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This fic starts around the beginning of the third season, probably after the episode with Steve and Danny's deep water fishing adventure. This is my first attempt with the third season, with all its nonsense...

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OK, let's go!

"Chin and Kono are here."

"Keep them outside. I don't want her in here."

"Ok, I'll try."

"Don't try, Danny. If she tries to get in here, arrest her. I'm not kidding."


She has a bad feeling when they get the call and they are headed towards the much too familiar address. She has a bad feeling when they get there, and there are at least five police cars, three ambulances, and two vans from the ME office at the premeces. She gets a worse feeling when she sees Danny's face as he stands at the big entrance, signaling them to stop. When he looks at her with a worried expression and asks her to stay outside, she is already fucking terrified.

She walks in, despite of Danny's desperate pleading, forcefully shaking his arm, when he tries to physically stop her. When she runs in to the house, she sees Max talking to Steve right above Adam Noshimuri's body, and she gasps as she sees the amount of blood. When Steve hears her, he turns sharply towards her and shouts "get the fuck out of here!" and initially, she can't understand what he wants. When she looks up at him, mortified, he already has a firm hold on her arm, as he drags her out of there. She crashes on the ground in front of the house, and throws up.


It takes her ten minutes to get her bearings, and to step tentatively back into the house. The rest of her team are there, looking at her worriedly, but at least, this time, nobody shouts.

The bodies are all covered, after the pictures had already been taken, and the ME assistants are preparing them for transfer. There are fifteen dead bodies in total. It looks like a massacre in there.

"Are you OK cuz?" Chin asks gently, walking towards her and putting his hand on her shoulder. She only nods silently, looking at the massive destruction and the blood.

She sees Steve looking at her with suspicion, and she tries to straighten her posture and to clear her voice. He scans her face carefully before he is somewhat satisfied, and continues with the assessment of the scene.

"We have fifteen dead bodies." He says to the rest of them, indicating towards the body bags "ten look like Yakuza members, with the right tattoos and the right suits. The other five, are unidentified." He doesn't really have to summarize it again, and she realizes he's doing it just for her benefit. She listens carefully, trying to focus on his face when he talks, because she's so grateful for the way he ignores her momentary weakness, and for his ability to compartmentalize like this. She tries to do the same, and mimic his professional attitude, she realizes, again, what a great leader he actually is. She draws strength from his clear and authoritative voice, and from his familiar stance and his usual air of command. She notices how he looks at her from the corner of his eye, pulling her gradually back into the conversation.

"I think we can exclude an accident, as a cause of death" Danny mumbles, looking at the bodies being carried away.

"Maybe a gang war, or a business conflict...?" Steve asks.

"You saw the wounds on some of these vics" Chin says "it's way too violent for a fight over turf."

"This is way to extensive for a usual disagreement " Danny grumbles indicating to the damage around the house."

"It looks like revenge" Kono says.


"Can you do this?" he asks when they stand near Chin's car, after they finish to go over the murder scene, without actually making any progress.

"It's fine, boss" she says, looking at him straight in the eyes.

"Look Kono, I know you and him had a..."

"He walked out of my life a few weeks ago. It's fine, Steve. You can trust me" she says it quickly, trying to convey her sincerity. "He was caught up in a very cruel and unforgiving world, and although we tried, we were over, eventually" she adds, when he looks unconvinced. "I can handle it, I swear. If anything, I can probably help you in this..."

He looks at Chin with a questioning look, and she knows this look immediately, he has it when he feels uncertain or worried. She resists the temptation to look at Chin and plead for his support, trying to show her confidence. It works, apparently, because when Chin nods to him, he quickly makes his decision and sends them to HQ to go over the photos.


She is able to identify seven of Adam's men. Two of them served as his personal bodyguards and she saw them in some of their meetings, five more, are familiar enough for her to be able to find their identity from the HPD archive and connect them to the Yakuza. Two more victims except of Adam, are assumed to be Yakuza members as well. They make this assumption due to their tattoos and their over whole appearance, but they are unaccounted for in the HPD files, so Chin sends their pictures to the Interpol and the to the Japanese police to try and make an identification. The other five are definitely not Yakuza. Chin is doing a search for them in the regular database. They work on this puzzle for hours, and she tries to stay focused and to be invested in the task at hand. Only... Adam's pictures are there with all the rest, and the severity and brutality of the attack on him is no less than overwhelming. She feels the bile rising up in her throat, and she has to breathe it away, and to shake the tears too, when it all threatens to drown her. The mere fact that she can actually do her job, is a good enough proof of her being over him, at this point. If she was still feeling as she was, a few weeks ago, she wouldn't be able to do the work at all. When, after only a couple of hours, she is able to scroll through his pictures, in a relatively detached way, she starts to wonder if her feelings for him were ever real.


They make some progress with the rest of the victims. Among the remaining five, three are accounted for in the HPD archive, but they have no identified affiliation to any crime organization. They still work on the details when Steve and Danny are back from the lab with new information.

"It was a shootout" Danny says, when they get in and they all gathered around the smart table.

Steve gives Kono a flash drive from the lab. When she uploads the photos of the bodies, he explains his theory.

"The shots are different" he explains, going over the photos "9 millimeters to the Yakuza victims and 42 millimeter to the three of the remaining five, it's compatible with the Yakuza weapons, we've recovered from the scene. Charlie is still working on the bullets, but after counting the hits, in the bodies and around the house, we can estimate there were at least four more weapons involved."

"So" Danny says, moving his arms and gesturing at the computer screen "basically we are speaking about a coordinated attack against the head of the Yakuza. The attackers sustained at least three casualties, but there were no survivors among the Yakuza members. We have unknown number of shooters at large, and we still don't know what caused this brutal assault. I mean, who the hell did Adam piss off?"

They all look at Kono, and she looks back at them in irritation. "What are you looking at me for?" she says to the three of them "how the hell should I know? I haven't seen the guy in almost a month."

"He was going on frequent business trips, wasn't he?" Chin asks her quietly "you said he was trying to legitimate his father's organization. Do you know where?"

"I honestly have no idea" she sighs "I'll have to get his travel information from the airport database."

"You'll do that." Steve says, already back in gear "Danny, Chin, I want to check the addresses of the three vics we identified." When the three of them start towards the exit, he shouts "Kono, call me with anything you find."


They get to the first address, and make a thorough search, but find nothing. It's a small apartment humbly furnished, and they can't even find any personal items there. The place is untidy, but there is an accumulation of dust on the furniture and it looks like no one was living there for a while. The second address is practically similar, it's when they get to the last place, when they make a real progress.

The last address is a larger house, in the edge of the neighborhood, with a big high fence obscuring it from the street. They make their breach in the regular fashion, and start clearing the house, when Danny shouts to them from the upper level. They find Danny standing in the bathroom, examining a dead body that lies on the floor. The whole place is covered with blood, and it looks like the guy was trying to get to a first aid kit, which is spilled on the floor beside him.

"I think we found one of the missing shooters" Danny says, as he's scanning the room around him. "I can see at least two sets of foot prints around him."

Before Steve has the chance to answer, his phone rings.

"Boss," he hears Kono's voice on the other side of the line "just got a call from the Japanese police liaison. They had a call from the Noshimuri estate in Osaka, earlier."

"What kind of call?" he says with increasing sense of unease. She sounds tensed. He has a real bad feeling about it, suddenly.

"A report of shooting inside the mansion, from one of the neighbors" she spits quickly "Steve. They found the whole family murdered in there. Adam's brother, his wife. Steve... they found their three children dead, too..."

"Steve" Chin shouts from the other room. He turns around still holding the phone listening to Kono's voice. "Steve. Get over here, now." Chin's voice sounds uncharacteristically tensed, almost desperate.

"Hold on, Kono" he says to the phone, walking quickly after Danny to the next room. When he gets there, he sees a big board covering the entire wall, with ,many many pictures of Adam and his companions. There are descriptions of Adam's travels and cars. There are the restaurants he goes to. There are pictures of him meeting business associates, and family, and friends. There are red marks around the heads of few of them, and they recognize three of the marked people from the morning's still unidentified Yakuza victims. There are similar marks around Adam's family, and the pictures are taped near the Osaka map. It looks like a very precise and organized plan. A plan that took weeks, even moths to prepare. They move their eyes all over the wall, in silence. When Steve looks at Chin with a questioning look, he sees him holding the edge of the desk, breathing deeply trying to regain control.

"What's wrong?" Steve's question intermingles with the exact same question which comes from Kono that is still on the line.

Chin only indicates to the lower side of the wall in front of him. There are three pictures there, of Adam and Kono. One of them sitting in a restaurant, one in the Hilton, and the third shows them hugging in front of Kono's house. All three of them look shell-shocked at the photos. When Chin hands Steve a fourth one, and it's a picture of Kono, at the sea, with her surfboard, and when he sees the red mark around her head, it's enough to raise his panic level to the roof.


"Stay there" he shouts to the phone "close the doors. Hold your gun. Don't let anyone in, until we get there." He starts running towards the car.

"What the fuck, Steve..." she argues.

"Did you hear what I say?" he cuts her off "will you just follow my orders, for once in your life?"

"Even if you're out of your fucking mind?"


They run outside and Danny is calling HPD and asks them to send a a police car to the entrance to Five-0, to keep visitors out. Chin is calling forensics and crime scene investigations, to come and start processing the house. Steve makes at least twelve traffic violations on their frantic drive back to her, and it's the first time Danny doesn't mind.


When they get there, they find her confused and angry. When they get out of the elevator she's standing behind the main wall and pointing her gun towards them. He has to admit, he has that warm, fuzzy, satisfied feeling, when he sees her obeying his orders like that.

He lets Chin explain what they found, while Danny and him go over the pictures she got from the Japanese police. If they thought the morning's findings at Adam Noshimuri's house was terrifying, than these pictures are telling a far more gruesome story. Among the victims are women and children. They look at each other with solemn expression.

"Someone is cleaning house" Danny mumbles, as Steve looks at him thoughtfully. They both wonder, what the fuck are they up against?


"What do you mean, I'm a target?" he raises his eyes to Kono's words.

"You were photographed with Adam, and identified as a target." Chin explains patiently. Again.

"I had nothing to do with Adam for the last month." she exclaims, looking at Steve and Danny in bemusement.

"You were followed" Chin continues "they had a picture of you near your house, and another one, on the beach."

"What does it mean, Chin?" she cries, stepping away from him, shaking her hands in front of her, as if she is trying to deny his suggestions.

"It means" Steve says from behind the smart table, as he pulls out his phone "it means, that I'm calling the US marshals."


It takes a few hours, with Steve buried in his office making calls to the governor, and the US marshals, arranging her protection plan. She stays in the main room, exchanging furious looks with Chin who refuses to listen to her arguments, and notifies her that she's not getting out of his sight. She can see he is mad. She can see the little tensed pull around his eyes each time he looks at Adam's photo, and the way he looks at her accusingly. They had this conversation before. For crying out loud, she dumped the guy, probably also because of the way he thought about him. She swears, if he dares say 'I told you so' she's gonna strangle him with her bare hands.

Danny is the only one who acts in a rational manner. He takes her aside and shows her the photos he took of the second crime scene, in the house. He shows her the photos and the red marks, and explains what they saw, and how they felt. He holds her hand, when she shakes her head at the images, and makes her laugh when he says "Chin and Steve are way too emotional, you have to cut them some slack..."


When her "over emotional" team leader comes out of his office, she has already uploaded Danny's photos to the computer, and the new photos from the crime scene are already in the archive. Chin is pushing her to try and identify the people in the pictures, but she can't. She usually met Adam in privacy, seldom with his personal body guards. He kept his business to himself, and kept everything secret. It was one of the more degrading things in their relationship. The thing that ended it, eventually. Admitting it again, to herself, and to her teammates, is even more degrading, if you ask her.

"I got a safe house for you." He notifies her.

"A safe house?" he must be joking.

"Well... more like a safe apartment, really..." he admits reluctantly.

"I'm not going to any safe house" she exclaims, looking at Danny with a mortified expression.

"The hell you aren't" it's Steve and Chin who say it together.

"Don't look at me, babe" Danny shrugs, folding his leg over his knee, and putting his hands behind his head "he stopped listening to me ages ago..."


He doesn't let her go home to take her things. He sends Chin to do that instead. She stands in the middle of HQ and lists out loud all the things she needs, making sure to emphasize things like swimsuits, make up and a very long list of women appliances and sanitary articles she doesn't even need just to make them see how absurd the whole thing is, and make them feel embarrassed. Chin only arches an eyebrow at this, and Danny smiles, seeing exactly what she is trying to do. The both of them were married, so they probably know about these things even more than she does, when she looks at Steve, he looks at her with that blank expression, and she suspects he has no idea what she's even talking about.


She refuses to call her mother to explain the situation. She can see Steve and Danny looking at her accusingly, like she's being spiteful, only she doesn't. Honestly. If they only knew her mom, they would have definitely see her point. She suggests that Chin will be in charge of the update to her family, but he gently refuses, and they all look at Steve, who has enough of this stupid discussion, and takes her phone to finally make the call. He remains glued to the phone, for the next twenty minutes, and she can see his anxiety level rises by the second, as he gets more and more acquainted with her... let's say... somewhat atypical mother.

"Hey, Steve, are you all right, babe?" Danny asks as his partner is off the phone, looking a bit dazed, and out of synch.

"Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine..." he mumbles unconvincingly "just had a terrible flashback of my old sergeant..."

"You too...?" Kono huffs, shaking her head in disappointment "and you call yourself a Navy SEAL..."

"You got it easy" Chin tells him, as they all walk towards the elevator "you could have found yourself talking to her father..."


Danny is going to the lab to get the results from the first murder scene, and to catch up with the findings from the second one. Chin is off to her house to bring her stuff, and she goes with Steve to the safe house. When they get there, it's a relatively large, one bedroom apartment with a large, fully furnished living room. It has a big kitchen and a large nice dining area, and it has big windows, with long, heavy white curtains. At the end of a short hall, there's a pretty large bedroom with a nice comfortable bed, and a big closet, and a bathroom attached, with an actual tub, a big counter and a mirror. It looks luxurious. Certainly ranks higher than her own little house. The building itself is nice too, a really high quality place, with a doorman and a nice lobby facing the street. The safe house is situated in the second floor, at the end of the hall, close to the stairs and to the elevators. She looks around her, satisfied. She can certainly do this, for a while.

"Right." she looks around her, swinging her arms from side to side "so I guess I'll see you at work tomorrow..."

"What do you mean?" he looks at her curiously.

"What do you mean, what do I mean?" she asks in trepidation "you're not..."

"We'll have three shifts" he explains in his usual decisive way "Danny will take the mornings, as he has Grace to take care of, Chin will take the evenings because I need him to handle the computer during the day, and I'll take the nights."

"I don't need babysitting, Steve. You are overreacting..."

"You're having 24 hours protection, and you're not getting out of this house, until I say it's safe to do so." he crosses his arms on his chest looking at her sharply. "This is not a discussion." He adds, in case she was wondering. Which, seeing him, she actually wasn't.

"But... But... What about work?" she asks in alarm.

"I'll get you a secured computer connection here, in a few days, so you can make yourself useful, but until I know you are safe, you are not going anywhere."

"You must be joking" she looks at him in shock.

"I've never been more serious in my life!"