TITLE: To Mark Its Territory

Author: Ladyfun9

Fill for the glee kink meme: Quinn/Rachel Insecurity, Jealousy, Rough Possessive Sex

(Anonymous)2012-10-18 04:11 pm (UTC). When Quinn first visits Rachel she meets Brody. At first she feels completely out of her league cause he looks like a fucking model, but that soon turns to a deep jealousy and when she finally gets some alone time she can't help but mark what's hers. Cue, completely consensual, rough possessive sex (maybe with a strap-on)

Characters: Quinn, Rachel (Damn it, I caved to the requests…yes. Faberry. Make no mistake, I still loves me some Pezberry)

Rating: M, NC-17

Kinks: Rough sex, bad language

Perfunctory Disclaimer: I don't own glee, not one damn bit of it. Don't own the characters or even peeing on a tree or the Pug who did it…but I wish I did!


To mark its territory (exp.) About an animal, action consistent of placing a recognizable sign to indicate the ownership of an area.


Quinn could feel the nervous energy bubbling up, boring a hole through her gastric lining, she was sure. She mused on the probability she would perforate her bowel before arriving to New York…

Shaking her head, she thought , Morbid Quinn, yet again. You clearly need your Rachel infusion…you're becoming too pessimistic again.

And just like that, she felt a warm feeling drizzle over her, coating that feeling of angst and fear. Rachel….and then she stopped. Recognizing she had been going to that place again, it immediately triggered nervous thoughts…thoughts she didn't want to muster…

Dr. F always says, behind every act of anger is the feeling of fear or hurt. All those years you tortured her..which was it? Fear? Hurt? Both…probably. You were probably afraid once you declared how you really felt, she would reject you immediately.

And then again the fear…what if she didn't like you back? Worse, what if she DID?

Quinn swallowed the dry lump in her throat as the train shuttled to its stop with an abrupt prostration. In the most metaphoric of senses, the train lurched her forward- and forward she went, knocking accidently into the wall in front of her.

She had arrived.

New York City.

Rachel Berry.

Ready or not, here I come…

Quinn Fabry gathered herself, and her face a mask of confidence, walked out onto the platform with a confidence that belied her age and the emotions of uncertainty and excitement bubbling underneath. She glanced around at the passerbys; even in New York, Quinn could still turn heads.


"Oh, God…damn….God damn it! Brody…"

Tan shapely legs were wrapped around the muscled physique of one Mr. Brody Weston, wiggling as though the sheer act of pumping her legs could somehow get the boy's member deeper inside her…

"Ughhh…god. God! Fuck me. Just fuck me, harder!"

Brody grunted, his stamina challenged yet again. He tried to meet her need to have a forceful pounding, putting all his body weight of his chiseled torso into her.

"Oohf" he grunted.

"God damn it, I said, FUCK ME! Fuck me harder! Fuck your cock into me, harder …now!"

Rachel was swinging her pelvis up to meet his downward thrust, and the smell of sweat, alcohol, and a lot ofsex wafted through the air…

…to fill Quinn's nostrils, as she silently let herself into the small apartment with the key that Rachel had given Quinn at graduation in the hopes of them actually becoming pals and needing copies of keys, and the like, someday.

Quinn dropped said key on the floor when her eyes beheld the sight in front of her.

Two sets of very startled eyes looked up towards the noise. Rachel gasped.

"Quinn?" She said, weakly.

There was a deafening pause.

Finally, someone broke the silence.

"Quinn? THE Quinn? Quinn Fabry from your high school?" Brody stated, to a suddenly mute Rachel.

Cooly, Quinn replied.

"Yep. That's me. THE Quinn Fabry, from Lima Central, Ohio." She narrowed her eyes. "And just who exactly…are you?"


And that's how it begins, folks. Like to start things off with a bang, no pun intended. Please read and review…