One day on Voyager, Captain Kathryn Janeway and Commander Chakotay were excepting a couple of Kazon. Neelix was there too. "Apparently," stated Neelix, "that the Kazon are bad." "Yes, we know that, Neelix." replied Janeway. "The shuttle is entering shuttle bay doors," said Tuvok, "The Kazon are stepping out." "Welcome aboard." said Janeway. There were about five Kazon, all male. They had guns like bananas and hairdos that looked like they'd driven through the woods. The tallest, First Maje Cullah, went straight over to Janeway.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Lieutenant Tom Paris was busily at the helm, driving Voyager. While Ensign Harry Kim was at his station, Lieutenant Seska crept onboard. She was disguised as a Bajoran but she was really a Cardassian. She was evil and loved Chakotay, but he did not love her, so she had joined the Kazon. She was carrying a baby boy, about five months of age.

In Sickbay, the EMH was just about to deactivate himself when Kes walked in. "Hello Doctor," she said. "Ah, Kes what a pleasant surprise." said The Doctor.

In Engineering, Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres was trying to get the warp core up, but it kept going down. Ensign Vorik tried to fix the engine, but nothing worked. "This is hopeless!" exclaimed B'Elanna. "We'll never get home if the engine keeps coming down!" "Logically," advised Vorik, "We need another engineer." Seska came into Engineering. "I can fix this engine." she said. "But you're not an engineer." exclaimed B'Elanna. "I was an engineer," said Seska. "But I'm a member of the Kazon now." "Seska!" B'Elanna exclaimed.

Meanwhile, in the Mess Hall, (no, it is NOT messy!) Neelix was serving Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, Maj Cullah and the Kazon men something to eat. Tom walked in and said, "Captain, there's an intruder on the ship." "I think it's another Kazon." pondered Janeway. "Its signature is Cardassian." "Seska!" exclaimed Chakotay.

Everyone had heard that Seska was onboard. "Uh, oh." whispered Seska, realizing she'd been found out. Everyone was looking at her.

Seska ran. B'Elanna and Vorik immediately gave chase. They ran through the entire deck 11, passing the Airponics bay. They crawled through the Jefferies tubes and went up turbolifts. They went through the Mess hall. Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, Tom and Neelix chased her too. She saw Harry, who also chased her. They passed Sickbay, where Kes chased her. The Doctor put on his Mobile Emitter and chased her as well. All ten of them chased Seska round and round in circles. Suddenly, Seska ran down an unexplored deck. "Now we've lost her!" exclaimed Harry.

Meanwhile Seska had found a place to plant a bomb. She put it down and set it. Janeway ran to where Seska was. "You're under arrest!" shouted Janeway. "Too late!" said Seska. "The bomb is already set!" Luckily, Chakotay managed to switch the bomb off. "You'll never get away with it!" shouted Seska as Tuvok and random security officers marched her away. "Oh, I think we will!" called back Janeway.

The End