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~ Next Day ~

I was alone downstairs in the kitchen, waiting for Eve to come down. Why was I waiting for her? Well, I need to tell her that she got it all wrong. What should I say? Maybe 'There's nothing between me and Aisha. We're just friends that are really close.'? Nah… Too common… I looked around as I went on a rampage in my head, thinking of what to say to her. A few moments later, Eve came downstairs, her eyes puffy and red. "D-Did you cry last night, or what?" Elsword asked, shocked. Eve just shrugged and sat down on the chair in front of him. She sat there silently, as if waiting for she was waiting for me to say something. "A-Anyways… You've got it all wrong yesterday…" "What do you mean I got it all wrong?! You said Aisha was the cutest right in front of me, so how could I get it wrong?!" Eve snapped. "U-Umm… Well… I HAVE to admit that she IS pretty cute, but I didn't know what you meant by 'Who's the cutest' that time! I thought you just wanted me to pick which one of you is the cutest, but after that, I just realized what you meant by 'the cutest'… You asked me that because you wanted me to pick you to become my girlfriend, right?" I said. Eve nodded and rubbed her eyes for a while and sighed.

Eve and I had a little chat, and then Aisha came down, which startled Eve a little. Aisha didn't seem angry when she saw Eve with me, so I guess they're both gonna make up sooner or later. Eve was about to leave when Aisha grabbed her arm and smiled at her. "It's fine, I'm not mad at you anymore… I think I was kinda too dramatic back there…" Aisha said as she gave a nervous laugh. Eve turned around and looked at Aisha in the eye. "Y-You mean it?" Aisha nodded and Eve sat back down, with Aisha sitting next to her. I stared at them suspiciously and asked, "You two gonna make up or not?" Aisha stared back at me, then Eve. In a matter of minutes, we were having a staring contest and I was losing. After a few more minutes, I finally blinked and lost. Eve and Aisha cheered at the same time, while I sat there, rubbing my eyes. They high-fived then grinned at me. "What?" I said, knowing they had something in their minds, and it involved me and trouble.

"Since we won…" Aisha said. "You will give us both a kiss on the cheek ~ !" Eve finished. "W-WHAT?!" I screamed, probably waking up the whole dorm. Eve and Aisha both grinned at the same time, and said, "Yup!" I sighed and walked over to where they were sitting, and gave them both a kiss on the cheek. "T-There… Happy?" I said, blushing. "Happy enough ~!" Eve and Aisha said in unison. I sighed again and walked back slowly to my seat. Secretly, I was actually kinda happy. I kissed two girls, even if it's on the cheek, who cares? I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. I grinned at the thought and saw Chung on the top of the stairs, a look of horror on his face and hatred in his eyes. "Chung?" I called out, but I was too late. He ran back up, crying, probably. Eve got up and looked up just in time to see him run back up. "Shit. He must've saw it…" I heard her curse softly. "Hm?" Aisha got up from her seat and looked in the direction where Eve was staring at. "What is it?" She asked her. "N-Nothing… If you don't mind, let me excuse myself now…" She said as she ran upstairs. Aisha turned and sat back down. "What's with her…" I heard her say. "Well… Chung saw me kissing both of your cheeks… So I guess… He was jealous?" I said. "Really? How do you know?" Aisha asked, from the look of her eyes, I knew she was interested. I grinned and said, "Well ~ Didn't you know ~ ? If you often look at how Chung acts when he's with Eve, you can easily tell he likes her ~" "I see… So… Isn't that kind of a bad thing? With you being like that with Eve… While the person who likes her a lot just stands there and watch?" Aisha said. "Since when did you care that much…" I asked with a dull look. "A-Ah… Nevermind. Forget what I just said…" Aisha said, a slight hint of a blush forming on her face. "…" I just stared for a few moments, and turned away.

~ End of Chapter XD ~

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