Series: Red vs Blue

Summary: After months of digging around for information on his past, Church returns to the blues with a way to solve all their problems: Time Travel. By hooking up Wyoming's time distortion unit to the windmill powerplant (Sorry, I don't play Halo, so I don't know the name of the map) they're able to go back to the days of the flashbacks.

This story could go a few different ways. It could be that sending a person back would take too much power, so only Church can go. If that was the case it could be an 'X reads Y' type story where he shows them what will happen in the future (my favorite idea), he could sabotage everything without showing himself, or he could take the place of the original Epsilon. Or you could have a few people go back too, up to you.

Possible lines:

Wash watched worriedly as the door dented and buckled. Then something Church had done a long time ago came back to him. "Caboose, everyone on this ship is on our team and they really, REALLY need your help."

Without saying a work Caboose turned around to the keyboard and pressed a series of buttons.