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Hi, this is my first Heartbeat story. The idea came into my head at about 10.00 last night. Obviously haven't finished it. Will be uploading next chapter in a couple of days time. Hope you enjoy. PLEASE read and review. I am hoping this story will spark Heartbeat stories up a little bit seeing as there are hardly any at the moment. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1. Shirts.

Jennifer Latimer, aka Jenny Merton, swung the door closed behind her and ran into the living room. She quickly threw her jacket of her shoulders, ripped her top of, replaced it with a fresh one from the laundry pile sitting on the coffee table, threw her jacket back on her shoulders and stopped. Stopped only for a second. She sighed and carried on with her day.

Dennis Merton, aka 'Sarge', slammed the door of his office shut with a quick sigh. Ignoring the knock on the door from his colleague Alf Ventress, he loosened his tie, unbuttoned and removed his shirt and replaced it with a fresh one from the pile sitting next to his desk. Tightening his tie again and throwing on his police jacket, he stopped and took a moment to take a quick sigh at the pile of dirty shirts sitting at the other end of his desk.

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