulped.

They waited for the Demon of the Black Knights to jump out.


One of the foot soldiers froze and slowly turned to his right.

There stood the Demon, all glorious in its black flames, pushing the now headless body of his comrade down to the ground.

"That took you long enough to see me."



By the time Tohdoh and few other Black Knights arrived at the scene with their Knightmares after following the trail of death and decay Ichigo left behind, what they saw lurched their stomach.

Ichigo stood in the center of ruin and corpses. None of the corpses were actually facing Ichigo.

'They were busy running,' Tohdoh thought in disgust

"Ah... I understand why you seek battle, Kenpachi," Ichigo said audibly. He had this grin on his face that gave the others chill. He cracked a thin psychotic smile before he just shook his head and walked off towards Central Vermillion City. "Come on, Zero is waiting!" he shouted over to the Black Knights.

Aboard Avalon, once more

"Prince Schniezel, we can't push them! Tenth of our force are down, and Zero and his partner are pushing us back!" one of the lower ranked officers shouted over the com, relaying into the bridge of Avalon. "We can't-!"

There was silence.

"What happened?" Schniezel asked the com manager with a bit of frustration in his tone, who was furiously typing away.

"Uh... The lieutenant's com is missing from the radar; he's been blown off."

Schniezel frowned; he's been doing that a lot lately, ever since his brother Clovis was killed by Zero. He turned to Oboro, who had returned from the infirmary (the medical bay, whichever the doctors wanted to call). "How fast can your division arrive?"

"For a sizable force enough to turn this tide of battle, it will take at least another hour, sir, using myself as a beacon."

Schniezel nodded. He turned back to the communication operators. "Tell our soldiers to hold their position for an hour and avoid fighting if possible. Have the eastern and southern forces fall back a bit. I know that the northern forces are all gone; have the western forces penetrating deep into central Vermillion City fall back as well to the outer western regions of the city."

"Yes, sire!"

Central Vermillion City

With Zero and C.C.

"They're retreating," Zero stated matter-of-factly.

"You sound unhappy."

"This is Schniezel we're talking about. It's been half a day since the fighting lasted; he could have done anything with us trapped in this city," he replied as he turned on the communication to all Black Knights. "All Black Knights, stay in position and do not loosen up; we are dealing with Schniezel the second prince of Britannia Empire, who took on the entire EU alone and came out victorious!"

As if the message got to everyone, which it did, the atmosphere around and in the battlefield-turned-city became very tense as both Britannian soldiers and pilots watched Black Knights movement and vice versa.

"And someone get me Kurosaki and Tohdoh!"

With Kurosaki and Tohdoh

:Wasn't that too much, though?: Tohdoh asked over the com, meaning that he wanted to keep this conversation quiet between them and not have the soldiers and pilots following them think about it.

Ichigo stopped and glanced over his shoulder to stare at Knightmare Zangetu's tall form. "What was?" He then began to run at a speed that Zangetsu could follow easily.

:All that death?:

Ichigo scoffed, slowly returning to his normal personality. "While I admit I did some horrible things back there, I think, at the same time, I was merciful."


"First off, they had a quick death," Ichigo began. "They didn't have to feel life seep out of their body, or feel prolonged pain."


"Second," the God of War added as he jumped over a small ruin of a house (small as in five foot tall). "The small bit of horror I showed them caused panic amongst the ranks. A bit of panic can easily numb some of the pain."

:You know this, how?:

"I used to be a doctor's son."

:Used to be?:

"...It is of no consequence at the moment, because we've arrived," he said, changing the subject as he came to a stop before the Imperial Palace.

Still in his "Black Demon" form, Ichigo gave a crouch before jumping over the high walls, leaving Tohdoh and the Black Knights following their leaders behind.

Tohdoh considered what he heard for a while before he turned to general command com. "Alright, get moving!" he said as he led the movement towards the palace gates.

With Kurosaki

Ichigo ran down the halls of the palace, looking for Zero or any of the Black Knight officers as he zipped through them. "Is that you, Kurosaki-sama?!"

Ichigo stopped and turned around, looking straight into the eyes of one of the Black Knight officers, as it was indicated by the badge he wore on his chest. The said man, however, was unprepared to see a demon and froze.

"Yes, it is me."

"W-What happened?"

"I had a run in with the Knight of Ten. I decided to get fancy. Anyway, where is Zero? I need to have him order me around in the battlefield." 'Since I was always a klutz about how to do battle with strategy.'

The Black Knight officer quickly pulled out his radio and handed it to Ichigo. Ichigo took it, only to realize that he forgot to turn his power off on his hand and the device rotted away. "Crap."

"Don't worry, I got a spare."

Ichigo took it this time after he dispelled the power around his hand. He held it up to his ear. "Zero."

:Who is this?:

"It's Kurosaki, you mask fancier. I just took care of the Knight of Ten. So where are you and where is the enemy's commander?"

:Didn't think you'd be done with north so fast with an invasion this size.:

"Oi, hurry up and spit the info out."

: Feisty and straight to the point as always. It's Schniezel. He's on his capital ship, Avalon, East of this city. Be careful, though. Knight of One, Two, and Six are guarding the ship.:

"Aye, skipper," Ichigo replied in English, and Zero chuckled. Ichigo tossed the radio back at the officer before he allowed his power to envelop his hand then with a double-powered shunpo, he shot out of the palace towards east, where Schniezel was. 'Time to stop this war.'


"We have an incoming projectile!" one of Avalon's shield calculator officers (SCO) shouted over the com to other SCOs. "Speed is reaching Mach 5, it'll strike the ship any second!" SCOs all around the bridge, ship's engine, and other parts of the aerial battleship quickly got to work, diverting power from anywhere possible to shields. "It's going to penetrate the shield! Brace yourselves!" the officer who first shouted the intel shouted again.

Schniezel, who was hearing the summarized versions of the com frowned as his hands tightened slightly on his armchair.

But nothing happened.

"...?" Schniezel turned to the communications officer with a questioning frown.

"A-uh, the radar indicates that the p-projectile has stopped right in front of us. It's coming on the screen ... now."


The "Black Demon" of the Black Knights narrowed his eyes, watching the man that stood between him and the aerial fortress Avalon. "So we meet again, Grana."

The said man grinned. He had the same attire as before - muscle-strained grey uniform of the Royal Guard with a white haori over it. "Of course! Our last fight was a draw!" he shouted happily. "And this time, I brought some friends!"

Ichigo glanced over his shoulder and around.

Ten Royal Esper Division members -and all of them Star Commanders by the look of their crisp uniform with a single unique feature differentiating all of them from each other- formed a large circle around him, Grana included.

"So you must be the one that gave Grana so much trouble," one of the Star Commander spoke as swords of light began to form around him and within his hands. "I am Junas, the 2nd Star Commander."

The man next to him nodded to Kurosaki. Similar to Junas, he had objects forming and flying around him, but instead of a familiar weapon, they were black spheres, crackling with black lightning. "I am Yoshina Ageha, the 3rd Star Commander."

"Kagetora. Let's leave it at that," a scarred man with a well-built athlete's body said as he adjusted his sunglass with a grin.

"Yagumo Matsuri," a larged breasted woman with spiky hair with a ponytail said as she got into a fighting stance. "A pleasure to meet you."

Ichigo gave her a nod. At least the F-cup woman had manners. "You're not one of these Star Commanders?" he asked with his hollow voice, creeping out every single one of the demigod-level fighters present.

"I could have the rank if I want it... but it's better to avoid the paperwork," she replied.

"Ah yes, the dreaded paperwork," he chuckled. He then turned to the others. "Aren't you going to introduce yourselves?"

"Why should we?" a Star Commander with a winter coat asked him (Uranus). "You're a dead man, after all."

"Oh, who says I am the dead man?" Ichigo asked, genuinely surprised by the man's behavior... not. His voice became even more grating as he pumped more hollow-influence into his body for more effect. "Especially when I ended up in a draw with your strongest with half my power?"

"Believe me, the first five Star Commanders and Matsuri are about of the same strength, either in sense or power," the winter coat Star Commander scoffed. "But if you want my name, then here it is: I am Uranus, the 8th Star Commander."

"... Ur Anus?"

"Shut up!" the Star Commander growled furiously, and heatedly, at Ichigo who with few other Star Commanders laughed it up at his expense.


"W-What are they doing?! They're supposed to killing him!" one of the nobles who was on the bridge shouted in shock at the normalcy of the scene occurring before him.

Schniezel gave the man a side glance before sighing. 'I hope he doesn't do anything stupid after.'

Black Demon and the Stars

"Well then, shall we start?" Grana said as he and few other commanders went straight into Nova. "Of course, it'll be quick."

"Oh, it will be," Ichigo said as he held up his giant clever zanpakuto to his eye level with his right hand, almost holding out as if he was giving it to someone. "Ah, wait."

Black Knights and the Britannians

Fighting seized as eveyone's attention drew to the eleven monsters who floated in the sky right before Avalon. Fighting seized through the Chinese Federation's capital as fighters on both sides waited for something to happen.

And it was then that Schniezel's voice came through along with Zero's, calling all of their forces to retreat, taking any and all civilians they encounter with them...

To avoid the next battle of the gods.

Everyone scattered with fire on their heels.

Black Demon and the Stars

"Let's get this show on the road!" Grana laughed maniacally as he unleashed several telekinetic fists at Ichigo. Ichigo took them head on and dispelled each telekinetic blows with a wild swing.

Ichigo shunpo'ed right up to Grana's face and prepared to strike the man down. He brought Zangetsu above his head and brought it down, only to have it knocked off course by a invisible blow. His eyes shot to his left, where Yagumo Matsuri stood. 'That blow was easily as strong as Grana's own... This'll be troublesome,' he thought as he saw her punch the air and dodged accordingly, allowing the punches to miss him by a fraction of an inch. "Come on, Espers, I know you can all do better than that..." Ichigo crackled through his mask and black flames.

"And we already have you in our trap."

Ichigo turned about, and his eyes narrowed when he saw the winter coat Star Commander staring down at him from above... With ice pistols?

It was only then that Ichigo realized that the air around them was noticeably cooler. 'Looks like he's like Toshiro... Now that I think about it, he even reacts like him too. Wonder if this guy is Toshiro's alternate version.' Ichigo raised his free left hand and pulled out a black whip, the same whip technique he used to fight Grana. With a spin on the spot, Ichigo lashed out with his whip and struck at Uranus (the winter coat). Uranus dodged the attack and began to kite Ichigo using his long ranged pistols. Ichigo let them hit him, as his Decay Armor did its namesake. But it was annoying. "Bala-!"

He stopped mid attack when he realized that there was a sword sticking out of his chest.

He looked over his shoulder and saw Junas. "Attacking enemies from behind?"

"Whatever gets the job done..." Junas replied as he attempted to slice in deeper into Ichigo's body without touching the black flames.

"Hmph. Nice attempt, but pathetic power," Ichigo said as he reached back at Junas, only to have the man break his energy sword -but how did he actually break an ENERGY sword?- and jump away.

"Don't insult me or my power, Demon...!" Junas hissed, then he smirked as thousands and thousands of swords began to appear around him. "Besides, the sword that I broke in your back is a homing beacon, allowing me to do something like this..." Junas said as he waved at his sword and then shot his hand towards Ichigo. The swords stiffened before shooting off like bullets at Ichigo. Ichigo curse himself for looking down at the Star Commanders. He began to shunpo to avoid the sword, but when he appeared out of his fourth shunpo, he was struck from above. He glared over his shoulder and saw Uranus holding a small ice cannon. "Thought we were so easy, did you?"

Then Grana appeared few meters off before falling Ichigo. "And here is a gift from me..." he said with both of his hands raised up to the sky, where Ichigo saw a black abyss in the gap of the sky.


"TENKEN!" Grana shouted as he slammed his hands down in front of him, and at the same time, the black hole shot down a soalr beam at Ichigo, enveloping the said fighter in the brightness of its attack.

When Tenken ended, everyone grunted in dissatisfaction.

Ichigo was standing in mid air without a single scratch.

"...You managed to pull off my Decay Armor," Ichigo said with a surprised face. "Congratulations." He held his sword in front of him. "So I guess it's time for me to take it up a notch..."

Grana cursed because he flashed away (not shunpo, but the Esper variant).


Slowly a storm built up around Ichigo and enveloped him.

"I'm getting him!" Uranus shouted, but Matsuri flashed infront of him with her back to him. "What are you doing?!"

"Don't touch that wind..." she warned. "It'll rip you apart."

Uranus growled but obeyed the rankless Star Commander's words.

The swirling wind dissipated soon enough and revealed Ichigo.

And instead of the intimadating giant clever, he held a black nodachi. "Let's start, shall we?" Ichigo grinned and with a sonic boom, he disappeared.

'He broke the sound barrier!' Junas thought with wide eyes. 'So he's a speed type-!' He was still thinking when a sickening crunch originating from his right ribs stopped him. He whirled around, but the action forced the broken ribs to crack and move even more.

Junas growled at Ichigo, who had a fist where Junas's ribs were only moments ago. "One down..." Ichigo replied as he spun around and threw Tensa Zangetsu at Grana, who used his telekinesis to parry it below. Ichigo disappeared again, and this time Grana was spitting blood. The said man turned around and saw Ichigo at the end of his striking stance, his blade pointing up with blood flicking off the blade's tip. "Y-You predicted that I would parry it?!" Grana growled as he flashed away. His back felt open and the high altitude winds brushed painfully against the flesh wound.

"Kind of."

Grana grinned. "This is why I like fighting you. We're all going Nova, guys!" he shouted, much to all Star Commander's shock.

"Wait, not all of us have even gone against the guy!" one of the Star Commander complained.

Grana glared at the man. "Just do it." Then he got into a martial arts stance. He drew in a deep breath. "NOVA!"

"NOVA!" All others shouted.

Ichigo sweatdropped. This will be... tricky.