Hogwarts, a place I use to know well,

Now it's destroyed, practically because of me. yes, I am lord Voldemort. Harry potter managed to defeat me, now I don't know where I am, I could see, but everything was black. There was a figure in the distance, it came closer,

"my lord?" it was Bellatrix, "are we dead?" she said, "quite frankly, yes we are," I replied. "what is this place, my lord?" she said, I only went silent as a big flashing light apeared, we both were sucked in that light by an unknown force.

I woke up on a bed, in what seemed to be bedroom. I heard voices coming from outside, "is he alright? Is he alive?" a voice said, "shut up Fenrir," said another voice, which I knew belonged to Snape. "well, Bellatrix is okay," another voice said, I got up fiding myself in a silked black robe, much nicer than my old one.

It has a cape attached to the shoulders, spikes along the shoulder line. It was great, I admit, I opened the door to find some of my inner circle death eaters, Fenrir, Lucius, Draco, Narcissa, Severus, and Rachel.

And ofcourse Bellatrix, she also has emerged from the other room, "Severus, you're alive?" I said, "ofcourse he is, I knew you were going to kill him, so I made a substitute for severus, a kind of robot actually," Rachel said, I frowned, I knew severus betrayed me, "well, my lord, I'm sorry. But I just couldn't let him die," she continued, I know she has a thing for Severus.

"my lord!" Bellatrix suddenly said and ran to me, she hugged me. Surprisingly, I didn't mind at all, but neither did I hugged back. "bella!" Narcissa said as she went to Bellatrix, "Cissy!" the hugged eachother.

"how did you manage to bring me and the others back?" I asked, seeing as a few of my death eaters coming out of the other rooms. "I'm a grim reaper, sir, I can ressurect the dead," Rachel said, "IF, they are willing to change their behavior," she continued, eyeing me and Bellatrix.

"change their behavior? What?" Fenrir said, "well, yes, you have to do good if you want to stay alive," Rachel said, some of the death eaters whispered and looked at eachother, "deal?" she said, giving me her hand, I took it, "yes," I said, willing to change.