One Squally autumn evening Boofy Bane and his niece Abi Many arrived at Beehive Mansion for their four night stay. They got out of the taxi and dashed indoors. Boofy Bane took off his hat and wiped his glasses and moustache with his clean white handkerchief. Abi checked her hair in the mirror. "Uncle," she said, "this is going to be a great holiday. I'm glad Mum let me come!"

After settling into their quarters, they both came down to meet the other visitors. There were two elderly ladies sitting down near the fire and an old gentleman arose. "My name is Q," he announced "and I'm a magician". Q spent the evening presenting his illusions until everyone retired to their rooms.

The next morning Abi woke but found her breakfast was not there. She went to see her uncle but his food had not arrived either. "This is strange", he remarked, "I wonder where the maid is?"

They went downstairs to find all the other guests were cross and hungry. "That silly maid Mildred hasn't turned up with my breakfast!" declared one of the old ladies. "And I'm hungry", announced the other. "Aha!" exclaimed Boofy Bane, "a mystery!" Boofy and Abi went into the kitchen followed by Q. "I love puzzles," he mused. They started to look around and in all the cupboards. "When did you last notice the maid?" Boofy asked Q. "Um last night, around midnight," he replied, "she brought me up a cup of tea." "She's not here in the kitchen!" yelled Abi, "now where else can we look?" "Her room must be upstairs," said Boofy. They went up the stairs but found no clues to her whereabouts in her bedroom. They came down the lift to the second floor and Boofy saw that there was a door open into one of the empty rooms. They looked inside. They found an apron lying crumpled on the floor. "She must've come in here," Q pointed out. BB was suspicious. He noticed something shiny sparkling behind the dressing table. He bent down to pick it up. "Wait a minute; I heard a noise coming from another room. Let's go and check it out," Bellowed Q. BB had spotted a crack in the wall. When he pressed his hand upon it, the wall opened to reveal a small secret room. "NO!" exclaimed Q. Mildred was gagged up and bound so BB and Abi gently untied her and set her mouth free. "Thank you for rescuing me," sighed Mildred. "I found some pieces of jewellery that belonged to the old ladies in HIS room." as she pointed at Q. "He is a fraud and trickster, who steals jewellery," she cried. BB turned towards Q, "It was YOU all along!" declared BB, "Why did you do it?" he exclaimed. "I'm a jewellery thief!" went Q. BB dialled 999 and asked for the police.

"I'll get you next time Boofy Bane, if it's the last thing I do!" Yelled Q as he was dragged off by the police. "There, mystery solved!" said BB.