Astrid Peth

"Come on Riv!" LJ half-dragged River along by the arm as he pulled her down the busy streets of London circa the modern era.

"J just tell me where we're going," River huffed, "You're as bad with directions as your father, thank God you've got your mum's sense of timing though."

LJ pouted, "I'm not THAT bad!"

River blinked, "You were aiming for London and we ended up on Neptune."

"Well…" he rubbed the back of his neck at that rather large error.

"You tried for the university and we ended up on the formerly Lost Moon of Poosh!"

"But that was…"

"You attempted getting us to Croydon and we ended up in Aberdeen!"

"Oi!" he mock-glared, "Dad did that t…" he trailed off wincing as River lifted a delicate eyebrow and crossed her arms, her point made, "Right…"

He WAS as bad as his father with directions at time.

"So just tell me where we're heading and I'll help get us there," she lifted her wrist to bring up a small holographic map of London on her VM.

LJ sighed, defeated, "Fine. I'm trying to find the Mr. Copper Foundation."

"Ok," she nodded, her curls bouncing as she did so, typing in the information, "Can I ask why?"

"There's someone there I'd like you to meet."

She looked up at him, her eyes narrowed, "Who?"

"It's a surprise," he grinned.

She rolled her eyes as she took the lead, the VM leading them, "The last time you said that you wanted to surprise me and introduce me to someone, we ended up getting run out of Queen Elizabeth's court."

He laughed at that, "But it was fun though!"

She had to smile, it really was.

They turned a corner and stopped short, staring up at the building with 'Mr. Copper' written in the front of it.

LJ closed his eyes and rubbed his face, "Please don't tell me it was right around the corner…"

River smirked, "And you were heading in the opposite direction."

He sighed, shaking his head, before crossing the street and heading in, well, about to head in. LJ stepped to the side, holding the door open for a young woman with brown hair and a red bag to leave, the woman smiling in thanks at him as she left. He smiled, nodding at his good deed, before he entered with River. The shop looked mostly like an electronics shop, various gizmos and gadgets, computers and bits of tech everywhere. But if you looked closely enough, you could see quite a few of the advancements were a bit…well…advanced…for Earth at the current time.

"Hello," a lovely blonde woman at the front desk greeted, "How can I help you?"

LJ grinned as he sauntered up to her, "Hello!"

The woman blinked, "Hello?" before she frowned, eyeing LJ, "Sorry…do I know you?"

"Not me personally no," LJ laughed before pulling River over, "Riv, meet Astrid Peth."

Astrid blinked again, startled he knew her name, she looked down at her name tag, yes it said Astrid, but it didn't say Peth…

"Hello," River smiled, reaching out to shake the startled woman's hand, "I'm River Song, LJ's told me a lot about you."

"He…has?" Astrid frowned, curious.

"Yep!" he beamed, "Sorry, LJ Smith," he shook her hand as well, "You probably know my parents."

Astrid stared at him, waiting for him to explain further, she met a lot of mothers and fathers who wanted a special gift for their children.

River rolled her eyes and whacked LJ on the arm, "The Doctor and Evy," River told the woman.

"OH!" Astrid's eyes widened as she gasped, her hand covering her mouth as she stared at LJ, "You're their…but you're…" she looked him up and down, "But how…"

"Time travel," LJ shrugged, "It's better to just not ask at times."

"Trust me," River nodded, seeing Astrid about to speak again, "It really IS better not to ask otherwise this dunce won't shut up in answering you."

"You wound me Riv," LJ put a hand over the center of his chest in mock-hurt.

"You give me an earache J," she shot back just as quickly.

LJ laughed as Astrid just stared back and forth between them, "Sorry, just wanted to pop in and see how you were. Mum and dad told me about you and I told Riv here and I thought I'd just swing round, meet you for myself."

Astrid smiled, "I'm doing alright, me and Mr. Copper."

"Good, good," he nodded, "Staying out of trouble?"

"Just running a shop," Astrid nodded, "Simple electronics, nothing that's TOO advanced for this day and age, but just on the cusp."

"Brilliant," LJ beamed.

River just looked at Astrid as she smiled at LJ, here was a woman who probably wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Evy's penchant for doing the impossible. LJ had told her the story of Astrid Peth, how his parents had met her on a replica of the Titanic, how they'd saved the Earth from being the site of a nuclear disaster, how Astrid had nearly died saving the Time Lords, only for Evy to manage to save her in return. It was an important moment for his parent, she knew, their first adventure as equals, their first adventure as true Time Lords. Yes, Evy always was one, but the Doctor hadn't known at the time, so the Titanic was really their first adventure together without any secrets.

It was an incredible moment and Astrid was an incredible woman to turn down the offer of adventures in the TARDIS to care for the old Mr. Copper.

The bell to the shop rang again and Astrid pulled her gaze away from LJ to the newest customer, a rather frazzled looking boy with a laptop, "Oh sorry," she frowned, "But…work."

They nodded, understanding, and bid her a farewell, "It was brilliant to meet you," LJ smiled at her.

"It really was," River said, sincere.

Astrid beamed at that, "Please tell the Doctor and Evy that I say hello?"

"Of course," LJ nodded.

"And…" Astrid called when they turned to go, "Tell them…thank you."

"No problem," LJ promised, taking River's hand and leading her out.

A/N: It's a little short, probably my second shortes, but…I've worked out the next series I'll be doing. The Alphabet! Each chapter will involve something from DW that starts with the next letter of the alphabet, either a person, place, event, device, really anything from DW…so the length would really depend on what I come up with for each letter. If anyone has any suggestions for the next letter, B, just let me know :) If I get more than one request I'll jot them down and mix them up and pick from bits of paper which will come next :)

Oh, and sorry! I just realized I hadn't answered this in the last chapter, for LJ, I'd say he'd be considered an adult around...500/600? I feel like, physically he'd appear as an adult by 200, but in terms of how his people see him, he'd still be a bit of a child. And...given his personality, I doubt he'd EVER really be considered an adult, look at the Doctor lol :)