2 Doctors Collide


This story is my first fic, don't be too harsh. There won't be any shipping or anything, just adventure. Hopefully can make it long enough to be interesting, enjoy!

It was a blazing hot day as the two suns of Khiatesh IV beat down on the tweed jacket which signified the presence of the Doctor. It was a scorching 48 degrees, yet the doctor seemed to be in his own world, oblivious to the heat which was beginning to melt the Mr. Galaxawhippy Ice cream which he loosely held in his hand. If you had known the doctor, and what he'd recently been through, you'd understand his mysterious behaviour. Yet to the average Khiateshian bystander, he was a raincloud dampening their day out to the resort planet.

The doctor had suffered a loss greater than any before. He'd lost his companions to the evil known as the Weeping Angels and in turn he'd lost his crutch. His crutch which kept him on the bright side of sanity, which was lost when the crutch fell. The doctor had never experienced depression before, but had now gone through 4 earth months of it. 4 months of aimless wandering through the stars, trying to find someone to replace the empty space which occupied the bunk beds on the tardis. None had manage it of course, no one was able to match up to the realism and bravery that Amy and Rory had brought with them.

A familiar voice brought the doctor back to reality, a male voice, talking to someone. The voice intrigued him, he knew he'd heard it before, but he wasn't sure where. And then another voice. A voice which made his hearts skip a beat. He knew this voice, it was Rose. But if this voice was rose, who owned the other? He leaped up, spilling the rest of his ice cream on his shirt as he sped to see who was there.

He turned down the street which led to the centre of the city, his hearts racing as he imagined meeting Rose again. A sudden thought hit him. he'd been here before, in his last regeneration. But he hadn't met anyone exciting then, in fact the most exciting thing to happen then was when a Khiateshian seagull stole his chips. Something was happening, the timelines were changing.

The voices were closer, nearly here. The doctor had a decision to make. Meet rose (and himself) and risk changing timelines? Or leave now, and regret it for years to comeā€¦