Hi all! This is my first CSI: NY fic. It's indeed on of my favorite shows, so of course I had to try my hand at writing about it. I hope you all enjoy! And reviews are welcomed;-)

"You've got a phone?!"


"Call 911, tell them a man's been shot!"

Mac squeezed his distraught eyes shut as he kept hearing a gun shot ring through his head…The gun shot that he wasn't prepared for…The gun shot that gave him this horrible brain disorder…The gun shot that almost took his life.

Slowly he opened his eyes and stared at his Ipad beneath him. Pictures of things such as a cat, a ball, a phone, a chair…all things that were lost to him. Closely, he stared at the picture of the cat, remembering that it was something that meowed and purred, but what on earth was it called?

After a few frustrating minutes, he slid the Ipad across his desk and sunk his face in his hands, trying not to let his emotions get the best of him. How was he going to be able run a crime lab when he didn't even know what a common household pet was or what color the sun was? All he knew that if he couldn't fix this soon, then retirement may come sooner than he had planned.

"But can I really give all of this up?" he said out loud to himself.

"What exactly are you giving up?"

Startled, Mac looked up only to be greeted by Christine's beautiful smile that seemed to fill the whole room with warmth, as well as his heart. It was a feeling he hadn't felt since he was with Claire and a feeling he never thought he would feel for anyone else after Claire had passed away. While Claire would indeed always be the love of his life, he still felt intense feelings for Christine, maybe even love. Could he really be in love again?

Snapping back to reality, Mac rose from his desk chair and returned a smile as he made his way over to her, glad to have a distraction from his frustrating word games.

"Oh nothing, just talking to myself. It uh, has to do with a case I'm working on," he lied, as he took her hands into his.

"Well I hope you're not working too hard because I have something I wanted to ask you," she said.

"I'm all ears. Ask away."

Hesitating a moment, she looked down at their hands intertwined together, briefly removing one of hers to gently place her hair behind her ear before continuing. "Well a friend of mine has a beach house not to far from here, and she's going to be out of town this weekend. So I thought maybe you and I could go and have a romantic weekend there. You know, moonlit walks on the beach, walking up to the sounds of the ocean instead of traffic and people, making love on the beach…"

"Wow," was all Mac could manage to say as he tried to hide the redness his cheeks.

Cringing, Christine overlapped their hands as she stared down at them. "Wow good or wow bad?"

Placing his forefinger under her chin and gently lifting her head up, Mac smiled. "Defiantly good. You just took me by surprise there for a minute. But I love the idea. I could use a couple days away from here."

Christine smiled as Mac gave her a kiss that made her heart melt. "Well now I think it's my turn to say wow."

"Why's that?"

"Because I thought I would practically have to kidnap you before you agreed to leave this place for a couple days, especially since you were gone from here for six months straight."

Mac sighed, and glanced over at his Ipad sitting on his desk. "Yeah well, I just feel that a couple of days without any worries sound good to me right now."

"Well okay, it's settled then. How about I meet you back here tomorrow night after work and we'll head out?"

"Sounds good," he replied, giving her another peck on her lips.

"I can't wait to get you on that sand."

With a giggle she wrapped her arms around his neck as he smiled at her. She then leaned in towards him and engaged him in another kiss, this time neither of them letting up. As she held on tighter to him, the world around him soon became blurry as he felt her body up against his. He then felt himself backing up into his desk as the kiss between them soon became more passionate by the minute. For the first time in weeks, he wasn't thinking about his brain disorder or his work worries, he was just in the moment, feeling happier than he had felt in a long time.

"Hey, Mac we have a- Oh…Uh excuse me, sorry."

Suddenly bringing himself back to reality, Mac and Christine quickly parted from one another. Standing behind them was Jo, who looked not only uncomfortable, but a little red in the face as well.

"Uh, no it's okay, Jo. Christine was just coming by to tell me something."

Clearing her throat, Christine nodded. "Uh yeah, and now I'm done and I'll be leaving you guys to your police work. I'll see you later," she finished as she gave him a quick kiss.

Mac then watched as she quickly walked out of his office, soon leaving an awkward moment for him and Jo to share.

After a moment of silence, Jo couldn't help but smile. "Boy I guess Danny was right, we really do need some do not disturb signs around here."

Mac grinned as Jo began to chuckle, and replied. "Very funny. So speaking of disturbing, what'd you need to tell me?"

"Oh nothing, just that we have a homicide we need to get to," she replied, trying to stifle a laugh.

"Alright, let me just grab my coat."

"Oh you mean she didn't throw it across the room during your 'heated' discussion?" Jo asked with a laugh.

Throwing his coat on, Mac smiled. "Ha, ha very funny. Let's just get to this homicide shall we?"

"Well let's just hope this case is a quick one, cause I'm sure Christine would love to finish what you guys started."

"Oh just hush…"


About twenty minutes later, Mac and Jo pulled up to the crime scene before them. Yellow tape, several red and blue lights flashing, blood pouring over the cool cement…It was something Mac had unfortunately witnessed too many times. More times than he should have. He just never understood how someone could take another person's life in cold blood. Even when he's had to take lives in order to save others he still always felt guilt creep upon him. Taking a life was something he was never going to get used to. He just wished that other people could feel the same way he did.

He slowly made his way over to the scene, lifting up the yellow crime scene tape which allowed him and Jo to go through. Feelings of rage soon turned into feelings of sadness when he layed his eyes on the victim. It was a young girl, approximately around sixteen years old, with deep cuts and bruises all over body, along with a gunshot wound on her petite stomach. She was wearing a black skirt that came right up above her knees along with a light blue button up blouse and black open toed high heel shoes. She had auburn hair that flowed out from underneath her, making her beauty complete and making her death seem all the more tragic.

"What do we have here?" Mac asked as he set his kit on the ground.

Approaching him with a notepad in his hand, Flack spoke up. "This is Lisa Adams. She's fifteen years old and lives here in Manhattan with her parents. Witnesses say that this was a dump job. A car pulled up to the sidewalk and she was pushed out here."

"Did anyone get a good look at the car or get the license plate?"

"All I got was it was black and sporty."

"That ought to narrow it down," Mac replied, annoyed.

Flack nodded. "Yeah no kidding."

"Well if we can't get the witnesses talking, then we'll just have to see what she tells us and stop at nothing to make sure that we find that little black car, and that we find it fast…."