Last one!


Being with Edward is the greatest gift.

It's like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one every single time we're together.

Which is often because I travel with him now.

He couldn't live without me being close and I didn't want to be too far from him, especially since he'd promised me that backstage pass.

Turns out, I got a pass to every concert, and I get to meet every single band member and singer he performs with.

And I make sure to keep a good supply of Oreos with us everywhere we go.

Not only are they his favorite, but I've gotten a lot of pleasure out of them as well.

I love how excited Edward gets whenever I step into our bedroom wearing a nighty and holding a bag of cookies.

And we've since learned that the double stuffed ones are a lot more fun because there's more cream to be licked off.

It's sexy to watch Edward's eye glaze over when I lick a cookie and then lick his cock. The taste of sugar and Edward meld together on my tongue and I moan, every time, making it that much more pleasurable for both of us.

As silly as it sounds, those cookies have brought us together and I am going to milk that for all it's worth.

I don't hate him...I never did.

Everything...he is everything to me.

Always and forever, with a side of cookies and cream.


Awwww...toothache? Again? From me? Nahh... lmao

I'd like to thank each and every one of you for taking this fun little ride with me. You guys make these little stories so much fun to post!

I love you!

'Til next time,