Well... here are some 'deleted scenes' in my story: I'm Here For You (or I'm Always Here For You)

They are mixed Humor, Drama, etc. etc.

chapter 1: Endou Faces Hiroto's Wrath

Genre: Humor

"Nee... where's Captain?" Fubuki said as he looked around the clubroom.

"He's punished. He didn't take our Physics Quiz seriously awhile ago." Someoka said with a small hint of amusement on his face.

The others merely shook their heads.

"Nee, Hiroto-senpai?" Shourin said as he looked at his red-haired senior.

"What is it?" Hiroto said as he looked at Shourin from reading a book, trying to avoid to be included in the 'chaos' happening inside the room.

"How's Kazemaru-senpai?" Shourin asked and the others looked at him.

"He's fine. He's resting." Hiroto said and turned back to his book.

"Hey, Senpai?" Kabeyama suddenly called.

"Yes?" Hiroto said.

"Is it true that Kazemaru-senpai always teases you about nonsense things just to annoy you when you two are alone?" Kabeyama said.

Hiroto's face turned to a shade like Someoka's hair. "W-what?"

"Is it also true that Kazemaru-senpai starts a pointless argument when he's bored and decides to take it on you?" Kabeyama continued asking.

The others were trying to stop him until Hiroto, whose face was hidden under his hair, suddenly stood up and got a soccer ball.

The whole room was silent as they watched Hiroto. What was the red-head planning?

Midorikawa's eyes widened and Gouenji noticed this.

"Mido, is there something wrong?" Gouenji asked.

A sudden black and purple aura appeared on Hiroto, making everyone take a step back.

"H-Hiroto... W-what ever y-y-you are pl-planning-" Midorikawa was interrupted when Hiroto suddenly smiled. Not just a regular and charming smile of his, mind you. Okay, okay. A creepy BUT still charming smile.

"Hmmmm... Such a nice sunny day." Hiroto's creepy voice said. "I wonder where our Captain is...?" Hiroto said as he went out of the clubroom, his dark aura following him around.

"W-what was that about?" Kidou said as he looked at Midorikawa.

"A scary side of Hiroto who rarely witnesses." Midorikawa said. "Not even Nagumo, Suzuno or the others at Sun Garden can stand and fight Hiroto at this state."

"This state?" Gouenji asked the green-haired soccer player.

"It's either you meet Death himself, or lose your sanity." Fudou said bluntly.

"Huh?" Everyone said with curious looks on their faces.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" A familiar scream came from outside.

"Speaking about death," Fudou said with a smirk.

"That voice sounds familiar..." Kidou said while thinking.

"Yeah... I know that too." Fubuki said.

'You... All of you are a bunch of idiots.' Fudou thought as he looked at his teammates who were deep in their own thoughts. 'And they say Spikey (Gouenji) and Goggles (Kidou *who else?*) are the smartest?!'

"CAPTAIN/ENDOU/ENDOU-SAN!" Everyone said as they rushed to the door and run outside.

'Finally.' Fudou thought as he walked outside and stayed under the tree, watch the scene with a hint of interest.

-With Hiroto and Endou-

"He-Hey Hiroto. I-I-I didn't mean to okay?" Endou said as he shook in fear as the red-head collected all the soccer balls he could find around the place, then put it on the middle of the field. He got a good total of more than 50 soccer balls.

"Hmmmm?" Hiroto said with a creepy, cheerful voice. "Captain..."

"W-what is it?" Endou looked at Hiroto nervously.

"Let's. Play. Soccer." And with that, black-covered soccer balls went flying towards Endou.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Endou's scream was so loud, it made the poor birds who were resting peacefully in the forest fly due to fright and shock.

After Hiroto's attacks, he looked at Endou with his creepy smile on his face. Then he proceeded to take the soccer balls back to the middle. Nope. He's not yet done with Endou. Another round and he would be contented.

"I lost one of my soccer balls." Hiroto muttered.

"CAPTAIN/ENDOU/ENDOU-SAN!" Everyone said as they went out.

They had shocked looked on their faces as they saw Endou on the field, lying.

Hiroto went inside the clubroom, humming a random song he could think of. As soon as he got inside, he shut the door loudly.

"Th-that's-" Kidou started to say.

"Hiroto's 'evil' and 'possessed' side." Midorikawa said without thinking.

Kidou was reluctant to open the door since there was Hiroto's black aura, going out of the possible places it could go out. But, he needs to stop Hiroto before they could see Endou's funeral the next day. But with Hiroto's 'evil and possessed side', maybe his funeral would be tomorrow too.

Then, a small groan was heard.

"Captain!" Kabeyama screamed.

Then, the door suddenly opened. Hiroto walked calmly as he carried a soccer ball on his hand.

"H-Hiroto!" Endou pleaded as Hiroto placed the ball in the middle of the field.

"Goodnight, Captain." Hiroto said as the soccer balls went directly to him.

'May Endou rest in peace.' Fudou and Tobitaka thought at the same time.

Then, a soccerball landed beside Hiroto. He turned to everyone and said:

"Who wants to be next?"

'May our souls rest in peace.' Fudou and Tobitaka tought at the same time, again.

Sooo... That's chapter 1!