Chapter one A/N: This is based off Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Listen to it before you read this if you haven't heard it.

Wisteria Lovegood sat in the library, reading a book on uses of dragons blood, rather enjoying the quiet. Sirius smiled, knowing better to interrupt her reading. He enjoyed seeing her in her little world like this. Her literary world.

The library doors swung open and Sirius turned his head to watch as Lucius Malfoy swaggered in. He watched as Wisteria looked up at him, lovingly, longingly. She smiled. He payed her no mind for a good while before turning to see her waiting like some pet for a greeting. He ran his hand through her hair. She closed her eyes.

"Good afternoon Lucius..."she said, her voice soft. He jerked on her hair."I didn't give you permission to speak yet."he said, his voice cold. She fell silent. He smirked."Good girl..."he purred softly, making her shiver. He pulled her up into a rough kiss and Sirius immediately turned his head away. He couldn't watch someone he loved kissing a lout like Malfoy.

He started to pull away, sinking his teeth into her soft bottom lip. She closed her eyes, not wanting that whimper she could feel building up to escape. She looked up at him, her icy, yet warm blue eyes filled with love for Lucius. And only Lucius.

Sirius walked back to the Gryffindor common room, a dark cloud settled over his head. "You alright, mate?"James Potter asked."No. No I'm not." Remus, James and Peter knew that tone. That dangerous calm tone. Sirius only used it when he was in that rare dark mood of his. "I need to save her...that bastard is abusing her..."Sirius growled. And he would.

He'd rescue her from the damnation she did nothing to deserve.

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