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He wakes up with an unexpected sense of warmth around him. When he opens his eyes, he immediately remembers where he is. He takes a look at her sleeping form, she is buried against him, and he can move his eyes to her head that rests on his right shoulder. He lets his fingers run softly on the sensitive skin of her arm that hugs him around his chest. She holds him like that, her leg sprawled on top of his lower body. When he tries to change his posture, he can't because she holds him so close, like she tries to make sure he wouldn't escape. He smiles at the notion, he couldn't even if he wanted to. Which he doesn't. Ever. She has nothing to worry about.

It's a rare opportunity for him to be able to watch her like that, without any interruptions. Her beautiful face are relaxed, and she wears this cute expression, like she's deep in thoughts. He can't help the enormous sense of gratitude he feels towards life, the universe, and everything else for being able to keep her safe during this nightmare.

"What's wrong?" she ask suddenly, as if she can sense the feelings that are stirring inside him.

"Nothing" he whispers, stroking the hair away from her still sleepy face, when she sends him a cautious look "nothing at all."

"Hi" she smiles towards him after a while, moving herself to lie with her chin on his broad chest, looking intently into his face.

"Hi, babe" he smiles back.

She kisses him softly, her arms move gently on his skin, and she hovers above him, dominating his body. Dominating his world. They make love again. Slowly and deliberately, looking into each other eyes. The first ray of sunlight coming from the window, caresses their moving bodies.


They have a shower together. Well, that's actually might be an overstatement if you ask her. When he offers this specific aquatic activity she has a completely different idea than the speedy three minutes rhythm he forces her into. She tries to argue, sending her hands to specific locations of his anatomy, trying to prevent him from accomplishing his goal. He has the willpower of forged steel, apparently, because he is able to sustain her constant attacks. He forces her out of the shower, into her closes and is a second shy of dragging her ass straight to work. It's when he's on the phone with Danny, who is already at Bell's office explaining there are still no news, that she is able to make a stalling maneuver, and order breakfast to the room.


They sit on the balcony with a nice breakfast, watching the big blue ocean thirty four stories down. She watches him sitting on the chair, in his usual cargo pants, and blue tee shirt, his hand rests leisurely on her knee beside him, but his mind is in a completely different place.

She thinks about the last few days they spent together. Realizing she had never seen him so tense and unsure. Even when he was in the midst of his father's murder investigation, even when his sister was abducted, or when his mother came back and changed everything. He was able to handle everything, but this time it was harder. It was complicated and long. She could tell only by the sight of him, how he fought to carry everything on his shoulders, her safety, the details of the investigation, the constant pressure from the officials, and from the national law enforcement services... He took it all heads on, fighting for control, and taking the responsibility. She realizes for the first time, what a strong man he actually is.

He's different than Adam. It's like day and night. Because, not even once in the whole course of this awful case, even when he was reaching his limits, even when he was running on fumes, not once did he not put her first.

In all this mess of destruction and death around them, when they lost Donaldson, which she knows perfectly well he still sees as his fault, when his old archenemy, the killer of his father came back to haunt him, he was still protective, and caring, and sensitive to her sadness and to her needs.

She feels so stupid again, as her eyes are filled with unshed tears. This strong, courageous, beautiful man chose her above everything else. She can hardly believe it. She was so blind for so long. And him? Well, he must be fucking insane...

Well he is! If she's being completely honest, here. He's overprotective, and bossy as hell, and with damaged intrapersonal skills, and screwed up ideas of how a guy should behave or act... Lucky for him, she's not entirely sane herself, and if anything, she is always up for a decent fight.

"I love you" she whispers silently, because she can't keep it within herself anymore. He is preoccupied with something else, and he doesn't hear her, but he looks at her eventually, when he feels something shifts in the air around them. The beautiful, unique unexpected light in her eyes, makes him smile sheepishly with unease.

"Did you say something, baby?" he asks, trying to shake away his thoughts.

"I asked if you want to tell me about Bell" she says smiling. She'll tell him later. They have more pressing things to do, now.

He tells her everything he knows. Which is not a lot. He tries to be casual and matter-of-factly about it, but she can imagine how betrayed he must feel.

"Let's go to the CIA" she tells him decisively.

"I'm not sure it's wise" he drawls.

"I don't give a damn" she stands up "I want to hear them explain."

"I can't" he can't help but smile at her furious look "I promised Danny I wouldn't."

"You did, now did you?" she shakes her head at his pathetic lack of fighting spirit "well, I didn't..."


They get to the federal building and are able to flash their badges to gain access to the CIA field office.

"Who are we looking for?" she asks when they're in the elevator on their way to the seventh floor.

"Agent Kendridge. This was the guy who tried to intimidate Danny when we first brought Wo Fat in."

"Aren't we supposed to go to that other agent? the one who helped him?"

"No" he shakes his head "I want to talk to the highest authority. Besides, I think Kendridge is the best candidate for being the son of a bitch who cut a deal with a convicted murderer."

They reach the CIA field office and scan the area around them. There's a big reception desk leading the way to several cubicles and offices behind a large glass wall.

"Where are you going?" she asks when he starts to walk towards the receptionist's desk.

"What do you mean? I'm going to ask where Kendridge's office is."

"Wait" she holds his arm "we don't want the receptionist to call him. We want to surprise him, don't we?"

"What's your point?" he looks at her unconvincingly.

"It's a man sitting at the desk" she whispers to him "I guess it's my cue." He rolls his eyes when she smiles mischievously at him, and goes to the desk. It's a flawless tactic, it looks like. She gets the desired reaction when she just stands there, flashing one of her most alluring smiles. When she practically sits on the edge of the receptionist's desk, and moves her hand in her hair, the guy smiles back, and leans back in his chair. He directs her to Kendridge's office, without even looking at the intercom. When she steps triumphantly towards him, he realizes he doesn't appreciate this kind of tactics anymore.


They stand in front of the closed door. He looks at her, and she nods once. Then he quickly opens the door, barges into the room, picks the guy forcefully from behind his desk and crashes him against the big window, with his face pressed to the glass. She closes the door quickly and quietly behind them, and comes to stand near her boss. When agent Kendridge tries to speak, Steve puts his arm around his neck, presses the guy's larynx tightly, and presses a gun to his forehead.

"Wo Fat" she says quietly, standing close to his ear.

"What?" the agent's strangled voice is heard under Steve's ever growing pressure.

"Tell us about the deal you made with Wo Fat" she explains.

"You are out of your minds" he whispers "do you have any idea what kind of trouble you're getting yourselves into?"

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but among the three of us, it's your neck that's on the line." Steve hisses.

"He's not trying to be funny" Kono clarifies "he means it in the most literal way."

"What do you want?" Kendridge tries again. They can see he is starting to realize the exact amount of lunacy they seem to possess.

"They never listen, do they?" Kono huffs, shaking her head at Steve.

"I know" he tells her exasperated "and we really tried to be very specific when we first came in. Tell us about the deal you made with Wo Fat, after I dragged his sorry ass and put him in a maximum security prison. Tell me where you stashed him. I need to find him."

"We don't have him" Kendridge whimpers "I swear."

"You're lying. He made a deal with you and with the Japanese."

"Please, McGarrett, you're killing me here..." he cries quietly "let me go, I'll tell you anything you want."

He looks at her questioningly, she can see the guy's red face. She nods to him to let go, but she draws her gun and points it to Kendridge. She's not taking any chances.

"We did cut a deal with him" Kendridge says after he manages to breathe again "he was supposed to give us information about the Yakuza's involvement with terror organizations in north east Asia and China, in exchange for immunity and relocation."

"He sold you some bullshit about terrorist activities?" Steve asks in amazement "I know the guy, I spent three years chasing him. He had never touched anything crazy like that."

"It was right after the explosions in Mumbai. There was a sense that there are areas we weren't covering. The whole intelligence community was looking for connections to terrorists cells everywhere, including the far east. But you're right, it was a lie. He knew we were desperate, looking for anything, and he took advantage of that."

"It's amazing" Kono mumbles "I don't know if they're more stupid or more evil."

"Where is he? where did you hide him?" Steve steps forward looking at Kendridge steadily. They can see the guy flinches with fear.

"We don't have him" Kendridge sighs "we were caught up in red tape. He escaped before we had the chance to move him."


She can see the way his shoulders slump when he hears it. The way the disappointment is written all over his face. It takes him a second or two before he is able to inhale deeply, to look back up at the still quivering agent and to regain his self control. They ignore the CIA operative's threats to call security, and to have them arrested for attacking him. "You know who I am" Steve tells him calmly, "I suggest that you think carefully before you pick up the phone."

"You are out of your mind, there's no way you can get away with this."

He only makes a swift movement, holds him by his collar, pressing his face into his reddening face again "It's my island, Kendridge. I can do whatever I want. Remember that, you fucking asshole." Then he throws him against the window again, and they go.

"I guess you got your answer" he tells her when they walk together out of the room "they're more stupid than evil. They sold out to a fucking murderer, and still managed to lose him."


When they drive back to HQ, she looks silently at him from the passenger seat. When he senses her eyes on him, he looks back at her. She looks worried. She reminds him of Danny. Well, actually she's cuter than Danny. And she doesn't complain so much, or screams at him for pulling all sorts of crazy shit.

"It's not a big deal" he tells her, as well as to himself "it was a long shot anyway. We're simply back to where we were, half an hour ago."

"Well" she says thoughtfully, as she takes his hand which rests on the console between them and holds it in her own "we had a chance to hit the crap out of the guy who threatened and practically kidnapped Danny, that's something... right?"

"Yes" he smiles brightly towards her "that's the glass half full kind of way to look at it. It was actually kind of fun."

"This one is for Danny, then" she laughs when his usual smile is back.

"For Danny" he nods in agreement "even though... We should probably keep it from him at this point. You know, just to be on the safe side."


When they get to HQ, Chin is there. She is so happy to see him, she feels all giddy and happy in an instant. She wants to talk to him so much, to clear the suffocating air between them, to tell him about the last two days with Steve, and to promise that everything will be different from now on. He looks tired, and serious, even more serious than usual, it puts all of her senses on high alert. But then he smiles the minute he sees her, it's all the invitation she needs. She hugs him forcefully, letting him hold her close, and she relaxes even more when he whispers how happy he is to see her.

He wants to talk to Steve. Alone. In their little ohana, it's an unusual thing to ask. But there's enough intensity in their older teammate's eyes to prevent her and Danny from challenging this request. When they go to Steve's office and close the door behind them, she turns towards Danny, shrugging, looking to see if he has something for her to do.

He stands against the smart table, his arms crossed, looking at her pointedly.

"What?" she asks casually.

"You know what, young lady" he says, shaking his head.

"I have no idea what you're talking about" she mumbles, but she can feel the blush starts to cover her face. She turns to move different files on the smart table, and tries to ignore Danny as much as she can. It's about two minutes of aimless scrolling and browsing of the files on the screen later, that she dares another peek at his face. He didn't move an inch. Still stands there, looking at her steadily, wearing the exact same expression. "What do you want, Danny?" she tries to sound nonchalant about it "stop looking at me like that, it's creepy."

"Yes, it's creepy all right" he agrees. His eyes never move from her face.

"Look brah" she stands in front of him with her hands on her hips "I don't know what it is that you think you're thinking..."

"I'm not thinking anything" he notifies her, still looking pointedly at her from his place at the table. She starts to get angry now, what the fuck is his problem?

"Good" she spits towards him "so just shut up about it."

"I will. I was, actually. It was you who made it into a conversation on the first place."

"You keep staring at me like I did something wrong" she complains.

"Well..." he shrugs "did you do something wrong?"

"No!" she cries "of course we didn't!"

He only raises his eye brow when she lets this one slip.

"For god's sakes Danny" she throws up her arms in surrender "we're both gown ups. We can sleep with each other if we want to. It's none of your fucking business."

She storms out of the main room, and into her office, slamming the door behind her.

Danny has this big triumphant smile spread all over his face the minute she storms out. When he goes back to his work, he can't help the happy whistle that escapes his mouth. She was really easy to break, he decides, not entirely without disappointment. He really thought she would be the more resilient one in this little game. Well... what can you do? Now there's just Steve. He really hopes the guy will be a more worthy opponent. He glances at his partner's office. He sincerely doubt that.


"What's going on Chin?" he says when the door is closed and they stand in his office facing each other.

"Ayumi Kimora."

"Who?" Steve looks at his teammate puzzled "never heard of her."

"Ayumi Kimora is the head of the investigation of the Noshimuri murders in Osaka."

"OK, was she the one you were working with?"

"Yes. I got to know her very well. I got to know she is much more than just a regular detective."


"She's a special agent of PSIA, the Public Security Intelligence Agency, and considered to be one of the best field operatives they have."

"What is she doing in Osaka then?" Steve asks, his interest elevates by the second "usually they're centered in Tokyo, they work with local field offices in a very similar way to what we have here with the FBI."

"She was specially assigned to this investigation. She answers straight to Toshiro Yanagi the head of PSIA, and her sole assignment is to fight the Yakuza and its leaders. She's been doing it for a while, despite pressure from political figures, threats and intimidations."

"She sounds like quite a lady" Steve rubs his face.

"She is" Chin nods "she lost her husband and her small child when their family car was exploded using a remotely controlled bomb five years ago. The bomb was linked to a certain Yakuza leader who tried to send a message. She found him in Kyoto, two and a half years later, dragged him back to Tokyo to stand trial and managed to build a beautiful case against him and his men, practically demolishing his entire branch of operation, and sending at least fifty eight people to jail for the total sum of about 1000 years."

"So..." Steve says impressed "she's the head of the Nakahara investigation now? because it sounds like they are using their biggest weapon against him. Why are you telling me all this?"

"Nakahara is a big fish. In fact, his code name is "the whale". Ayumi Kimora has been following him for a few years now. When I met with her she said it's the first time they are able to build a solid case against him personally, and not only against the low level functions in his organization."

"I'm glad we could help" Steve looks pointedly at Chin "I'm sure the Hawaiian part of the investigation can be regarded as an extension of their bigger case against him. If she worries about us trying to bring him over, and use the American influence to demand extradition..."

"No. She doesn't" Chin shakes his head "I promised her, we're happy to help, and not looking to make a name for ourselves, or to snatch the case from her."

"Good" Steve sighs in relief "because if this was what you were worried about, I'm in total agreement..."

"No, it's not." Chin shakes his head "I'm here at the specific request of Ayumi. Nakahara knows he's going down. He's not stupid. He offered them a deal. A very unique and tempting deal. She wanted you to know about it, before she gives him her answer."

"What deal, Chin?" Steve's senses are on high alert "what are you talking about?"

"He offered them Wo Fat in return for total immunity."


He can hardly hear anymore. The noise of the blood boiling in his veins shutting down everything else, for a minute. Chin keeps talking, explaining, describing the findings in the investigation up to the smallest detail, but his mind races a hundred miles an hour, running through all the implications.

"He told them he knows where Wo Fat is. Told them he'll give them his location, his communication means, the names of his men, a list of his liquid assets, even his family." Chin concludes, regaining his boss's attention.

"He's lying" Steve mumbles "the guy is underground, he was Nakahara's enemy, how would he even..."

"Ayumi believes he is telling the truth. He was searching for him himself, and they both come from the same background. She is quite convinced, he's not stupid enough to try and fool them."

"Why are you here?" Steve is pacing around in the room in despair "why would they even asks us... she doesn't sound like the indecisive type, she must have her own answer..."

"She does it as a curtsey. They all know who you are. Fuck Steve, they even have a name for you. They call you the "white typhoon". The legend of you capturing Wo Fat in the first place, dragging his ass back to Hawaii... they respect you..."

"Well... there's nothing to respect" he laughs bitterly "I lost the son of a bitch after less than a month."

"Even so" Chin smiles "you know that Japanese tradition values honorable struggles towards ultimate justice."

"Nakahara can get us Wo Fat." Steve repeats the words again, trying to feel their taste in his mouth "the guy is a shadow, he failed once when I found him, he will not fail again. Nakahara giving him to us, is probably our only chance."

"I know" Chin nods "our only chance. Wo Fat killed your father, he is still threatening your mother's life. He made you a target, he will see you dead in his life time, no matter what."

"Unless I find him."

"Unless you find him."

"Through Nakahara."

"Through Nakahara."

'And in return, the bastard goes free."

"This is why I'm here."


There is a long lingering, suffocating silence as the two men stand there, looking at each other. The heaviness of the situation is almost tangible. He looks at Chin's face. He looks tired, and older than he really is. He has no idea if it's from the long flight, the hard work or from the conflict they are facing, now. He moves his eyes to the glass door. He can see Danny stands near the smart table, looking at something on the screen. When he looks to the right, she is sitting in her office, moving papers around, and talking to herself, probably blaming her teammates for the enormous amount of paperwork they created in her absence.

He thinks about Ayumi Kimora. She's not doing it from the kindness of her heart. She is well aware of the pull the US government has in Japan. She knows if he only mentions the option of finding a former CIA asset, the murderer of the Hawaiian governor, there's no power in the world that will prevent her from losing Nakahara to the American justice system. She sent Chin to try and make it a matter of honor. Sent Chin to try and plead for the integrity of her case. Only... Chin is not saying anything. He just stands there, solemn, and silent, and leaves it all for him.

"I guess Fergi was wrong." Steve says at last.

"Fergi?" Chin raises his eye brow questioningly.

"Colin Ferguson. My first SEAL team commander, and... my best friend. He was the commanding officer in my third operation overseas. We had an operation in Afghanistan, we were supposed to... well it doesn't really matter. There were fifteen of us, and we completed the assignment and were on our way back, when we were discovered. They started shooting at us, and we had to take cover, and it... it became very messy. Colin got a bullet to the chest, and we had two other dead on the first impact. We have a saying in the Navy "not self but country" which we memorize from day one. It has to do with honor, and patriotism, and... anyway we were there in that wretched cave complex, being shot at, and Fergi was dying in front of my eyes. I remember, pressing the bandage so hard, my hand felt numb. I was young, it was my first time under fire, and he was my best friend, not only my leader... I remember looking up at him and telling him it's going to be OK. That Matt is calling the Brits for help, and he should just breathe and hang in there... He was laughing."


"He was laughing. Coughing and spitting blood, but laughing. He said - 'I guess it doesn't get more personal than this..."

"What did he mean?"

"He meant that you put your country before yourself, because that's what you're supposed to do. He was shot in the chest, dying in that hot fucking desert, and he was laughing, because he was fulfilling the creed."

"What happened?"

"He died ten minutes before the Brits came and bombed the place to kingdom come. We were pulled out an hour later. We had three dead, five wounded. I was the one telling his mother."

"Why do you say he was wrong?" Chin asks after Steve is quiet and there's this deep, heavy silence in the room again.

"Scarifying yourself is easy" Steve looks at Chin steadily "it's when you sacrifice your family that it becomes really personal."

"I know" Chin whispers after a long, long time when they look at each other with an unspoken alliance. "Sometime I wish it was me... and not..."

"Nakahara killed almost twenty men here, he killed a whole family in Osaka including three children. He was about to kill Kono, and he almost did... The guy is a monster. A cynical, dirty, opportunistic monster. Tell Ayumi she should lock him up and throw away the key."

"What about Wo Fat?" Chin asks quietly "you are throwing away your only..."

"I don't care. I found him once, I'll find him again. I'm not selling out on this. A man has to have his limits."

"OK" Chin nods "I'll call her with the message" he makes his way towards the door, but stops and turns around before stepping out "I'm proud of you, Steve" he says seriously "and I know that your father would have been proud too."


It's half an hour later when he feels strong enough and collected enough to put this behind him, that he barges out of his office in a new surge of energy. The fucking case is finally over, the biggest bastard is going to jail. There is also still no fallout from his and Kono's visit to the CIA office this morning. He has to admit, he's in a bloody good mood all of a sudden!

He shouts all their names, calling them out of their offices, and they run out immediately, ready no doubt, for yet another crisis.

"What?" Danny looks anxious.

"What's up, boss?" Kono calls out.

Chin doesn't shout. Probably has no physical ability to do so.

"Lunch" he smiles to the rest of them, clapping his hands in satisfaction "I'm hungry, let's go have lunch. I'm buying."

There's a certain amount of skepticism to his last declaration. Danny looks dubiously at him, and Chin looks indifferent, and Kono... Kono is the most beautiful thing on the face of the earth, and she stands there in front of him, smiling.

He walks towards her. Fast. Takes her in his arms, and kisses her forcefully, with love and devotion, right there in the middle of the room. It's Danny's eventual cough that helps him remember that there are other people around. When he finally lets her go, she is all flushed and breathless. She is so beautiful, he almost leans back for more. Instead, he turns around towards Chin.

"Are we going to have a problem, here?" he asks in a serious, determined, somewhat challenging way.

"After she was dating Adam?" Chin says immediately "Believe me, you can date her, marry her, make her ten little babies... No Steve, no problem at all."