Chapter 1




Why had he come to this place, he wondered. It's not so much as his want, it's like he was called here. But not with the psychic paper, no. It was a small inkling in the back of his head. It just...called. And it led him here, to the very top of an old building, to the rooftop. The winds blow, and he could faintly hear the sound of traffic over the windy noise. It was noon, but clouds had hidden away the sun, making the sky look glum. He was about to dismiss this strange calling as one of his weirder telepathy quirks, but stopped when he sees a girl sitting on the ledge of the roof. Looking over the traffic below he presumed, her long black hair flying about.

Having found the source of the call, he strode to the girl confidently. And as though the girl could sense his presence, she turned around to face him. The Doctor had seen many things in his long life; blood, death, destruction-but the sight of her eyes managed to send a chill down his spine. They were dark and empty, lifeless.

"It's you," she said, looking at him. Her gaze unnerved him, and he feels absolutely stupid because he should have known. That look, he should have known better than anyone.

"Do I know you?" his mouth moved on its own volition before he could stop them.

The girl smiled; joyless. It was more of a sad, understanding smile than anything, but he couldn't have known, not at that time. "No, you don't." He didn't understand.

"Did-did you call for me?" the Doctor couldn't help stuttering. Her stare, her presence, it's wrong. He felt like he's missing something vital, like there's something he should have known.

"I... I suppose I did," was her answer, and she turned her head towards the view of the traffic below. The Doctor followed her gaze, and he realized just how high up they are-and the girl's very dangerous position on the rooftop edge. He furrowed his brows.

"I don't think it's safe for you to sit there," he said, walking towards the girl. "Why don't we move?" But before he could reach out for her, she had flinched away from him-as if burned. There was something about her, he decided, something that wasn't quite right.

"Don't touch me." The way she said those words, it wasn't with disgust or anger. And if he had to be honest, it was like she had no emotions. It was unnerving, like everything else about her.

"Sorry," the Doctor quickly apologized, putting his hands inside his pockets. The girl didn't say anything, and so he sat a few ways away from her, but close enough to make conversation. There was silence, not awkward, but not comfortable either, just silence.

He noticed her legs dangling precariously over the edge and opened his mouth to speak, but she beat him to it. "My parents divorced because of me." The Doctor went silent. "My grandmother is dead, and my brother ran away, all because of me." He didn't know how to answer to that. Why was this girl telling him?

"I have nothing left." And in that moment the Doctor understands, because he knows. Oh how he knows.

"Stop," he said, his voice hard. "Stop this right now."

The girl seemed to not hear him and continued, "Never good enough."

"Stop it!" without realizing it, he had grabbed the girl's shoulders with both hands. "You are not doing this, you are not!" He didn't know her, but he couldn't allow this, no.

"Do you know what it feels like?" she asked, for the first time staring right at him, not through him. Her dark eyes bore into his, and he wanted to scream. Because those eyes, they were so dead. She laughed mirthlessly, "I suppose you do."

He didn't realize that his arms had gone limp by his side. The girl walked backwards, until she's standing at the very edge of the roof. Her hair and clothes ruffled by the wind, but her eyes still on the Doctor. Just one step back, and she'll... Why did he let her? Why didn't he fight?

"It hurts," she admitted, and in that moment all the emotions she had been holding back crashed through. "I can't go on." Her voice broke, but the tears never came.

The Doctor reached out to her slowly, fearing her reaction. "Please," he pleaded, "Please, you don't have to-"

"But I know how to end it."She smiled; a rueful smile. All those years of fighting, living on, forgetting, he understands. He would know better than any other, he's been through it. And he couldn't deny it, so maybe...

"Goodbye, Doctor."

She fell. And he let her.




End/Chapter 1