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"Bella, doll, could ye grab the roast out of the oven, please?"

"Sure, Renata. I've nothing better to do. I mean I'm not like, say, studying or anything." My voice is laced with laughter as I move through the living room to the kitchen and yell at my roommate in the bathroom.

"Weel, if ye donnae want to eat then by all means, leave off, ye heifer!"

Laughter explodes between us and I have to stop to collect myself before opening the oven.

It's been like this since I moved to Scotland to assist Mr. Marcus Fleming in the National Museum of Scotland's library. He's restoring and preserving numerous volumes that are in danger of turning to dust if action isn't taken immediately. When the offer came two months ago I nearly leapt at the chance.

I'd just broken up with my long time boyfriend, Alec and had nothing but memories surrounding me. A change of pace was what I wanted and a change of pace was what I got.

If I work hard enough and prove my worth I could be asked to stay permanently and since Edinburgh feels more like home than Chicago did I'm all too happy to stay.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BORN! While this story isn't for my dear friend, Bornonhalloween, in particular, she's always a driving force behind my creativity. Thanks for all the support, love, and pushing, B. I hope you have a great birthday in spite of all the crap going on near you.

I hope you'll all join me on this ride but please be warned there are things of the BDSM nature in it's future.

To my Kilties I say, thank you. Your help and support of all things kilt and pervy make me smile daily.


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