(Sequel to 1984 A. Thanks for all the positive posts on the last one)

October 1985, Marty McFly drops out of school entirely after dodging another trip to Switzerland unbeknownst to his conniving step-father and his well-meaning but perpetually inebriated mother. With a wrap sheet containing everything from aggravated assault to setting fire to the living room rug (that was an accident, mind you) he didn't seem like the sort of guy with much to look forward to. But there was one thing, Evangeline.

They met about a year ago at Winstead, a hoity toity school for rich kids. She was a real "good-girl" who's only crime was stealing his heart away. Soft and pale with long blonde curls, legs for miles. So you get the picture; she's cute is what I'm saying. What's not to like?

"But what's there worth liking about me?" Marty asked with one foot on the window sill and his hand firmly grasping a rope dangling out the window. "I love you but you can't come with me. You'd be giving up school. You've got a real future to look forward to. I'll come back for you. I promise."

"You'd better." she smiled as she kissed him softly. "Now go quickly before the others see you." This wouldn't be the first time Marty climbed out of the girls dorm room window. As he began to fade away into the mist of the early morning Eva's heart dropped. Suddenly she found herself doing something incredibly impulsive. Quickly she stuffed a bag full of clothes and ran down the stairs and out the door coat in hand.

"What the hell are you doing?" Marty was standing at the edge of the woods with a back-pack and skateboard in hand. "We're talking about hitching all the way across the country to meet my less than functional family, Eve"

"Yeah, I know" Evangeline said out of breath from running.

"I'm going to count to three and if you don't turn yourself around there's no going back understand me? 1... 2..." Marty is interrupted.

"Don't you patronize me, Marty." Evangeline puts her hands on her hips. "I may be new at all this sneaking around stuff but I'm not five."

"So be it" he says smiling as they disappear into the fog.

Five truck drivers and three exhausting days later the duo reach their final destination. Shoddy graffiti work indicates they've in fact arrived in Hell Valley. Eva clung tightly to Marty's arm as motorbikes zoomed past and the sound of distant screams and glass shattering echo in the distance. She walks as if she might fall over.

"Marty!" they turn to see who's shrillness pierced through the sounds of loud roaring engines and even louder gunshots.

"Linda!" Marty shouted back in the same manner as she wobbled up to hug him. "When'd you get pregnant?" he noticed something rather large in the way of their hug.

"Oh, I dunno" she nonchalantly shrugged. "Besides that's no way to greet your sister. 'Hey, Linda... you seem a lot fatter than the last time I saw you' " she mocks jokingly.

"Yeah, yeah, well this is Evangeline. She's a friend" Marty takes Eva's hand and puts it in Linda's for her since Eva's still a bit too tense to move on her own. "

"Oh, isn't she a cutie! So you two...?" she wiggles her eyebrows suggestively.

"Yeah sort of..." he clears his throat. "Eve's a classy lady Lindz." Marty hints to change the subject. "So not to be rude but who's the lucky dad?" he points at Linda's belly.

"Well Greg and I were together around the same time as I hooked up with Craig. So which one is it, Greg or Craig." she laughs

"Well, I could never keep up with all your boyfriends." Marty laughs back. "So where's mom?"

"Up there of course." She signals at the intimidating structure around the corner. Garish neon signs sizzled with the words Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise. "You know she doesn't ever leave that room anymore" Linda sighs. "Well, you say hi to her for me Marty I gotta... meet a guy about a thing.." she kept it vague remembering Evangeline was present. She yells a loud and affectionate goodbye as she hobbled off into the dark alleyway.

"Is she safe?" Evangeline finally spoke.

"Oh please, she's scarier than anything else in that alley believe me" he laughs and Eva chuckles nervously but appreciates Marty's attempt at relieving the tension. Police sirens race by as they cross the street to the casino hotel. Evangeline begins to walk forward towards the red carpeted front steps when Marty quickly holds her back.

"Wait!?" Marty whispers as the hide behind a pillar. "It's Biff's henchmen."

"Your dad has henchmen?" Evangeline looks worried

"He's … he's not my dad" Marty corrects her. She quietly apologizes. He smiles back, "It's fine. I just want to visit mom and if they see me there'll be hell to pay."

Just then the strangest thing happens. They witness the gang of Biff's cohorts carry someone away. A young man with approximately Marty's height and build. In fact they seemed to look identical; from the angle they were looking at at least.

"Perfect!" says Marty as the men finally disappear from view. "They probably thought that poor sap was me. This is either a great thing or a terrible thing..." he tried to think of a way to make this situation work for him.

"So...what should we do?" Evangeline asked trying to read through the confusion on Marty's face.

"Well, if Biff knows I'm here I might have to deal with some crap that I don't want you getting all mixed up in so I'll get you a room and let you know when it's safe to come visit" Marty walks in and up to the front desk at the lobby. "How's it going. Mack?!"

"I didn't know you were back in town" Mack hugs him from behind the counter.

"I'm not back in town" Marty winks.

"Ok, got it Mr. Smith" Mack winks back "I got you all set up on the 25th floor. Here's your keys"

They squeeze past a group of showgirls in gold thongs and feather headdresses, all who seem to know Marty very well as they make their way to the elevator. Finally at their room Marty swipes the card and holds the door for Evangeline.

"I know it's really tacky but you have full access the the mini fridge and the TV and the bath tube has jets and bubbles." Marty nudges Eve and she crosses her arms and smiles at his suggestiveness. "Mom's on the 27th floor and it's been a good 20 minutes since that guy they thought was me was bonked on the head so... they probably realized it wasn't me by now." Marty lies down on one of the 2 full size beds. "Maybe I can go talk to mom and she can meet you and hopefully Biff won't be there."

"So you really want your mom to meet me huh?" she sits beside Marty.

"Well, I think she'd like you." Marty puts his arm around her shoulder as she rests her head on his. "Good" she says "Let's go up in an hour or 2 and relax for a minute. It's been a long trip"

"Yes it has" Marty smiles as he kisses her forehead.