NOTE: I only started to watch "Alphas" when my favorite actor, John Pyper-Ferguson, started to guest star on it as Stanton Parish. JPF is so hot and handsome and sexy! I ended up liking the show. I still hope that they do not kill Stanton. I do not believe he is an actual sociopath. He has out-lived everyone he loved and I believe he has locked his heart away from the world. His heart has been broken so many times that he just cannot take it anymore. I feel very sorry for him.

This story is my version of what happens after the Season Two finale that just aired.

Sadly, "Alphas" has been officially cancelled! But people like you and me can keep it alive here!

Now, enjoy my new story!

Five Years After The "Grand Central Station Lights"

"They had seizures," Rosen said as he and his team examined the photographs they had from the station. "Nobody died. Maybe that was indeed Stanton's plan."

"I don't get it," Kat said.

"Kat, flashing lights can cause people to have a seizure," Rosen explained. "Especially if they are already epileptic. That's why they tell epileptics not to play video games. There are two types of seizures, grand mal and petit mal. The grand mal seizure is when you see the shaking and convulsing. Petit mal seizure is when the person simply falls asleep. That's what all these people had."

"Was this Stanton's intent or was he really trying to kill these people?," Harken asked.

"Does it matter?," Cameron asked. "He was gone when we all woke up and we can't find him." He kicked the wall and looked at Rosen. "Why didn't you kill that bastard when you had the chance?"

"Believe me, Cameron," Rosen said. "He's living with the pain, sorrow, and guilt of his actions. We will find him."

"And he's now likely living like a fugitive," Harken pointed out. "He knows that many people are looking for him."

"I don't think he's even in New York anymore," Rosen said. "But I doubt if he will leave the country. We need to use the news media and social media to try to track him down."

"I'll get on the internet," Cameron said as he walked down the hall and into an office.

"Since we have most of Red Flag now, there are not many of Stanton's allies out free anymore," Rosen pointed out to the rest of the team. "We don't have Cornell, Eddie, or Mitchell. We have the rest of them in custody and I think Stanton knows it."

"I think we should go either west or south," Harken suggested. "He might want to get as far from this city as possible. I would think he'd be someplace like Florida, California, Texas, or Hawaii. I think we should focus on those states."

"I would try smaller towns rather than big cities," Rosen agreed. "It's a fact that many fugitives hide in big cities, like Miami or Dallas. Few hide in small towns. So, we start there."

"Well, let's start mapping out these small towns," Rachel said.

"Where's Gary?," Nina asked. "Let's see what he can get for us."

The team got down to work. They were more than determined to find where Stanton was hiding and what he may be planning next.