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Chapter 3

"Ray, I don't know how it happened." Dennis frustrated, sitting down at his desk and showing Ray to the seat opposite with his hands. "One minute he's here, next minute he's six foot under." Dennis held his head in his hands for a minute then looked back at his brother. What he thought was his brother. He hadn't seen him in over 6 years. He still blamed him for the death of his mum. Our mum, Dennis! "I was going to organise the funeral and everything..." Ray started with an apologetic tone to his voice but Dennis interrupted before he got anything else out. "Jenny's sorting it out." "Jenny?" "My Wife." He said looking up and scowling at Ray. "You're WIFE!?" Ray shouted standing up violently, sending his chair flying out behind him. "You're married! I know it's been 6 years, mate, but seriously! Married!" He took a quick breathe then carried on. "I didn't kill mum. I had nothing to do with that. You of all people should know that. I know I had a drug problem and I know it hurt a lot of people, most of all you, but you know I would never, EVER do anything like that. Cutting me of from your marriage is a little extreme don't you think? Who is this Jenny? She's probably 10 years younger than you and knocked up already isn't she. You've never been able to look after yourself. I haven't either. But at least I've changed. At least I know when to stop." He looked disgustingly at Dennis then left, slamming the office door behind him. Dennis looked up then buried his head in his hands again. He didn't need this.

When Liz saw Jenny walk back through the doors of the surgery, she was cross. Pleased but cross. She carried on with her work until there finally came a break in the patients and went out to see her. There was only one patient left and Jenny was talking to them. Liz walked over, tapped Jenny on the shoulder then, without checking to see if she was following, walked around the corner to a hidden corner that contained Jenny's desk. Jenny had followed and might as well have been walking on Liz' heals, for when Liz stopped and turned around Jenny almost walked straight into her. "Jenny..." Liz began but Jenny put her hand up. "Liz, I know you're worried about me..." "I am!" "...and I appreciate that. But please, the last thing I need at the moment is somebody else telling me to stop. I have got a lot going on at the moment and it is easier for me to take it on and not have to continuously reassure everyone that I am fine." She stopped and looked pleadingly at Liz. Liz did a half smile giving her 'not happy but okay' look and went back into the waiting room. Jenny sighed then went back to work.

At 7'00, Jenny had left the surgery and was heading home. Liz was giving her a lift as usual and, as normal, pulled into the Aidensfield Arms for a drink. Jenny hesitated but one look from Liz told her not to argue and she proceeded to getting out of the car. They walked into the pub and, as Liz went to order a couple of drinks, she saw Phil was just leaving. Carefully avoiding Liz' line of view, she went up to him. "Phil, I need a lift home." She said, quickly and quietly. "I've got too much work to do but because I am pregnant Liz doesn't want me to do it. Please." Phil looked over at Liz, then back at Jenny before gently pushing her in the direction of the door. He sighed when, just outside the door, Jenny reached up and kissed him on the cheek.

Dennis was surprised when Jenny came home especially when Phil had dropped her off but carried on ploughing through his paperwork nonetheless. Jenny went in and went upstairs almost immediately. Within five minutes Dennis could hear her shouting. "Dennis? Where's the funeral plans? I left them here right on my desk." She came downstairs to find Dennis holding them up above his head for her to take but she went around to face him instead. "I told you not to go in my desk. It messes everything up. I have an order and I like to stick to it. Considering you're a police officer I thought you would have understood that." She left looking a bit wound up but extremely tired.

At around 11pm, Dennis went up to bed to find Jenny still working as furiously as ever. He went over to her and kissed her on the cheek. She didn't show that she noticed but when Dennis kissed her on the neck and stroked her hair, she flipped out. She needed rest. She was working too hard and wasn't accepting any help from any of her friends. 'No wonder she collapsed. He thought. He went to bed leaving Jenny to it. She wasn't going to accept any help from anyone. Not even him. Her husband.

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