This was the story I donated to the Fandom 4 TwifanG compilation.

Summary: When rock star Edward Cullen's favorite cookies aren't backstage after his set, he'll do anything to get his hands on them, including his assistant's roommate. AH; ExB; Romance/humor.

AN: A huge thanks to my Facebook friends for giving me prompts when I asked for them. I adopted a banner from JA Mash as part of my prompts. It's really pretty and I love it. I also can't forget Joey for pre-reading and telling me I was crazy, and Jennifer for her hard work and beta skills.

This one alternates POV's...a lot.


I hate Edward Cullen.

There, I've said it. I hate him.

I hate his messy auburn sex-hair.

I hate is pretty face with the scruff and the lickable jaw.

I hate his deep green eyes.

I hate his long fingers that could probably make me come twelve ways to Sunday.

I hate the way he strums his guitar.

I hate the way his voice makes me all gooey inside.

I hate that his lips curve up just the right way, making him look like a demi-God.

I hate that I like him so much.

I hate that my roommate, Alice, is his assistant so I have to see him all the time.

I hate that he called her two hours ago and she didn't answer her phone.

I hate that he had my number and proceeded to call me.

And I hate that I actually told him I'd run his stupid errand.

I'm thinking of posting a chapter per day, or maybe 2... there are 15 in total. Some chapters are looooooonger. Trust. ;o)

So, who's with me?