Day Two! So, we do now have 18 Contestants remaining! In case you don't know, they are;

Mia (Girl #2) Charlie (Boy #2)

Kaitlyn (Girl #3) Robin (Boy #3)

Kiersten (Girl #4) Ian (Boy #4)

Dani (Girl #6) Andy (Boy #6)

Lauren (Girl #7)

Luke (Boy #8)

Lily (Girl #9) Raven (Boy #9)

Cass (Girl #10) John (Boy #10)

Dillon (Boy #11)

Abby (Girl #12)

Libby (Girl #13)

Jade (Girl #15)

10 girls and 8 boys!

Who will die today? As always, deaths have been generated.

Libby (Girl #13) walked down the edge of the beach. Yes she had survived a day, yet she had no hopes for surviving another. She was using facts. Logically, not many people that were left would be weak, yet there would be a few that, like her, had no interferences with anyone else, and were itching to get a valuable kill to get someone else out of The Program. The only people she had seen were Kiersten (Girl #4) and Ranger (Girl #8; deceased). She had seen Kiersten steal Ranger's cookies. She looked down at her weapon; an axe. Other people had scythes, grenades and guns, yet all she had was a scythe.

It was 8:00am. Exactly one day and eight hours ago The Program had begun. Libby just skipped along the shore line, not having a care. In the distance, she spotted a silhouette just a kilometres ahead of her on a hill. The shadow belonged to male, that was sure, yet who it was? She didn't know. She knew that now all males were not in alliances. The only existing one was Mia (Girl #2) and Dani (Girl #6). She contemplated attacking the figure, yet another person had another idea. Cass (Girl #10) was stalking beside her, not aware of her presence.

Now's my chance, Libby thought, raised her axe, Lets get this girl out of the way, and maybe the boy will fear me because of the blood.

Libby let Cass walk a few more steps, before slipping behind her. One step, two steps, three steps. Libby raised her silver axe, bringing it down on Cass' neck. The girl dropped her own weapon; an ice pick, and fell to the ground. Libby ran a finger along the blade of the axe, the blood was still warm, and glistening in the sunlight. The boy, holding a very basic firearm, began to descend down the hill. Looking closely, Libby identified the boy to be Andy (Boy #6). A smirk formed on his face as he aimed down the gun to Libby's arm. The shot rang out, and blood poured down Libby's left arm. Refusing to die, Libby gripped her wound, which still pumped blood every second, and ran inland. Unfortunately for her, the island was laced with trees, and the gun shots that kept occurring knocked her confidence. Countless times she fell over, or stumbling, only hoping to run. It was pointless screaming; more people would target her. If she had the other two people with guns on her? Life? No chance. Libby kept running until she hit something. Kiersten (Girl #4) stood immediately up again, smiling down at Libby, "Oh hi! Do you need help?"

Libby glared at the girl who was standing above her, "No! I was just lying here on purpose!"

Andy, who had now gone off to find someone else, watched from a distance as Kiersten raised her scythe, "Well, its an easy mistake to make!"

Libby glared at the girl, who casually brushed a few strands of hair out of her face, before bringing the scythe down onto Libby's chest. Kiersten looted the bag and ran off, not letting anyone claim Libby's death.

Another one bites the dust, Kiersten thought, smiling as she skipped into the City, Lets see who's left at the end of the day.

Abby (Girl #12) counted her food supplies. Only ten pieces of beef left. Not much, though, running all day wasn't the smartest move she had ever made. She had no clue how many people were left, though it was the second day, and the numbers couldn't be high...but low? Could they be low? Her weapon was useless in defence; a small blade. Yep, it would certainly help in defence; yet in quick, short uses such as cutting a rope, the blade was useful. Abby had escaped death once. Kaitlyn (Girl #3) had tried to kill her with her own blade, yet Abby just kicked her in the stomach and ran off.

Running from Kaitlyn, and in the bigger picture death, Abby realised that she needed to be more careful. She walked a few more minutes before a searing pain ripped through her left arm. She screamed, clutching the wound, and looking behind her to see Luke (Boy #8) smiling at her, his gun pointed at her. He fired again, the pain moving to her back. Abby fell to the ground screaming, "No! No! No! Please! Don't kill me!"

Luke shook his head and fired one more shot into Abby's head, killing her. He saw what she had, and decided it to be no use to him.

Lauren (Girl #7) remembered Alice's death; the fear in her eyes, the savageness she had shown at that time and the death bringing shot. Lauren felt a tinge of guilt wash over her, yet she tried to shake the feeling away. She looked at the tyre that Alice once held. It wasn't much, yet it was a weapon. As far as she knew, two of the members of the alliance made by Alice had never met up with the others; the two being Alice herself and Wesley (Boy #7). As noise emanated from around the corner of the little road that Lauren crept down. Naturally, she looked around to see Dillon (Boy #11) trying to get his collar off. She watched as the collar exploded, guts and blood flying everywhere. The noise was sure to have attracted attention, so Lauren ran away, yes she had a gun, but she didn't want any problems on her hands.

Kaitlyn (Girl #3) jumped from tree to tree, across the forest. The Danger Zones were said to had been scrapped, the island just being open to battle. Kaitlyn had a tomahawk. Such an awesome weapon...if she had awesome aim! She didn't feel like anything bad was happening, yet in Day One ALONE, 12 deaths happened, and so far in Day Two, four had been seen. She skipped across another branch, before it snapped, sending her down, landing on her neck. It split, blood spilling out. Kaitlyn cried silently as her life time shortened. The world slowly blackened, signalling yet another death.

Ian (Boy #5) ran through the building which was the hospital. He gripped his blood-stained sickle tightly, not wanting to give up. Smoke came out from one of the upper floors. Ian smiled as he crept up the stairs and into one of the rooms. Raven (Boy #9) sat, asleep. Ian traced his sickle across the neck of the sleeping boy, killing him.

Ian crept up another floor. Robin (Boy #3) and John (Boy #10) were squatting around a small fire. Ian threw his sickle at John's head; killing him. He kicked Robin, leaving him on the ground. John's weapon was a gun. Yet another one. Ian smirked as he picked the gun up, and sent a shot into Robin's stomach, and then his neck.

This is so easy, Ian thought, scavenging the bags, And now I have a gun! I can super win this!

Miss Birkett stood once more at her podium reading the deaths, "So! It has been two days! Only one left! Today's deaths in order. Cass, Libby, Abby, Dillon, Kaitlyn, Raven, John aaaaannnndddd Robin! 11 remain! Who will win?!"