She noticed it after a harmless mission. Okay, harmless is a point-of-view-thing, but you get it. For the Black Widow, this mission was harmless, even borderline boring. A simple in-kill-out. A solo-mission.

She was in her hotelroom, waiting for the extraction, when she looked at the calender. And then she noticed it. Her periode was overdue.

Her thoughts began racing frantically from this-can't-be over I-cannot-be-pregnant to this-means-nothing. If she wouldn't have panicked that much, she would have laughed about herself. The famous Black Widow, who doesn't even fear gods, is terrified by such a normal thing like a late periode. It took her solid ten minutes to recompose herself and start thinking clearly again. She was only late two days, no reason to panick. It meant nothing. Still, she would have felt better if Clint had been there. He was her rock, and by the way, if she really was pregnant, he was the father. She wiped that thought out quickly. She was not pregnant. She and Clint were assassins, they could not be parents. She was not pregnant.

Pepper was scared, too. She had just looked at her calender and noticed the little red signs that showed she should be on her period. But she was not.

Pepper was scared, yes, but she did not panick like Natasha. On the one hand, that was because she was no assassin. She was the CEO of an important company, yes, but normally nobody would kill her because of that. Also, Pepper was used to human catastrophes, so she knew this was none. She knew that a late period doesn't have to mean anything. She knew that, if she was pregnant, Tony would love it. He always dreamed of having children and she herself had wished for it too. So, no, Pepper did not panick when she noticed her period was late. But she would have felt way better if Tony had been there.

It was the next day when Natasha came home from the mission. Clint was still on his solomission, and Tony was on a businesstrip to Europe, while Steve was on a motorcycle-tour through America, Bruce was in India fighting the Cholera and Thor was in New Mexico visiting Jane.

So it was only the two women in the tower.

Pepper immediatly sensed that something was wrong with Natasha. The two of them – as the only women in the tower – had formed a strong friendship and Pepper knew that right now something troubled the other woman.

„What is it, Natasha?"


„What's wrong?"


„Don't lie to me, Natasha, you're my best friend, I know something is wrong."

Natasha smirked. Here she was, the famous Black Widow, and it had taken Pepper no ten seconds to read her.

„I... I think I may be ..." Her period hadn't started till now.

Pepper had an idea.

„Your period is late."

Natasha was stunned. „How the hell...?"

„Call it female intuition. So, have you made a test?"

„No, I … not yet."

„Okay. I'm kind of in the same … situation, so maybe we just do it together?"

„Wait, you too?"

„Yes. Fate's irony."

Natasha chuckled. Soon the chuckle became a laugh, and Pepper laughed with her. It was so good to laugh about it. And deep down, Natasha knew that she also laughed because she wasn't alone. Pepper was by her side, and that meant more to her than she would ever admit.

„I have buyed a few test today, so you can have one or two." Pepper said.

„How many did you buy?"

„How many would you buy?"

„Touche." Natasha smiled.

Ten minutes later, they stared at the small sticks. Each had taken five tests, and the results were pretty clear.

„Positive." Natasha whispered.

„All of them." Pepper breathed.

„That means..."

„We're both pregnant."

„This is going to be interesting."

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