Space Games and Hacking

Artemis Fowl Jr typed (hacked) furiously away at his computer. He had sat there for three days straight, ignoring Butler's worthless attempts at persuading him to come out of his study. He was trying to hack into one of NASA's research fund banks. Rather surprisingly, he was finding it quite difficult.

Unknown to him, though, five-year-old Beckett toddled into his study. He pushed a wheelie chair next to his brother's, where it crashed against the table with an enormous bang! Gritting his teeth, Artemis ignored it. His work was by far more important. Beckett spun his chair so it was facing him and managed to knock over several pens in the process. He winced and glanced at his brother, whose eye was twitching. 'Keep working,' Artemis thought 'Ignore him.'

Beckett had, finally, managed to climb upon his seat and swivel it around so he could see his brother's computer screen. He sat there, in complete silence, for the whole of... two minutes. Beckett sighed. He was bored, but his brother's computer screen had lots of colours* on it. It looked like a game, but he seemed to be stuck on a level. Maybe he could help him. Though Beckett didn't even wonder why his brother would spend his valuable time playing computer games.




No response. 'He must be really involved in the game.' Beckett decided.

"Arty?" This time he punctuated it with a tap to his brother's shoulders. Still he received nothing.

"Arty? Arty? Arty? Arty? Arty? Arty? Arty? Arty? Arty?" Each word was followed with two quick taps.

Artemis took a deep breath, closed his eyes, then opened his eyes again.

"What is it you want?"

Beckett gulped. "Can I try?"

His brother blinked. "Pardon?"

"Can I try?" Beckett said, more carefully.



They sat in silence for another five minutes. Beckett watched as his brother seemed to give up and stalk out of the room, muttering something about caviar.

Beckett indulged himself in a giggle, before turning back to the computer. There was the word NASA in the corner of the screen. Beckett knew that NASA was the space people, so therefore it must be a space game. A boring space game, Beckett decided, there were no pictures. Artemis had been pressing a lot of buttons, so he decided to do that, too. A, D, E, G, 1, 7, 4 4 4 4*, Shift, 2, F12, Up, Down, Left, Right, crlt, del, P. Nothing happened except for a lot of beeps. Frustrated, Beckett slammed a little fist down on the keyboard because that, apparently, is the best way to fix a problem. One big BEEP sounded, and a big flashing sign appeared on the screen.


'Uh oh.' Beckett thought, very appropriately. Either this was a very realistic game, or he was about to be in very big trouble. He quickly ran from the room and hid in his closet. Maybe, if he was lucky, Miles would be blamed. Soon after, his brother's cries of anger were heard miles away, along with the sirens of police cars.

So this is why Artemis never lets his brothers into his study.

*Is this the correct word?

*In Australia we spell 'color' as 'colour

*Ninja hugs to whoever understands that reference!