So hi there! This is my FIRST (wow, first xD) BR fanfic on here. Now, this is of the users on the Hunger Games wiki, so I don't expect to get many reviews- as only three (that I know of) are on here, so guys that are in the story and don't have an account, still leave a review as a guest, but tell me who you are XD. will be killing you all ;D I am in this, but Imma make sure I die ;D And, everyone is 16. As like, half are one or two years off. So, lets le begin!

Miss Birkett stared at the thirty teens sitting before her. They were all sixteen, yet they varied, Some looked ready to go physically, and others looked more intelligent, probably taking a statistics approach into The Program.

"Welcome all!" She smiled, trying to brighten the cold atmosphere the best she could "I am Atlanta, but you can call me Miss Birkett!"

A few of the students looked at each other. A few looked scared, and a very small amount looked happy that they were there- sitting in the chairs that the students before them sat, awaiting their time in The Program.

"Now, as you might have figured out" She continued "You are in The Program! We, as we normally do, choose 30 people around the world to compete in The Program! Now, a few rules. One! Don't touch your collars, they will explode when provoked, thus killing you."

This caused people like Kiersten (Girl #4) and Raven (Boy #9) to stop trying to get the collar off.

"You each have an assigned weapon, and you will leave here one by one, in numeric order. Now, there are 64 'Areas' on this island. Every 2 hours, a few of the Area's will get chosen to be Danger Zones. The danger? It's either a person, or a thing. Now, The Program goes on for 3 days. If 29 people are not dead within those 3 days, the remaining Contestants will be killed. Got it?"

Everyone nodded, before looking at the competition they'd have to face for the life that until a few days ago, they took for granted.

The Contestants this year!

Please read as female, male, number;

Anna, Oli #1

Mia, Charlie #2

Kaitlyn, Robin #3

Kiersten, Ian #4

Alice, Jojo #5

Dani, Andy #6

Lauren, Wesley #7

Ranger, Luke #8

Lily, Raven #9

Cass, John #10

Rachel, Dillon #11

Abby, Phil #12

Libby, Bob #13

Amanda, Jim #14

Jade, Fred #15

Number of Contestants remaining;


Current Danger Zones;
23, 45 and 58

Time Left;

3 Days