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Chapter 2:

Gouenji's Confession

Genre: Drama and Romance

From Chapter: 9

As Tsunami his entered empty classroom, he sighed. Then he noticed a worried looking Handa looking at him.
"Handa, are you alright?" Tsunami asked.
"I'm fine. I'm just worried for you." Handa said.
"Me? Why?" Tsunami asked.
"I saw you confessing to Kazemaru." Handa said.
Tsunami froze.
"But, I have to admit that I confessed to him too." Handa said. "But, the only thing I'm worried about is... I don't want you to get hurt."
"What do you mean?" Tsunami asked.
"A lot of us from the team likes Kazemaru." Handa said seriously. "But... Kazemaru likes someone..."
Tsunami frowned.
"He likes Hiroto. And Hiroto likes him." Handa said. "And it's very obvious."
Tsunami just looked away, angry.
"You know, why don't you just... sacrifice your love for Kazemaru just to make him happy?" Handa asked. "Being with Hiroto makes him happy and seeing him happy... Makes me happy... I don't want to stress him any further Tsunami. You already confessed and he already knows about it... But... He knows that he likes Hiroto."
Tsunami just frowned even more.
"Because I already did," Handa said. He wanted to make Tsunami understand how to make Kazemaru happy. "If you love him, do this for him."
Good thing, Tsunami understood.
"Your right." Tsunami said, smiling.

/Outside the classroom/

A green haired teen heard the conversation of Tsunami and Handa.

"If I love him, do this for him...?" He whispered to himself. "I... would sacrifice my love for Hiroto just to see Hiroto happy...?"

After a few seconds, the said teen walked away to his classroom quietly with the same words echoing inside in his head.

What he didn't notice was... Gouenji was silently looking at him.

"Mido..." Gouenji said as he felt that he wanted to approach the green haired teen and hug him for comfort.

(The deleted scene coming up)

Midorikawa went to his classroom while thinking about those words. He was lucky he was all alone. The other students were either at lunch, or at their respective clubs.

"Hiroto's bright smiles are because of Kazemaru. It makes me happy when I see them. But... am I really ready to let go?" Midorikawa asked himself.

Then, the door opened. It was Gouenji, a classmate of his. And his team mate.

Instead of going to his own seat, like he always do everytime he enters his classroom, he wnet straight to Midorikawa.

"Go-Gouenji..." Midorikawa said as he looked at Gouenji.

One of the most rare things happened, Gouenji smiled at HIM!

"Mido." Gouenji said, his face red as he blushed. "I have something to tell you."

Midorikawa didn't really want to talk to anyone, but he wanted to take his mind off some things. Midorikawa remained silent and waited for Gouenji to continue.

The mood in the room became heavy all of the sudden as Gouenji didn't make any syllables out of his mouth.

Then... Finally...

But... These words were not the words Midorikawa expected.

"I love you, Midorikawa." Gouenji said as he looked at Midorikawa with a serious look.

Midorikawa turned bright red with this. He didn't know. He never knew of Gouenji's feelings for him.

"W-why me...?" Midorikawa said as he looked at Gouenji with a confused look. "T-there's Fubuki... "

"There are no other reasons for me to tell you why I love you." Gouenji said. "The only reason why I love you is because YOU are Midorikawa Ryuuji."