And this, my friends, is the end. I won't promise any outtakes because the shear pain of trying to "hear" these two again was sooooo hard. I will say that if I'm struck with inspiration you'll be the first to know.

I am going to start working on a new project. YES, another kiltward. Different than the other two and down right adorable in my head. Adorable, assertive, and so completely cornfused. He's a laird as well but nothing like Master. Nope. Not at all. Just sayin'.

Thanks for riding the crazy train with me and I adore you all.


Sitting in my study I look around at the volumes of precious and rare literature that surrounds me. My husband often brings home little gifts for me to ease away the stress of his trips. I'll never tell him that it's really not all that stressful when he's away because it makes him feel good to know he's missed.

Moving to stand I hear the pitter-patter of little feet outside the door and giggles soon follow. The twins must be on the hunt for their Da. Sneaking up to the door I wrench it open and yell BOO.

"Mama! We were bein' verra quiet. How'd ye ken we were oot here?" Alisdair whines and sets his little fists on his hips.

"Well love, you're not as quiet as you think. Might I suggest socks next time so I don't hear your little feet slap on the hardwood?"

Moira giggles and wiggles her toes.

"Now, how about you two go find your big sister, Lizzie and then hurry off to the kitchen and see what Mrs. Cope has made for dinner while I go in search of Da. I need to talk to him anyway."

The twins scurry off in the direction of their sister's room and I make my way to the hidden panel we installed to keep our after hours hobby secret from the children.

As I enter the den my head dips and I assume my submissive role, as I know he expects me to.

"Evenin', lass."

"Master, the children were looking for you."

He laughs softly and pads toward me though I only know this because I hear the gentle swish of his formal kilt and see his bare feet. He must have been reorganizing the toys to help relieve stress.

"Aye, lass. They're no exactly stealthy, are they? Noo, what did ye need. I know ye didnae come all this way just to tell me our babes were itchin' to scare their Da."

"No, Master. I was wondering if…well, that is to say…" I took a large shuddering breath before continuing. "If it would please Master I'd like to serve him tonight in addition to tomorrow night."

"Do ye miss me then? Ye just had me this mornin' in our bed, lass. Are ye getting' greedy on me?"

I can hear the humor in his voice and relax into his touch. He's got my chin between his fingers and is lifting my face to meet his. I love his smile.

"Begging your pardon, Master but I want to serve only your needs as mine have been met so very well today. I miss my Master."

"Och, ye do ken how to drive a man's cock as hard as titanium, lass. Aye, I'll grant yer request this once. But we've talked aboot deviating from the schedule, lass. It doesnae do any good on a regular basis."

"Yes, Master."

Just as gently as he'd taken my chin he releases it and gives me a pointed look. I'm being dismissed.

My body turns, head down again, and I shuffle to the door. I know he's following, but I hide the smile. Once outside of the door he's Edward again and I'm Bella.

"Ye really do drive me to madness from time to time, love. Ye miss Master that much, do ye?"

My laugh echoes through the stone corridor.

"I really do, babe. Is that a problem?"

Green eyes meet my brown and he shakes his head, a slow, ornery smile forming on his mouth.

"Never. But right now yer husband wants a little more action afore he turns ye over to that monstrous pervert." A waggle of his brows and I find myself hanging upside down over his shoulder.




He makes no further comment, only gives me a smack so loud it echoes and carries me to our room for a little more playtime before dinner.

And then after dinner it's playtime of a different sort.

See you all later. I won't be posting the new one until it's done...all the way...because making you all wait made my physically ill. I'm a total wuss when it comes to pressure;)