The first three chapters are a reupload of the original story. I ran into a little bit of an accidental copyright issue with another author. I have cleared it up and have fixed the story, hope you enjoy!

(Spoiler alert, this Cell is A Shitload more powerfull than Perfect cell in Dbz. Cell's full power looks like super perfect Cell from dbz, bio electricity and all.)

Chapter 1

"That's Enough!." Gohan screamed as his power exploded out of him. Everyone was astonished and the overwhelming power that emitted from Gohan as his boiling anger finally came to the surface. Cell was left speechless as a dust cloud was kicked up from the explosion of wind that came from Gohan. When the dust settled, there stood Gohan, with his spiky golden hair standing straight up, except for the lone golden lock that came down from the top of his head over his teal eyes that stared stone cold daggers into the soul of Cell. Everyone stopped what they were doing and gazed upon Gohan in his super saiyan 2 state. His Aura was violent, and with equally violent bio-electricity accompanying it.

"Hmmmmm, he is powerful. Let's put him to the test." Cell thought. A giant scream erupted from Cell's mouth as he powered up. Another yell came out of Cell's mouth as a giant call of light came from Cell as he finished his powered up. Im only using about 75% of my power, i hope this is enough thought Cell as his aura became almost as violent as Gohan's. When Gohan raised his hands, a finger stuck out of the ball of light and shot seven crimson red death beams at the Cell Jr's, piercing their hearts and effectivleykilling them, then disintegrating them in a small poof of dust. And a maniacal laugh came out of the ball of light.

"Alright Gohan, let's begin round two." Cell announced as he rushed at Gohan and launched a barrage of punches and kicks. Gohan desperately to keep up with the flurry of punches and kicks that Cell was barraging him with, but a few punche s and kicks made it past his defenses. Once Cell broke off of his assault Gohan tried to catch his breath. Dammit, im not powerful enough. If only i had more power. DAMMIT! Goku let out an angry scream as he let an unchecked boiling rage came too the surface. His hair stood on end as his aura became raging violent, and bio-electricity surrounded him as he tok the same form as his son has accomplished. Goku let out another angry scream as he charged into the fray. Cell did not see gook coming and got a boot to the face as Goku struck him in the face. Then he launched an assault that Cell had no chance at guarding against. Kakarot, all you have done is show me up, ever since i arrived at earth, you overcame my power with that Kaioken technique you used. Then on namek, when you saved me from recoome, and frieze. Then you became a super saiyan. And you destroyed my pride even more. But no more! you will not surpass me, the prince of all saiyans, not "MEEEEEEE!" Vegeta screamed as he too ascended to the form that Goku and Gohan achieved just minutes ago.

Father, I have always idolized you. i have tried my best to get you to recognize me as a son. I had finally gotten you to recognize me as a son, but then you forgot about me. It will not happen again! Releasing the same scream that Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta let out, Trunks too ascended to the same form that the former had achieved. Hmmmmm I will have to use my full power if i even stand a chance Cell thought between bursts of Goku's punches and kicks. Another maniacal yell came from Cell's mouth as Cell powered up even more. Another ball of light surrounded Cell as he powered up to his absolute maximum. Blue bio-electricity shot out of his violent, raging aura as he completed his transformation.

Cell's transformation angered the saiyans even more, and that rage made the four saiyans rush cell at the same time. Cell wasn't even trying and he was easily dodging the punches and kicks of the four saiyans. This is boring, i am more powerful than all of them combined, yet toying with them is boring lets spice this up a bit. Cell released an explosive wave of ki and, quicker than anyone could see, and snapped Gohan's neck. Immediatly his on-end golden hair went back flat and turned jet black as he fell to the dirt, dead. Goddammit Cell, you murdering psychopath! They all thought at the same time as their anger sent them over the edge yet again. Their anger made their power increase and condense as Goku's, Vegeta's and Trunk's golden aura's became even more violent than Cell's and bright blue bio-electricity shot out even more and farther than their super saiyan 2 auras, and their hair grew more flame-like, and less spiky-like, and the hair grew down their backs, and their brows became more prominent as their eyebrows dissapeared. As if they had the same brain the 3 saiyans let out a scream as a blinding light let out from all three of their bodies as they completed their own transformations. when the blinding light subsided, a giant golden spiky aura surrounded all three of the saiyans who just ascended, their hair long and flowing, and their eyebrows gone with a prominent brow line, and in much deeper voices Trunks, Vegeta, and Goju said" Its over cell your reign of terror is over. DIE!" they all yelled as they rushed cell at the same time with their fists cocked back. "Yes we shall see." Cell said as he raised both arms and one leg to block the saiyan's punches and kicks.

Chapter 2

Cell sensed what power the ascended Saiyans possesed, so he flared his violent yellow aura, and created space between the three super saiyan 3's, and himself. The Saiyans were not blown back as far as Cell wanted them to be. Darn it, at this rate im done for. Thought Cell. "Dad, Goku I'll distract Cell, you guys prepare your most powerful energy attacks so we can end this once and for all" said trunks. "OK" said the remaining pure-blooded saiyans as they retreated back a little bit, Goku cupping his hands to the side, and Vegeta Spreading his hands to his sides, gathering energy. Trunks rushed Cell, giving Cell a boot to the face. When Cell regained his senses, Trunks phased to cells left and kneed him in the back of the head, then teleported to his right to kiai him in the back, then teleport in front of the speeding Cell to grab him, and spin him around, then throw him up in the air. Cell burned Ki to stop and rushed at Trunks, who was standing in front of Vegeta. Trunks phased out of the way as he put his outstretched hands together and yelled "Final Flash" as the huge pure white beam shot out of his hands. Cell put his hands in front of him in time to stop the beam from overtaking him. As Cell was struggling with the beam, Goku teleported behind him with his charged blue beam cupped at his side. As soon as Goku teleported behind Cell, who turned his head in suprise at the move. "KAMEHAMEHAAAAA!" And the brilliant blue beam over took Cell, and with the combined power of the Final Flash, completely disintegrating Cell. "Its over" said Goku weakly as his long golden hair shortened and turned onyx black, along with his eyebrows reappearing and collapsing to the ground. "Its about time said veeta as his widows peak reappeared with his his brown hair sticking straight up, his eyebrows reappeared to as he collapsed on the side of a mountain. Without a word Trunks collapsed alongside Gohan's dead body. "Alright guys lets go to the lookout so dende can heal them, and we can wish back Gohan too." So after the conscious Z warriors arrived at the lookout, and Dende healed Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks, Mr. Popo gathered the dragonballs, and restored all of the people killed by Cell, and all of the damage done to the Earth's landscape restored. No sooner than when the dragon disappeared in the balls, Gohan appeared on the lookout, in his super saiyan 3 form, and looking severally pissed off. While Goku went to console his newly resurrected son, everyone made small talk with Androids 17 and 18, who had been resurrected, because they were now no longer evil. Android 18 made a secret pact to herself that whenever a year passed she would call the dragon to give Gohan a love serum, as she was now in love with Gohan. Oh what i would give to be his wife. I wonder if ALL of him goes super saiyan when he transforms she thought, while she got hot for him in her panties. She glanced over at the 12 year old saiyan, and several naughty thoughts entered her head. im not much older than he is when doctor gero took me from my mom when i was 15. As if he knew she was thinking gohan got slightly aroused as he approached #18. Goku senses that Gohans ki felt different around 18, and immediately knew what was going on with his son and 18. At leas you picked a cute one son. I know what position you are in now, i felt the same way about Chi-chi when I went through puberty.thought Goku as Gohan flirted sith android 18. After about 9 minutes of watching the flirtfest go on, Goku Took his son by the shoulder,apologized for taking him away, and used instant transmission to take his son home to face Chi-Chis wrath. "remember son, dont mention your death to mom or she will flip." "Okay dad" replied Gohan as both battle torn saiyans strode into their mountain home.

Chapter 3

Goku sat nursing the 3 inch bump on his head with a cold dinosaur steak that was in the freezer. Man, Gohan got it easy with his punishment. he had to go study, and i got the frying pan of hell sent upon me. Goku thought as another migraine headache swamped his already sore head head with pain.

"Oh my Goku, I am so glad Your back." Goku winced at the word back as as Chi-chi hit him in the back of the head, as She pranced in the room in her skimpy, partly transparent kimono.

"Chi-chi, put some clothes on, i really dont like you prancing around the house half naked while Gohan is around, especially since he is at that stage where he is starting to notice women more."

"What do you mean honey?"

"I mean i felt his Ki start to rise a bit while he was talking to Android 18, who is good now that she was a good guy, or girl, now, and i have to say, she is pretty attractive."

"OH I SEE YOU THINK THAT SHE IS MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN ME, I EVEN WENT TO LENGTHS TO LOOK GOOD!." Chi chi yelled as she pouted back to her room . Goku used instant transmission to teleport to their room as Chi-Chi- flopped face first onto her bed.

"Chi-chi. I did not say that she was More attracted to her more than you. You are the love of my life. I love you. I will never leave your side." And with that Chi-Chi launched off of their bed and mashed her lips to his. As Goku returned her kiss their tongues danced in each other's mouth. Goku noticed Chi-Chi's big nipples pressing against his pecs. Goku took one of the pink nipples in his hand as Chi Chi moaned into his mouth as she intensified her kiss. Goku slipped off her kimono as he removed his shirt and pants as he went into round two...

I wonder what mom and dad are doing so that dad's ki is rising. Gohan thought as he walked toward his parent's room. As he neared his room he head moans of pleasure and slapping sounds. He heard his mom moan Oh Goku OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. As her voice cracked at the tip of her climax. Gohan lowered his ki as low as it would go, and continued to listen. (Perv Gohan ;) ) After listening to a bit more of his dads grunts and his moms moans he heard his dad yell out and his mom yell yet again as they both climaxed at the same time.

"That was great Chi-Chi. I really needed that after the rough time I have had training and fighting."

"I really enjoyed that too Goku. Im going to be sore after that big thing. Im going to take a shower, You wanna come?" Chi-Chi asked with a seductive grin as she headed to the shower in the bathroom they shared. Whoa Dad, You Really messed her up. Thought Gohan as he ran to the desk that he had moved outside this morning.

Gohan that was wrong of you to spy on your parents during their moment. A deep voice sounded in Gohan's subconscious as he sat down at his desk.

"Mr. Piccolo what are you doing here?!" asked the 13-year old as the turban and cape-wearing green, tall namekian landed right next to him.

"I came by to see what The rising and lowering ki was. I felt your Ki almost disappear, and your dad's ki wasrising fast. I thought he had gone mad and tried to kill you, so i came to intervene.

"Mr. Piccolo, do you wanna spar quic while my dad and mom are recovering so they dont know that i slacked off."

"Sure, sometime else kid. I have to go to the lookout, i need to train in the room of spirit and time. I need to get stronger."

"Okay Mr. Piccolo, see ya later!" Gohan called out as the namekian ignited his clear aura, kicking up a dust cloud and flew away at top speed so that he wouldnt become acquainted with the frying pan of hell, as Gohan and Goku had become all to familiar with.


"AWWWWWWWW YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAA CHOW TIME!" Gohan yelled as he used instant transmission to teleport to the Kitchen where a mound of Food was already waiting for them. Once Chi Chi set a portion of food aside for herself, and then the onslaught began. The only sound was the chomping, slurping, and sloshing of the soups and drinks that the saiyans consumed greedily.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM mom that was great!" Both saiyans heartily said as they finished up the last morsels of their food and put their chopsticks down. "OOHH BOOOYYY AM I TIRED WHATCHA SAY GOHAN U WANNA CRASH?!"

"YEA DAD!" Gohan yelled as father and son headed for the couch. They both hopped onto the couch, and immediately were passed out on the couch.