Chapter 2

yay I finally decided to write chapter 2. Again, it's short, but I think that's how this is gonna work. Short and Sweet :D I'm now going to label 10th and 11th uh... 10 and 11! Sorry for not making this sooner, but I recently came back from paris so I have a lot of schoolwork to catch up on D: Enjoy!

The Doctor turned the corner, and came face to face with someone he hadn't seen for a long, long time. Rose. His hearts began beating with a repetitive drum beat going faster and faster and faster, its noise taking over the whole of The Doctor's mind with its roaring that only he could hear. The Doctor's eyes shifted to the man standing next to her. He was tall, wearing an overcoat which just graced his shoes. He had short hair, spiked with what The Doctor could only imagine was Norgalerian Bile Slime. He wore a confused look on his face, his mind puzzling over the reasons why the man in tweed was collapsing in front of his eyes.

"It seemed to be from seeing you" The man said, pulling out a small steel contraption from his pocket. "Have you seen him before?" he asked as he fiddled with the many buttons which adorned the metal gadget.

Rose's face furrowed into a questioning frown. "um….no, never seen him before in my life…." She stared at the man before him, who now seemed to be calculating his next move. "Doctor, is he okay?" She asked the man (who I shall now call 10) .

10 seemed concerned, but not overly worried about the man before him. "I'll scan his vital signs; see if he's in cardiac arrest. You try and get him to speak"

Rose crouched down on to the balls of her feet, and lifted The Doctor's (Who I shall now call 11) face so she could see him clearly. "Sir, are you okay?" She asked, trying to get a response out of the man. "Look, if anything's wrong you need to tell me, this man's a doctor he can help you"

Nothing. 11's face was blank, his eyes staring into nothingness. "Excuse me sir, I'm going to move you okay? This man wi-" She was cut off mid sentence by 10, who had called her name in a voice she had never heard before. A voice of fear.

"Rose. Listen to me, this man, this one right here. He could be dangerous. He could be the most dangerous man to the whole of time and space right now, I can't touch him."

"But what? Why can't you touch him? Who is he? What's so wrong with him?!" Rose asked, a hint of panic creeping into her voice.

10 paused, gathering his composure before speaking. "Thi-this man here, he's special. He has two hearts." Rose's eyes widened in disbelief. "And that's not all. I checked his DNA to see if I could find out who he is and well…this man… me." 10's voice cracked at the final word. "And if I touch him, the whole of space and time will rip apart."

Suddenly, with a groan, 11 rose from his shock. "Well didn't I look handsome back then, that collarbone is sexy." 11 shot up with a surprised look in his eyes. "Sorry about that! I had a bit of a shock that's all, you look like a friend of mine who…passed away…" 11's expression became downcast for a brief moment, then quickly flicked back to its original cheesy grin. "Hello there I'm the doctor pleased to meet y-" 10 stopped him speaking further with just 1 sentence.

"I know who you are Doctor, You're me, and you need to leave. Now."