Rosen and his team stood near the docks as the morning sun glared down on everyone. They watched as the Cassady siblings' boat came into the docks. Irene, Horatio, Kerry, and Justin got out of the boat and then helped Cameron out. Cameron's hands were still bound as he walked, escorted, to the team.

"Stay away from our island," Horatio instructed as he shoved Cameron towards the team. "Cameron has something he needs to talk to all of you about," Irene told the team.

Harken removed the rope from Cameron's wrists.

"We've already informed the dock keepers that you and your team are no longer welcome on Jupiter," Horatio said. "So, don't even bother calling for permission."

Kerry and Justin started to walk back towards the boat. Horatio glared at the team.

"Come on, Irene," Horatio said as he started to walk away. "Let's go home."

Irene nodded. She followed her brother back to the boat.

"Are you hurt, Cameron?," Rosen asked.

"No, not at all," Cameron replied. "And I do need to tell you all a few things."

The team watched as the boat sailed away from the docks.

Episode Two Coming Soon!

Author's Notes:

1. I gave the turn-around to Stanton for a few reasons. First, I am a big fan of John Pyper-Ferguson ever since he was on "Brisco County Jr" in 1993 to 1994. Second, I never thought the character was a sociopath anyway. If you see the episode "Memory Serves" (which introduced Mitchell), you see him express pain and remorse for the death of Danielle. I also believed that the real reason for Stanton's agenda is the fact that he endured so much after out-living his entire family. Can you imagine that? Although in the episode "Gods and Monsters" he tells Rosen that he had his memories, he must have really truly been lonely and heartbroken.

2. "Alphas" has been officially cancelled. In my stories, Stanton has made a turnaround.

3. I plan more Mitchell in future stories. Sean Astin is also a cutey. JPF is still cuter and hotter, no matter what.

4. JPF also worked with Sean Astin's father. In "Brisco County Jr" John Astin played the role of Professor Wickwire, an inventor. JPF was an outlaw whose plans always backfired. Yet, his character (named Peter Hutter), never killed anyone. He was mainly a thief; robbing banks, trains, and stagecoaches.

5. The actor who plays Cornell Scipio is Elias Toufexis. Video game players may recognize him as Sal in the game "Need for Speed Carbon"!

6. John Pyper-Ferguson is the hottest man alive!